The Ultimate AARP Life Insurance Review [Rates & Secrets Revealed]

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Today I’m Going To Be Reviewing AARP’s Life Insurance Program, Discussing Rates And Telling You About Their FINE PRINT You MUST BE Aware Of!

NOTE: Would you prefer me to present this information to you in video format? Watch the video below for the complete presentation. Enjoy!

If you are in the market for a burial insurance program and you want more information on how AARP Life Insurance’s product works for yourself or a loved one like your mom or dad, then this article will answer ALL of your questions.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of Today’s Discussion Reviewing AARP Insurance Program:

About AARP Burial Life Insurance Program

Let’s talk a little bit about the basics of AARP burial insurance products.

First of all, AARP isn’t actually the company providing the insurance.

AARP functions as a an endorser of different insurance products like life and burial insurance.

In other words, AARP is the “salesman” for the insurance companies it partners with, offering those products to its members.

Make sense?

And when it comes to the various life insurance products AARP sells to its members, New York Life is the insurer.

And in response to the desires of AARP’s member base, New York Life has created 3 life insurance products for AARP members, offering unique benefits through each product.

But are these benefits right… for you?

In this article, I’m going to spend a lot of time describing the pros and cons of each AARP-New York Life insurance product.

Further, I will show you screenshots from AARP’s Life Insurance Product website, taking a close look at the premium rates for each product.

But more importantly… I’m going to show you the fine print of each life insurance product. That way you can compare and contrast each product AARP offer, so you can decide if these policies are right for you. 

What Does AARP Burial Insurance Offer?

AARP offers 3 types of life insurance products through its partnership with New York Life.

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Permanent Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed Life Insurance

Let’s do a quick breakdown of looking at these products and investigating how they work. 

AARP Term Life Insurance

AARP website

Let’s start our journey of AARP’s life insurance product by reviewing the AARP term life insurance product.

If we mosey on down to AARP’s website and click the “Get A Quote’ button in the middle of the page, we learn a little more about the different life insurance products AARP offers, including the AARP Level Benefit Term Life Product

Let’s explore the features and benefits listed on the website, which you can see on the right side of the page. This is how the AARP Level Benefit Term Life Insurance product works.

  1. You can get between $10,000 to $100,000 in life insurance coverage. You have the ability to customize the amount of coverage that you want as long as you can qualify.

  2. There’s no waiting period.

  3. There’s no medical exam, just a few health questions to answer.

  4. If you review the “fine print,” you’ll see the FIRST concern… “affordable rates that increase over time.” We’ll come back to this in a little while.

  5. The applications are simple. There’s just a few questions and you can do more if you wanted to.

Eligibility for the AARP term life insurance product is for folks ages only 50 to 74 AND current AARP members.

This means if you’re 75 or older, you cannot get a term life insurance product with them. If you’re interested in term insurance, you’re going to have to find another life insurance provider.

What I want to show you is the fine print (taken from www.nylaarp.com):

In case you can’t see the text in the red box – “Your initial premium is based on your age at issue; premiums increase as you enter each new five year band and will be based on current rates at the time. Age bands begin at 45- 49, and then at 75- 79. Coverage ends at age 80.”

Let’s unpack this a bit so you can get the full picture of what this means.

  1. Your premiums WILL increase every 5 years, whether you like it or not.
  2. Your valuable life insurance with AARP WILL cancel, whether you like it or not.

Bottom line is this… if you believe life insurance should provide TOTAL peace of mind at ANY age… AND not sneak in unexpected premium increases on you… then AARP’s Term Life Insurance product “ain’t your thing.” (more on other options like this later).

Let’s Look At 3 Health Questions On The AARP Life Insurance Application

Here are the 3 health questions that AARPs Life Insurance program asks. Let’s review these really quick.

  1. In the past two years, have you had treatment for or been diagnosed by doctors having heart trouble, stroke, cancer, lung disease or disorder, diabetes, liver, kidney disease, AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or immune system disorder?
  2. In the past two years have you been admitted to or confined in a hospital sanitarium, nursing home, extended care, or special treatment facility in numbers?
  3. In the past three months, have you consulted a doctor or had treatment or diagnostic tests of any type.

The reason I’m showing you AARP’s term life insurance’s health questions is that you may not qualify for the policy.

Ultimately, the problem here is if you answer “yes” to any of these 3 questions, you’re completely knocked out.

Also, New York Life will ask prescription history questions, too.  This means certain prescription drugs may cause you to get declined for the term life insurance product, as well..

