T-2 Benefit Information Form – Scam Or Legit?

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We are NOT mailing you the T-2 Benefit Information Form

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Instead, carefully read the steps below to learn more about what the T-2 Form is all about and how to stop future mailings.

Most likely you’re here because you’ve received a postcard or form regarding T-2 Benefit Information.

Perhaps you’re wondering what this is all about? Is this legitimate or a scam?

If so, you’ve found the right article!

Below, I describe everything about the T-2 Benefit Information postcard in detail.

Let’s begin.

What is the T-2 Benefit Information Form scam?

The T-2 Benefit Information Form is an insurance policy offer masquerading as an official government form. 

For the past few years, thousands of senior citizens have been receiving official-looking forms regarding a state-regulated life insurance program. 

The program will supposedly pay 100% of their final expenses up to $35,000 tax-free in their state. 

Despite its resemblance to a tax form, the mailer comes with a small-print disclaimer that says that the program is not affiliated with any state or government agency. 

In fact, the T-2 form is not part of the state’s database. It is created with the purpose to attract the attention of senior citizens. 

The recipients are asked to return the card to Direct Mail Processing LLC

In order to obtain more information, they are required to fill in their and their spouse’s names, ages, address, and phone number, sign and send the card to the company’s address in Georgia. 

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The T-2 form card is to be returned within five days to benefit from the insurance program.

What happens when you send the card back?

According to the information provided on their website, Direct Mail Processing LLC is a third-party mail provider for life insurance companies, and is responsible for distributing these T-2 benefit information forms. 

However, they don’t endorse the services of these companies but only collect and distribute consumer information.

By sending back the signed  mailer with your personal information and signature, you are giving permission to insurance agents to contact you either by phone, by mail, or in person to sell you life insurance.

If you want to opt out, you can visit Direct Mail Processing opt out page and enter the nine-digit code on the bottom of the card. 

The company also gives you the possibility to submit a complaint about the mailer you have received.

What should you do if you want life insurance but no salesperson?

If you don’t wish to send in the T-2 Benefit Information form and be contacted by a salesperson when buying life insurance, there are other alternatives. 

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