MetLife Burial Insurance Review

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Today, I’m Going To Do A Quick Review Of A Very Common Life Insurance Company You’ve Heard Of

Considering buying a Metlife burial insurance program for yourself or a loved one like your Dad?

Get the scoop (including the “fine print”) on Metlife burial insurance programs below!

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING – Watch the video below for a FULL explanation on how Metlife burial insurance works, in addition to getting access to more easy-to-watch consumer educational videos on all-things final expense burial insurance.

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

Top 4 reasons why people buy burial insurance coverage

Let’s Learn More About How Metropolitan Life and Metlife’s Burial Insurance Program Works

Of course, the company is Metropolitan Life. Or MetLife for short. Otherwise known as the company that used to advertise using Snoopy.

Metlife is a fantastic company with a long history of helping policyholders with life insurance needs.

Founded in 1868, Metlife has grown into a worldwide powerhouse in providing life insurance solutions.

In addition to life insurance, Metlife sells insurance products such as annuities and employee benefits programs to individuals and companies.

The company went public in 2000. And in 2017, Metlife “spun off” its life insurance annuity business, creating Brighthouse Financial to sell these products.

Brighthouse financial established by MetLife

Let’s Find Out More About The Metlife Burial Insurance Product

In addition to the many life insurance products Metlife offers, the reason YOU are here is to discover how the Metlife burial insurance program works.

Most likely, you have seen Metlife advertise its product on television, as well as through the mail.

See if the below sounds like something you’ve either read or heard on TV about Metlife’s burial insurance product:

  • You acceptance is GUARANTEED!
  • No health questions asked!
  • Our premiums NEVER go up for ANY reason!
  • Metlife Burial Insurance coverage NEVER cancels due to age or health!

Sounds Pretty Good!
But Is It TOO Good To Be True?!?

As the old saying goes, “Sometimes things that sound too good to be true, AREN’T!”

And in this case, it’s important to take a detailed look to ensure that we have the facts straight!

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We must know both the PROS, AND the CONS about any burial insurance product we’re considering to buy, including any Metlife burial insurance program.

Look at it this way…

When you buy any type of burial life insurance program,
most likely you will PAY until you DIE!

Therefore, the questions we must ask include,

  • (A) CAN I afford this burial insurance program NOT only for today, but for the REST of my life?


  • (B), you must ENSURE the burial insurance coverage you are purchasing is the BEST possible solution that maximizes value of coverage for whatever you are comfortable paying!

And since answering Question B above is my most important goal in this article, let’s get busy doing so!

BEFORE you read any further – Check out my video below where I discuss the 3 types of burial insurance companies to BEWARE of! One of those companies to avoid is guaranteed-acceptance life insurance companies, which I will continue to discuss after the video is over.

How The MetLife Burial Insurance Program Really Works

Let’s talk about Metlife’s Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance product.

Specifically, I am talking about the ads you see constantly on television. And also the “junk mail” you get weekly that discuss Metlife’s burial insurance product.

What Are The Pros Of Metlife Burial Insurance?

Undeniably, the biggest advantage to Metlife’s burial insurance product is that…

ANYONE can qualify for coverage… no matter the applicant’s health history!
(As long as she falls within the age range)

What does this mean?

This means that for those folks with SERIOUS health issues…

We’re talking:

  • Memory diseases (Alzheimer’s, Dementia)
  • Kidney failure requiring dialysis
  • End-stage liver disease like cirrhosis and serious complications from hepatitis
  • End-stage cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and oxygen equipment dependent lung diseases.

The GOOD news is that…

ALL of these people may qualify for Metlife’s burial insurance program!

This is GREAT! Many carriers do NOT offer coverage to folks like those mentioned above.

As you can imagine, folks with severe health issues have the hardest time finding quality burial insurance.

And since Metlife’s burial insurance product does NOT ask health questions, it may certainly make life (and getting burial insurance coverage) easier than alternatives.

Or Is It REALLY Easier?

The CONS of Metlife Burial Insurance

As mentioned above, the GOOD aspect of Metlife’s burial insurance product is that it is guaranteed acceptance burial insurance.