Taking Plavix

An example: if you take Plavix and had a heart attack 3+ years ago… you might be able to qualify.

Truth be told, I’m not a hundred percent sure if that’s the case with AARP. However, what I can tell you is that many other companies like those that I represent accept medications that may very well be declined by New York Life’s AARP term life insurance product.

The biggest problem with AARP’s term life insurance application?

If you have diabetes – even if it’s just plain diabetes and you take pills or even a diet to manage it – you’re out of luck. You’re NOT going to be able to get coverage with them.

Add to the knock out list:

  1. Heart trouble which is pretty wide-ranging,
  2. Strokes, or mini-strokes,
  3. Any types of cancer,
  4. COPD, chronic bronchitis, perhaps even asthma, or
  5. Liver or kidney disease.

These health conditions get you knocked out and incapable of getting life insurance coverage.

Now we can take a look at the current monthly rates for term life insurance for each of these on AARP’s website. The thing that you don’t see but I know as an agent is that these are rates that are based off of the starting point when you take out the plan, but don’t fully tell you how high they will eventually become.

Current monthly rates for men at $10,000 for term life insurance

If you take it out at 65 years, we’ll start at $32 a month, but the rate increases at 70- 75, which is off the chart, that usually dramatically higher. That’s the rate chart for men at $10,000.

Current monthly rates for women at $10,000 for term life insurance

Keep in mind AARP Term Life Insurance cancels at 80 with rates going up approximately every five years.

NOTE: If you’re looking for term insurance, especially if you want $50,000, you can actually get a better price for a $120 per month with no examination at a much better rate.

In fact, let me go ahead and show you the difference.

While we are looking at $50,000 term insurance for men and women, we’ll look at a 15 year term that my companies offer with premiums that do NOT increase throughout the 15 year term period, and then compare rates to AARP’s term life insurance product.

Monthly rates for women for $50,000 in coverage

Monthly rates for men for $50,000 in coverage

What you see is a 15 year term for a 65 year old non-smoking male. You can see a dramatic price difference already. If you look at the Sagicor , the price is tremendously lower than what you would find with AARP‘s 65 year old comparable rate.

Price difference for a 15 year term for a 65 year old non-smoking male

If you qualify for preferred plus standing or preferred plus underwriting, you’re looking at $51.20 a month. If you are quoted higher due to existing health issues, the price ends up being $80.82. 

Back to AARP. First thing, we’re looking at this male rate at a $144 a month for $50,000 in coverage. 

REMEMBER: This premium price is NOT guaranteed to stay the same price.

Monthly male rate for $50,000 in coverage

Here’s what I mean.

When you turn age 70 with AARP’s term life insurance product, you’ll have a MANDATORY premium increase.

However, if you compare that with Sagicor’s 15-year term life insurance, your premium is locked in for that entire 15 year term.

There is NEVER going to be a price increase during that 15 years. Nice!

Moral of the story…

You may end up paying a LOT less getting term life insurance with a company other than AARP New York Life. On top of that, you may completely AVOID the frustrating premium increases that are baked into every AARP term life insurance product… simply by getting a term life insurance policy that GUARANTEES its rates will never increase within the term period you select.

Now let’s take a look and compare to rates for women.

Age 65 years, non-smoker at a $121 with AARP. With Sagicor, the price difference is CRAZY. You’re looking at paying as low as $35.85 a month!

Monthly female rate for $50,000 in coverage

65 year old female, 15 year term/$50,000 in coverage

And just like before with the gentlemen, a level term insurance product like Sagicor LOCKS in your premiums for the duration of the term period.

I show you this because I’m a BIG believer in making life insurance affordable.

And if you’re like most of my clients,  you’re on a fixed income. Money ain’t growin’ on trees, you know.

Every one of your dollars count that much more on a fixed income. 

You want to use it judiciously. You want to use it intelligently!

That’s why it’s SO important to get a second opinion to see if there’s a better deal out there for you.

By no means am I promising that you’re going to qualify for this particular program with Sagicor.

But I would hope you would AGREE with me that it’s worth considering other options for term life insurance.

More On AARP Permanent Life Insurance

Now let’s shift gears and look at the AARP Permanent Life Insurance product.

The permanent life insurance product is TOTALLYL different from the term life insurance product.


Because term insurance is designed to cancel at a date in the future, while the permanent insurance product does not.

Basically, unlike the term life insurance product, once you take out the permanent life insurance product, the premiums are locked in, and New York Life  cannot cancel you because of age or health.

