Life Insurance & Narcan | Yes, You CAN Get Coverage [Here’s How]

Carrying Naloxone and/or Narcan is becoming more common in the United States. Healthcare providers and law enforcement are encouraged to carry Narcan on them. However, there has been an unexpected consequence for those individuals!

Carrying a prescription of Narcan can make it more difficult to find quality life insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will put you through a thorough vetting process to identify your level of risk. 

For those who currently have a prescription, this usually means an immediate rejection when applying for insurance. 

If you were prescribed Narcan at least three years ago, you may have more options. But what are your options if you currently have a Narcan prescription? What if the Narcan prescription is not for you but other individuals?

Many individuals are immediately rejected for coverage because they carry a Narcan prescription. Whether the prescription is for yourself or other individuals, you are still looked at as a higher risk individual when applying for life insurance. 

Insurance companies have even rejected medical professionals who carry Narcan to assist others. It doesn’t really matter who you are, carrying Narcan/Naloxone will automatically make it more challenging to get life insurance. 

So how can you get decent life insurance with Narcan? What kind of information do you need to prepare when applying? And, what do you need to know when applying for life insurance? In this article I will answer those questions and more. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

If you are looking for life insurance and have a history with Narcan, we can help. Give us a call at 888-626-0439. We work with multiple insurance companies which means we can shop around for you and confirm you are getting the best coverage for the best price!

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Can I Get Coverage With Narcan/Naloxone?

Yes, it is possible to find coverage with a Narcan/Naloxone prescription. Insurance companies will want to collect information regarding your health history and the reason you are prescribed Naloxone. 

If you are a health care provider or an individual who carries Naloxone to save someone, you will need to provide the insurance company proof. 

As mentioned before, how long ago you were prescribed Narcan is also important. If it was 3, 5, or 10, years ago you have a greater number of options. Insurance companies do not really want to insure someone who has a current drug addiction. So, when and why you are prescribed Narcan is important. 

There is a type of life insurance called Guaranteed Acceptance. This means anyone can qualify for coverage as long as they are within the accepted age range. No questions asked, no medical exam, and you are guaranteed to be accepted. 

The problem with that insurance product is that it costs more and there is a two year wait period. So, you do not have full coverage for 24 months. You will be paying into an insurance plan for a full two years before you actually receive the coverage. As you can imagine, this is not the best option and I wouldn’t suggest this to any of my clients unless it was their only option!

As Naloxone becomes more available and common, insurance companies may start to accept those with Naloxone more. But for now, you need to be aware of a few things before applying for life insurance with Naloxone. Keep reading to understand exactly how you can get quality life insurance. 

Narcan Questions 

When you are applying for a Term Life, Whole Life, or any other kind of insurance product that is not Guaranteed Acceptance, expect to answer a few questions. 

If you have a history with Narcan, you may be asked a lot of questions. The insurance company is trying to determine how risky you are. 

Expect to be asked some or all of the following IF you are applying for a plan that is not Guaranteed Issue:

  • When was Narcan first prescribed?
  • How many times have you been prescribed Narcan?
  • Why was it initially prescribed to you?
  • What medication or narcotics led you to get Narcan?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized for a drug problem? If so, when?
  • How long has it been since you last filled the prescription?
  • How long have you had a drug addiction?
  • Are you currently receiving treatment? 
  • Have you ever been in treatment? If so, when?
  • How long has it been since you stopped using Narcan? (If you have stopped)
  • Have there been any relapses since you started taking Narcan?
  • Are you currently working?
  • What is your overall lifestyle like?
  • What is your physical health like? 
  • Are you currently sober?
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If you are answering medical questions, be as detailed as possible. If you are currently reducing the dosage, discolde this. It shows progress and can be in your favor. 

Keep in mind, there may be other questions asked but generally they will be some variation of the questions above and/or related to Narcan. 

NOTE: If you DO NOT currently take Narcan but have in the past, you have more life insurance options available to you depending on when you stopped! Keep reading and I will cover this. 

Addiction Versus Prescription, Why It Matters

The difference here is VITAL. Clearly describing why you have a Narcan prescription could be the difference between good coverage and NO coverage at all. Why?

