National Reply Center: Senior Citizen Scam Alert?

IMPORTANT! Please read below:

We are NOT the National Reply Center. And we are NOT mailing you anything.

Please do NOT call us to ask us to stop mailing you.

Instead, carefully read the steps below to learn more about what the National Reply Center is all about and how to stop future mailings.

Most likely you’re here because you’ve received a postcard from a company called “National Reply Center.”

Perhaps you’re wondering what this is all about? Is this legitimate or a scam?

If so, you’ve found the right article!

Below, I describe everything about the National Reply Center in detail.

Let’s begin.

What is the National Reply Center scam?

The National Reply Center sends unsolicited mail to citizens aged 50-80 whose name and information they obtain from public records. 

The address on the postcard usually reads PO Box 46715, Greensboro, NC 27499-3876.

The mailers, which look official like they come from the government, seem to read like the recipient’s state will pay its residents 100% of final expenses up to $35,000 tax free. 

For example, many of the cards state:

This senior final expense program supplements the $255 government death benefit and cover everything that is not paid by Social Security.

The National Reply Center cards are made to look state specific. They indicate that the benefit is available only to the residents of your state. 

Depending on where you live, they may be entitled “Benefit Information for North Carolina Citizens Only” or “Benefit Information for Alabama Residents Only”, for example. 

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You are asked to fill out the back of the card with your and your spouse’s names, dates of birth and phone numbers. 

Also, you’re encouraged to return it within five days to the National Reply Center in Greensboro, NC, if you wish to find out whether you qualify and receive the benefits. 

In return, you are also promised a Walmart or McDonalds gift card. No amount of the gift card is specified on the mailer.

If you want to opt out and have your information removed from the company’s database, you still need to fill in and send back the card. 

What happens when you send the postcard back?

Here’s what happens when you send back the National Reply Center postcard.

First, the National Reply Center is not an insurance company. 

Their mailers are an advertising tool that serves to collect information and sell it to insurance companies. 

They gather and verify information about people who are at or near the retirement age when they will be eligible for Social Security, and Medicare. 

By returning the signed card, you are authorizing insurance agents to contact you by mail, by phone, or in person regarding life and other types of insurance. 

When you send the reply card back to the National Reply Center, an agent considers your specific situation based on the personal data you provided and determines what type of insurance would best suit your needs. 

The National Reply Center explains that the agent will also decide the gift card value, which is the reason why there is no amount listed on the mailer. 

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Bottom line, whenever you mail one of these postcards back, you can expect one or many agents to follow up via phone call to speak with you about getting life insurance.

Insurance agents may also arrive unannounced for an appointment on the spot.

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