Also, AARP’s permanent life insurance product does NOT require medical exams.

Regarding health questions on the application, the permanent product asks the same 3 health questions we covered earlier. So be prepared to meet the same set of underwriting requirements as you do with the term life insurance program.

Who is the Permanent Life product designed for?

AARP’s permanent life insurance product is best-suited for someone who:

  1. Does NOT want premium increases… EVER, and
  2. Values life-long life insurance protection that does NOT cancel due to reaching a specific age.
  3. Wants life insurance coverage between $5,000 to $50,000.

Basically, if you need your life insurance to flat-out GUARANTEE it will pay to your beneficiary without risk of canceling due to age, then the Permanent Life product might suit your fancy.

AARP’s Permanent Life is like whole life insurance.

The Permanent Life product is similar to a whole life insurance product.

Here’s how whole life insurance works.

Whole life insurance never goes up in premium. And your coverage never cancels due to age or health.

As long as you qualify, you get first-day full coverage for BOTH natural and accidental death. 

The reason people buy whole life insurance is because a guarantee of having protection in place at ANY age is vitally important.

What are some of the drawbacks of AARP’s Permanent Product?

Since we operate as brokers for life insurance companies at Buy Life Insurance For Burial, we think the biggest shortcoming of AARP-New York Life’s Permanent Life Insurance is that the underwriting leaves many applicants in a position NOT to qualify for coverage.

As we discussed earlier about the term life insurance product, the following issues may result in a decline with the Permanent Life Insurance product:

  1. Lung disease (COPD, emphysema, sarcoidosis, asthma)
  2. Liver problems like Hepatitis history,
  3. Recent heart history issues (heart attacks, strokes, stints, bypasses, seizures, etc), and,
  4. Diabetes (of all kinds, even if you’re just on the pill)

Why is this bad?

Because there are TONS of life insurance and burial insurance companies that will insure people with these problems at the same (or even BETTER) premium ranges, while potentially giving you first-day full natural and accidental coverage!

AARP Permanent Life Insurance Rates Comparison

With that said, why don’t we take a look at AARP Permanent Life Insurance rates, and compare them to other carriers offering something similar?

Let’s go to age 65 to show you the price difference – 65 year old who’s male and doesn’t smoke:

Guaranteed Monthly Rates for a AARP plan for a 65 year old male non-smoker

Your price point for a AARP plan is $59.

Now, review the selection of life insurance carriers Buy Life Insurance For Burial has access to below to compare premiums:

More price options for a 65 year old male non-smoker

Looks like there are several companies that beat AARP’s Permanent Life Insurance program by a few dollars.

Remember… a few dollars can be $100+ a year in savings. OR… you could keep the SAME premium with another company and get an additional $1000 to $2000 more in coverage in this example.

Who wouldn’t want MORE life insurance coverage for ZERO additional cost?

For females at 65 years old it’s $50 a month.

Guaranteed Monthly Rates for a AARP plan for a 65 year old female non-smoker

With the burial insurance companies I have access to, a $10,000 life insurance plan cost between the mid-$30s and mid-$40s per month. 

Bottom line, you’re still getting a better price than what you would get through AARP’s permanent life insurance program.

More price options for a 65 year old female non-smoker

Here’s the point…

If you’re looking to maximize your money, then you’ve got the potential for BETTER options than New York Life’s Permanent Life Insurance program offered through AARP.

We here at Buy Life Insurance For Burial can get you MORE coverage for every dollar you put, assuming you qualify.

Not bad, eh?!

What About AARP’s Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

The third and final product we’re looking at here is the AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance product.

The Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Product is is what you’re offered if you cannot medically qualify for the other two products

To further explain, there are no health questions involved when applying.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance – there are no health questions involved with getting approved for this product

Here are the features and benefits of AARP’s Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Product:

  1. You can apply for up to $25,000 in coverage.
  2. There’s no medical exam or health questions
  3. Guaranteed rates that will never increase .
  4. Permanent insurance which you can keep your entire lifetime.
  5. The acceptance is guaranteed. They have mentioned there’s limited benefits.

What’s the catch? 

You may be wondering, “If I am guaranteed approval for life insurance coverage, what is the catch?”

GOOD question =).

Here’s the kicker…

As it reads on their website:

Because acceptance is guaranteed, death from natural causes during the first two years of coverage just pays a portion of the benefit amount. During this period your beneficiary receives an amount equal to a 125% of the premiums paid. Full benefits will be pay for accidental deaths from the first day coverage.