Well, what if you are not addicted to drugs at all? What if you are just a good samaritan who carried Narcan to save lives? In that case, you may have no issues with drug abuse at all. You could be a completely healthy low risk individual. But the insurance company doesn’t know that!

Quite a few doctors, nurses, health care professionals, and volunteers carry a Narcan prescription to save lives. They may not have any drug abuse history. But, unfortunately many struggle to get coverage because the insurance company doesn’t know the individual does not use Narcan at all. 

That is why documentation is very important!

Insurance companies need to collect information to understand whether you use Narcan for personal use or to save other individuals. Make sure to keep a doctor’s note, the prescription, and any other documents or notes that prove why you have a Narcan prescription. 

Once you have your documentation, what next?

Coverage Options

Let’s take a look at your coverage options with Narcan. 

The three companies that have good Guaranteed Life products that I can mention are:

  • Guarantee Trust Life
  • Great Western 
  • American General 

These companies can provide life insurance for those with Narcan or a history with it. However, this may be based on why you have Narcan and other underwriting factors. 

American Amicable may also be an option. They will accept those between 50 to 85. In their prescription guide American Amicable indicates they will accept those with a Narcan prescription and offer insurance coverage. 

Those individuals may have a two year wait period. During that time, if they pass, their beneficiary will receive a return of premium. If you prove you do not take the Narcan prescription, you can potentially get full coverage. 

To get a quote for any of the companies mentioned above or find out what kind of  coverage you can get, give us a call at 888-626-0439. One of our agents can lay out all your options and explain any details to you. 

We work with multiple insurance companies which means we can shop around for you and confirm you are getting the best coverage for the best price! We can get coverage for individuals between 18-90. We have access to Guaranteed Acceptance plans that can offer up to $50,000 of coverage. Call us to learn more. 

How To Get The Best Price

The price you will pay for insurance depends on many factors. How, when, why, where, how many times, and so on. 

So, to get the best price, you either qualify for it and shop around! 

An individual who would get the best price with Narcan could be one of two people. 

  • An individual who has great health, stable job, good lifestyle, no underlying health conditions,and is prescribed Narcan to help others. They would need clear documentation for why they have Narcan. (Remember, they still may not be accepted, but they do have the best chance if they can prove they don’t use Narcan.)


  • An individual who was prescribed Narcan more than 5 years ago. They have a stable job, good health, no misdemeanors, DUIs, etc.They provide clear answers to all the questions the insurer asks and they qualify as a healthy and sober individual. 

If you do not fall into either of those categories you can still make sure you’re getting the best price by shopping around. Looking into different companies, the coverage they offer, and the premiums will help you find the best deal. 

The time frame is also very important. When you last used/got Narcan will be considered. 

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0-2 Years Of Disuse

If you have used Narcan or gotten a prescription within the last two years, your options are pretty limited. The only option available may be a Guaranteed Issue pma. That plan is pretty simple and straightforward. 

No questions asked, no medical exam, guaranteed insurability! BUT there are fine print issues. 

These plans include a two year wait period. This means from the day you purchase the plan, you will have to wait two years for full coverage. There is no coverage for natural death during those two years. Only accidental death is covered. 

2-5 Years Of Disuse

At 2-5 years of disuse you start to have more options for coverage. Your captions could include a simplified issue whole life insurance plan. But this is as long as you are healthy!

Simplified Whole Life products can provide first-day full coverage for accidental and natural death. They have fixed premiums and coverage that will NEVER cancel because of your health or age. This is a much better option than a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy.

5 Or More Years Of Disuse

After being off Narcan for 5 years or more, you have a much better chance of qualifying for good coverage. This still will depend on your health and lifestyle. 

Life insurance companies will pay VERY close attention to you because of your medical history and previous Narcan prescription.

With these plans, expect a lot of questions. Since you are applying for a better policy, you will be vetted very thoroughly. 

Shopping around can take a lot of work, so I would definitely suggest working with an independent agent. This allows them to do the research and shopping around for you. As I have mentioned earlier, that is what we do at Buy Life Insurance for Burial. Give us a call at 888-626-0439.

What Other Factors Affect Your Insurability?

Factors related to your overall health and lifestyle will also be considered. These would be health, age, smoking, and weight. Those factors may not be important if you get a Guaranteed Issue plan (remember, no questions asked), but if you apply for a simplified issue or a Whole Life insurance product these factors will be VERY important. 