This means anyone that falls within the age range can qualify for coverage.

But let’s think for a second…

If a life insurance company takes ANYBODY under ANY health circumstance…

And you understand that the odds are HIGHER that an unhealthy person will die sooner than a health person…

You must ask the question:

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How does a life insurance company not go BROKE letting in ANYONE into their life insurance program?

Hopefully this makes sense.

If not, let me explain.

Life insurance companies are like any other company.

They are interested in making a PROFIT off of selling you burial insurance

This only makes sense.

Why? Because if the life insurance company consistently LOSES money, then the policyholders who have insurance are at potential risk losing their coverage.

So then why does Metlife offer coverage to people who are more likely to file death claims?

Here’s the answer.

They do so because they have certain “fine print” stipulations on EVERY burial insurance policy they issue that RESTRICTS paying out TOO much in claims.

So what “fine print” are you talking about?

Bottom line, Metlife’s burial insurance program has what’s known as a 2-year waiting period.

That means, if you die by natural causes, the policy does not pay the full death benefit.

Metlife only refunds what you paid in plus a little bit of interest

It sounds great..until you learn the details!

Metlife only refunds what you paid in plus a little bit of interest.

Here’s an actual story from a client of mine that frames exactly WHY this is a potential problem!

My very first client in Wildwood, Georgia, told me in 2011 about his dad passing away. His father told his kids not to worry about funeral expenses. He had purchased one of these guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans off of television.

And he felt confident that what he purchased would bury him without any extra cost to his kids. As fate would have it, my client’s father suffered a massive stroke about 12 months later.

Sadly, he passed away in the hospital, shortly after the stroke…

And when it came time to discuss funeral services at the funeral home, my client confidently presented his father’s life insurance coverage to take care of all expenses.

And this is where things took a turn for the worse…

The funeral director informed him that his father’s coverage was only good for $600, not the $10,000 amount his father applied for.

That’s ridiculous!” said my client. “Look right there – the policy says it’s good for $10,000 in coverage.”

“That’s correct,” said the funeral director, “But ONLY after the insured lives past the two year waiting period.”

The funeral director proceeded to show the fine print to my client.

A heavy weight of worry weighed down upon my client.

He now knew not only his father’s coverage was no good, but that he’d have to borrow money to bury his father.

Here’s the moral of the story…

No one knows when our final day on earth will come

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We just don’t know when death will occur!

It could happen tomorrow. It could happen 20, 30, 40 years from now.

Simply put, we don’t know.

BUT, we do know it’s going to happen.

Therefore, can’t we agree that we need as much CERTAINTY in our coverage as humanly possible?

Who here really WANTS to take a chance on getting coverage that may be NO GOOD if we die earlier than expected?

What Is The Alternative?

I say all this because there are burial insurance plans that may cover you with first-day coverage.

And, interestingly enough, many people with a less-than-healthy history may qualify for competitive rates with first-day FULL coverage.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a list of recent clients I’ve insured with chronic ailments they were convinced would prevent them from quality first-day full coverage:

  • Client A: 70 Years Old In Texas with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
  • Client B: 55 Year Old In California with Insulin Dependence since her teens.
  • Client C: 85 Year Old In Georgia with a heart/cardiac ailment and stroke history.
  • Client D: 60 Year Old In Tennessee With Severe Bi-Polar, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Chronic Lung Disease
  • Endless other clients with cancer history, weight problems, blood thinner usage, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and many other “tough-to-place” health issues.

Naturally, your burial insurance coverage options vary on your unique health situation

David Duford, owner of buy life insurance for burial

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Ultimately, your health situation is unique. What you will qualify for depends on a series of health questions and combinations of health issues.

Sometimes, you’ll only qualify for partial first day burial insurance coverage. Many times, you’ll qualify for full first-day 100% burial insurance coverage.

Even with health issues such as diabetes, cancer history, heart problems, and lung problems, you may qualify for coverage that doesn’t make you wait two years.

Plus, the coverage is actually a little bit more affordable than the premiums that MetLife burial insurance charges!

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Top 5 tips when buying burial insurance

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