Allow me to translate…

What this means is that if you get the Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Plan… then die from natural causes within the first two years and… you ONLY get your money back plus an additional 25% of whatever premiums you’ve paid in.

BOTTOM LINE: You DO NOT get the full amount of coverage!

Why would you ever WANT something like this?

If you’re like me and you think everyone should try to get first-day full natural and accidental life insurance coverage in place, you’re asking yourself…

“Why in the HECK would I want to wait 2 FULL YEARS to get full protection for natural death?”


The fact that AARP pushes this product on you ticks me off. Many times you will have BETTER options available to you outside of AARP.

(Of course THEY will never tell you that…)

Keep in mind they are offering this plan to you because you couldn’t medically qualify for either the Term Life or Permanent Life Insurance products.

The problem starts from what we mentioned earlier.

Potentially MILLIONS of people 50 and older will get offered this 2-year natural death waiting period policy by AARP due to their tight underwriting standards.

For example, if you’re diabetic and you’re trying to apply for AARP, your ONLY offer will be this “no coverage for two years” Guaranteed Acceptance plan.

Are you FREEKIN’ kidding me?! People live long, healthy lives with diabetes as long as they manage it with pills or insulin.

It’s not like having diabetes is a death sentence! Especially with today’s medical advances. Why AARP is so strict is beyond my comprehension.

Thankfully, not all life insurance companies are this strict.

There are numerous options available for diabetics and those people commonly denied full coverage by AARP. In many cases, you may qualify for first-day full natural coverage, even with the health issues that AARP turned you down on.

It’s crazy but it’s true!

Limited Options = Worse Results For YOU

Look. The problem with working with one company… is that you’re coverage options are SEVERELY restricted. 

Just go back and look at the examples. If you answer yes to the numerous conditions listed in AARP’s 3 health questions, you’re forced you into a two year waiting period program with their guaranteed acceptance life insurance product.

What’s The Biggest Benefit To AARP’s Guaranteed Acceptance Program?

The one saving grace that AARP’s guaranteed acceptance program does offer is that their prices for people who truly need guaranteed issue are some of the best.

Hopefully, we’ll find a company that does fully cover you from the first day at an even better price than AARP.

Why Would People Buy Certain AARP Burial Insurance Products?

Let’s talk about these products and do a recap of what we talked about and then discuss what type of policy is right for each individual.

It’s important to understand that when we look at life insurance, we have to find a product that best matches your life insurance goals.

We have to identify what you want to accomplish. Then we have to identify which product best suits that.

Let’s break down each option AARP offers to better understand what will work best FOR YOU.

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance product is designed temporary coverage. Meaning, most people purchase it for temporary obligations that they’ll most likely outlive with enough time. Think mortgages, income replacement. These are temporary concerns, as you’ll eventually pay off your mortgage, and arrive at retirement with a well-funded IRA, pension, and Social Security.

And when you purchase AARP’s Term Life Insurance Product, you’re going to lose your coverage if you live past 80, while also bearing increases, too.

Despite this, since term life insurance premiums are substantially less than permanent or whole life insurance, many people will buy the term product due to being price conscious.

Also, people buy AARP’s Term Insurance since the program offers coverage to $100,000. So the insurance plan can maximize coverage amounts to pay burial and final expenses, in addition to leaving money behind to a loved one.

Here’s the deal…

As demonstrated earlier, if you’re looking for term insurance product, there are better options available than AARP’s Term Life Insurance policy. 

Better options with other term life insurance products include:

  1. Getting a price lock for the ENTIRETY of the term length, unlike AARP’s Term that increases in premiums approximately every 5 years, and
  2. The potential for securing a MUCH lower premium, which entitles you to hundreds of dollars in savings annually, OR allows you to get MORE coverage at the same premium you would have otherwise paid AARP New York Life.

Look, this is super important.

If you’re looking at purchasing term insurance, it is MUCH better to a second opinion on other options. 

Also worth mentioning, many of the other term life insurance programs available to you come from high-quality, well-managed life insurance companies, to boot. So you’re not sacrificing quality or stability.

Bottom line…

You DESERVE the BEST you can qualify for!

And AARP New York Life’s Term Insurance Product is NOT the best in most circumstances.

Permanent Life Insurance

Are you primarily interested in having coverage to pay for final expenses like your burial or cremation costs?

In this case, AARP’s permanent product is your best choice. 

People buy permanent life and whole life insurance because they don’t want risk losing their coverage in old age with a term insurance product

Also, they don’t want to be in a position where their spouse or kids have to come out of pocket to pay for their funeral costs.