With a history of drug use or a Narcan prescription, you will be asked about hospitalizations, overdoses, organ health, and any other conditions or diseases that are related to the previous drug/Narcan use. Take a look at the underwriting factors I mention later in this article to get more details. 

You may also be asked metal health related questions. Your lifestyle, daily life/habits, and your overall health may be scrutinized. Addiction can have a huge impact on an individual’s mental and emotional health. 


The farther along in life you are, the more you are going to pay. That’s just a fact when it comes to life insurance premiums and insurance plans. 

Depending on what insurance product you qualify for, there will be some restrictions on age. Be careful with Term insurance plans, they automatically cancel when you reach their max age limit which can be between 75-95 depending on the company.


Whether or not you are a smoker is also an important factor. It may not disqualify you from coverage but you will pay a higher premium.


Lastly, your weight is an important factor an insurer may consider. The more you weigh the more you are going to pay for insurance coverage. The insurer may want to pull your recent physical and confirm your BMI and weight. 

There are usually companies that offer better rates or coverage. Comparing your options is the BEST way to make sure you are getting the best deal. If you want to find out your options and confirm you are getting the best price, give us a call 888-626-0439. Within a few minutes we can have all your options laid out and compare the premiums. 

Underwriting Factors Insurance Companies Consider

To get really specific with the factors that affect your acceptance we need to look at the underwriting factors an insurance company will consider. These include how long the abuse lasted for, the last relapse, treatments, and the severity.

Take a look at the list below. 

These will include:

  • How severe the drug abuse was. 
  • The type of drug abuse. 
  • The severity of any related medical or mental conditions. 
  • Any legal problems related to drug abuse. 
  • If you used multiple drugs. 
  • Any evidence of withdrawal or dependence on the drug. 
  • Attendance of any rehab programs or support groups. 
  • The number of relapses.

The insurer will request access to previous medical records and treatments. The insurance company wants to see that you have attended treatment and made progress. 

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If you can demonstrate progress in overcoming and/or managing the addiction, that will be in your favor. 

How To Find A Second Opinion 

There are two different kinds of insurance agents you could choose to work with. One can provide you quotes from multiple companies and the other cannot. A captive agent is “captive” tied to one insurance company. They cannot compare and they cannot provide quotes from other competitors. 

However, an independent agent can compare one plan to many other insurance companies! They can look at any insurance company they work with and find you the BEST coverage for the BEST price. An independent agent will have a database of all the best insurance companies and their products. 

The agent can collect some details from you and come back to you with all your options. This allows you to make an educated decision with all of your options on the table!

That’s us, we at Buy Life Insurance for Burial are independent agents. We work with more than 15 different insurance companies to find you the BEST price. We work with the three insurance companies I mentioned earlier that provide coverage for those who use Narcan. 

Our goal is to help every customer find the best coverage that will provide thorough protection for their family. I personally work with our customers and I am dedicated to providing the best service possible. 

Give us a call at 888-626-0439. One of our agents can lay out all your options and explain any details to you. We work with multiple insurance companies which means we can shop around for you and confirm you are getting the best coverage for the best price!

Final Comments

Getting insurance coverage with a history of drugs or a prescription for Narcan is automatically more challenging. Not impossible, but certainly not easy. 

Insurance companies want to collect as much information as possible to understand your risk. During the underwriting process, the company will look into many factors such as why you have the prescription, relapses, over doses, and treatment history. 

Many people are automatically rejected, however, insurance companies are starting to adjust their thinking given how common Narcan is becoming. If you carry Narcan for other people you need to prove this to the insurer.

Your health, age, weight, mental health, lifestyle, and even criminal record can be factors that are considered depending on the company and the plan you are applying for. 

The best way to get good coverage for a reasonable price is to compare your options and know what coverage you need. To do that, I would estimate it would take around 20-40 hours to understand the basics, compare multiple companies, and decide on a plan. 

That is a lot of work, I would know!

Another option would be to work with an independent insurance agent as I mentioned before. This allows an expert to assist and look into all your options. An independent agent will do all the research and shopping around for you. 

We at Buy Life Insurance for Burial are independent agents. We work with multiple insurance providers to give our clients access to the best coverage for the best price. Give us a call at 888-626-0439.


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