Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients!

Belinda Lunsford
Belinda Lunsford
23:41 26 Jan 22
Rogelio Fururc
Rogelio Fururc
05:04 22 Jan 22
I was surprised at the quality and speed that this company was able to work with me at my age to get a good insurance policy. Keep up the great work.
Greg Porter
Greg Porter
13:37 20 Jan 22
I am so happy to share he took his time and found me what I needed..I am so appreciative of the job he did for me. I will send him other people in a heartbeat..Thank you Chris!
Bridget Harper Irons
Bridget Harper Irons
20:02 19 Jan 22
Thank you Tyler BlyMy husband and myself were very pleased with the quality of work ethics. We will recommend you to our family's and friends.Once again thank you Tyler
Jeanna Stinson
Jeanna Stinson
18:47 16 Apr 21
The agent was very knowledgeable. He had exceptional customer service per his ability to understand my needs and concerns .
02:32 16 Apr 21
Nette Edwards
Nette Edwards
18:25 31 Mar 21
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez
18:56 18 Dec 20
Brad Laymen was very responsive and very helpful in getting coverage for my mother.
Robert W
Robert W
18:15 23 Nov 20
My mother and I had a great experience with John. He is helping mother obtain burial insurance. She is 86 years old. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. We appreciated his professional assistance. Thanks John.
George Davis
George Davis
16:27 10 Nov 20
My Sales Person and Adviser was incredible (John Booker). He answered many (and we had a lot) of our questions immediately and was so knowledgeable. I felt immediately that he was trustworthy and would not steer me wrong. He's one of the good guys!!!
jim Caulfield
jim Caulfield
00:37 08 Nov 20
Terri Kane
Terri Kane
13:50 14 Oct 20

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Buy Life Insurance For Burial

Greetings and salutations!

This is Dave Duford at BuyLifeInsuranceForBurial.com where I help people like you find affordable final expense life insurance to take care of final expenses as it relates to funeral expenses, cremation costs, and pretty much anything imaginable that needs to be taken care of upon your passing.

I want to formally welcome you to my website!

My goal is to introduce myself to you. And give you some tips as to how to best utilize my writing and my videos and all my articles. Also, the goal is to give you the help to find a final expense policy that’s going to be the best option for you.

First, I’d like to invite you to go to the About page where you can learn more about myself, my family, and my experience helping people just like you with their final expense needs. It’s very instructive to give you a basic introduction to myself.

Next, there are three core articles that I have posted on the upper part of the webpage.

These articles go over the main premises and points as it relates to how to find a quality, high-value final expense life insurance plan or burial insurance plan or whole life insurance plan. Whatever it is exactly you’re searching for, and the strategy to make sure you find the best deal.

If you read through those, you’ll know a tremendous amount of information about how burial insurance works.

You’ll get the facts. You’ll get my opinions as it relates to how to find the best plan and what’s going to be the best options for you. Make sure you check out all of those.

You also may want to check out my blog.

Every week, I come up with a couple of new articles on different instances as it relates to different health issues as it reflects your ability to qualify.

Maybe you’ve got COPD or diabetes.

Maybe you’ve had cancer, and you’re wondering, how does this play into my ability to qualify for life insurance?

If you click on the blog and then do a search or just run through the articles, you’ll eventually run across something that relates to whatever particular ailment or disease you may have and how that will affect.

So there’s a lot of free information to help build confidence in you that there are options for you to get life insurance even if you’ve had health history issues.

That’s one of the things I try to really educate people on is that there are good options out there. You just need to deal with a person that understands the market and can definitely help you out.

After you do your investigating, here’s what I recommend you do.

If you feel comfortable with the information you’ve found and you want to take the next step of figuring out exactly what you qualify for, there are two or three options for you.

The first one would be to call me.

The number is 888-626-0439.

That’s my direct office line. If you don’t reach me, leave me a voicemail. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Every person’s situation is unique, and usually what happens in the process of qualifying, we have to look at different health history information and then queue it into the underwriting for different carriers to ultimately figure out what exactly you uniquely qualify for.

Really, the only way to do it is to talk specifically to an agent like myself.

If you would prefer, instead of calling, to email or message, that’s totally fine. I’m happy to correspond as much or as little by email as you’d like.

So there are two options there.

You can click on the Contact box in the upper part of the screen. You’ll see it up there if you scroll up. Fill out the message form, and I’ll get back to you either by email or phone, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Lastly, you’ll see the Contact Us box at the bottom.

It’s a live chat box if I’m free and I can actually correspond with you live on a chat. Or it’s a message option where you can just send me a quick message and ask me for quotes and give me a little bit of information about you to help you out.

Again, all of this service I provide you is free of cost.

The way I’m compensated, in case you’re curious, is based off of helping you find a policy that fits your needs. The company pays me. There’s no additional cost for working with me. It’s the same cost if you work directly with the insurance company, but you get the added advantage of somebody who has had the experience working in the final expense market since 2011.

I’ve helped thousands of people across the country with all different kinds of health issues, and I train hundreds of agents nationally to do the same thing. So I understand how this business is.

I understand the products, and I’ve helped a lot of people who thought they couldn’t get coverage get really high-quality coverage and they’re very, very pleased with it.

Here’s the next step.

Contact me however you please, whether you call me down here at the bottom, 888-626-0439, or send me a message one of the two ways with the Contact box at the bottom or at the top, and let me help you out.

In the meantime, dig into some of the resources I have for you. I promise you it’s going to be an excellent way to see what your options are at a pace you’re comfortable with.

When you’re ready, reach out to me and let me help you.