Bottom line, they just want peace of mind. And that’s a good reason to buy an AARP burial insurance product.

But here’s the truth…

As demonstrated earlier, you may NOT qualify for AARP’s Permanent Life Insurance Program if you cannot answer “No” to their health questions. 

And this is a good-enough reason to get a second opinion with us at Buy Life Insurance For Burial to compare which offer for coverage will be the best deal for you.

Guaranteed Issue Product 

Only buy AARP’s Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance program when you KNOW cannot qualify for anything else, INCLUDING options we at Buy Life Insurance For Burial would offer you.

Bottom line, DON’T accept ANY guaranteed issue products from AARP without first checking your options elsewhere.

Nothing is more tragic than having a person die and NOT have full coverage that they easily could have qualified for with another company.

I’ve seen it numerous times in my life, and it frustrates me that this now-deceased person didn’t know their options.

Have you received a Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance offer from AARP? If so, it would be a great time to contact someone like me.

Remember, we may be able to price out a better deal that not only costs less, but may get you first-day full natural and accidental death coverage.

Alternatives To AARP Life Insurance

Here’s the truth…

AARP is NOT the only organization to offer life insurance to seniors. 

There are literally HUNDREDS of other organizations (like mine for example) that fight hard to get competitively-priced life insurance in place for seniors across America.

Before you pull the trigger with AARP’s Term, Permanent, or Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Programs, consider the alternatives first with an independent broker. A second opinion costs you nothing.

Benefits of buying life insurance through a broker or an independent agent.

We at Buy Life Insurance For Burial are independent brokers. This is REALLY important to understand.

Here are the pros to working with an independent broker like Buy Life Insurance For Burial:

  • I can go out into the market for life insurance and shop around for the best premium options (AARP can’t do that – they ONLY sell New York Life products). 
  • I can shop from different companies for better underwriting advantages for you (AARP can’t do that – they have ZERO flexibility with their underwriting parameters).
  • In most cases, I can get you a better rate than what you’ve seen at AARP. You might save hundreds of dollars a year while enhancing the value of your life insurance. Sweet!

There are really no drawbacks to working with an independent broker. 

Well, I guess the ONLY drawback would be if you are madly in LOVE with AARP or New York Life. If that describes you, that’s great!

But if you are like most of my clients, you appreciate a fair deal… good value.. and making sure each dollar you spend goes to its best use.

And working with an independent broker like Buy Life Insurance For Burial is COMMITTED to those values.

As you reviewed earlier in my article, the price differential between AARP’s life insurance products and the other options is tremendous.

There is a HUGE difference in price when it comes to the term products and permanent policies that AARP offers. It’s very simple to find better life insurance deals elsewhere.

Who wants to pay MORE money for life insurance when you don’t have to? 

How To Qualify For A Life Insurance Program To Cover Burial Costs?

Hopefully you’ve gotten a great education on how AARP’s different life insurance programs work.

My goal here today was to review with how the AARP life insurance programs work.

Obviously, I’ve inserted my opinions as a life insurance agent because I think my experience could benefit your decisions on purchasing life insurance in a positive way.

If you’re dead set on working with AARP, you’ll have walked away with this lot of information and have a better understanding of how the product works.

However, I believe it is my duty to show you other alternatives. It’s important in life to get different perspectives.

My goal here is not to bias you.  Only to inform you. Make up your own mind as to what works best for you. 

Final Steps

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

If you agree that getting a second opinion on your life insurance is a good idea, reach out to me and we can work together.

It is very simple how our partnership works.

First, we discuss your health and insurance goals on a 10 minute phone call.

Everything you share is confidential. Plus, there’s no obligation to buy.

At the conclusion of our 10-minute phone call, I will be able to give you a quote for coverage. From there, you decide if the quote makes sense for you.

If it does, we complete a quick life insurance application over the phone (no exams and same-day decision on most coverage approval, too). The process is smooth as silk. Plus there’s no face to face appointment required.

Everything’s done electronically through email or over the phone to apply and you usually get a decision immediately.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, there’s no examinations required. And assuming you’re approved, you usually get your policy within the next couple of weeks.

And that’s it!

If you like the idea of applying for burial insurance program with Buy Life Insurance For Burial, go ahead and do the following:

  • Request a quote here, or,
  • Call me at 888-626-0439. Leave a message if you can’t reach me. I talk to a lot of people all day. I’ll get back to you quickly.