LifeQuotes.com Final Expense Review | Fine Print Revealed

You are probably here today because you saw a commercial on life quotes final expense program and are wondering more about how it works.

In today’s article, I’ll be reviewing exactly how the life quotes final expense program works and talking about the different programs available.

I will also describe in what cases it makes sense to purchase a state-approved final expense program from LifeQuotes, and how you may be able to do better.

Let’s get started!

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Life Quotes Final Expense Commercial

The commercial we will be reviewing is linked here.

Average cost of a funeral, the lifequotes.com commercial claims that the average cost for a funeral was $9,200.

Based on a review of the national funeral consumer guardian’s website, this number is accurate, and likely will be increasing.

Inflation has hit America hard over the last few years and is slated to continue at higher levels over the next several years. Unfortunately, funeral costs like burials and cremations are equally affected by the rising costs associated with inflation.

In fact, I think lifequotes.com is undercutting what is actually involved in burying a loved one. When you look at all expenses involved, any debts, and the legal fees, a funeral can cost well over 15,000.

When you account for inflation that number can easily jump to $20,000. Over the next 20 years, funerals will continue to become more expensive. Realistically, $10,000 may cover a basic cremation. If you want a funeral with a casket, service, and burial then you need to be prepared for a $20,000 price tag

Either way, lifequotes.com is correct in their analysis for present-day cost, but you also have to keep in mind what it’s going to cost in the future. Hopefully you will live a long and healthy life, but that means your funeral will definitely cost more than the current estimates.

State-Approved Final Expense Plans

Around the 15-second mark, the lifequotes.com commercial mentions that the plans they have to offer our state approved Final expense plans.

Let’s define what state approved means as well as final expense.

State approved references that these programs lifequotes.com offers are approved by the state department of insurance and are eligible and compliant with the state to be sold to seniors.

In other words, all this is saying is that these are legitimate life insurance companies offering programs specifically to pay for final expenses. You still have to pay a premium, you still have to do underwriting, and there’s nothing inherently unique just because the commercial says their state approved.

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Final expense programs simply mean that these are simplified issue whole life plans designed to pay for funeral and cremation costs.

The type of plans these are designed are called whole life insurance. As you’ll see later, their design never to go up in price and then never canceled, and if you’re eligible, to be approved for full first day natural and accidental death.

We at buylifeinsuranceforburial.com really like these plans really like these particular types of plans, as they best satisfy the realities of death. Nobody knows when we’re going to die, and you need to have coverage no matter when the date of death occurs. And whole life insurance plans like these do the best job.

One other point of clarification. Simplified issue means that these plans don’t require medical underwriting, urinalysis, or blood withdrawal to come up with a decision if you’re going to be approved or not.

Basically, the carrier’s associated with lifequotes and buylifeinsuranceforburial.com simply run your medical records on the phone or through the computer to determine if you’re eligible or not.

This keeps the process of buying insurance very simple and fast compared to the longer 

drawn-out process that’s required when you take blood or do a physical.

$2 a day for $15,000 In Coverage

The lifequotes.com final expense commercial mentions that certain eligible people may be able to pay as little as $2 a day for a $15,000 policy.

If you read the fine print paused at the 25 second mark, you’ll see that this just reference is a 60 year old female. This likely also references a very competitively priced plan with a female at 60 years old who’s in incredible shape.

It is not uncommon for insurance commercials to show you a flattering insurance policy to attract your interest. But, oftentimes, that only applies to VERY specific circumstances, like a 60 year old healthy female with a great health history.

Understand this may not be the case for you. For example, if you smoke, and have had a history of different health issues, this could immediately impact the price and what you’ll end up paying a lot more.

Either way, it’s unclear as it’s demonstrated in the commercial what that will be. But this is realistically the case if your health is perfect.

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The bigger issue at hand, is will lifequotes.com be able to cover you with one of their policies considering your actual state of health if you’re not in perfect shape?

We here at buylifeinsuranceforburial.com have access to a multitude of different final expense programs. We’re what’s known as brokers in the final expense business.

Simply put, we take your health and shop for the best combination of price and value. And in many cases we can only get a lower price than the competition, but get better types and amounts of coverage, too.

Benefits Of The Program

The next thing you will see in the lifequotes commercial is the benefits of their final expense programs. Let’s take a deeper look into each of those to give you clarity on how they work.

No medical exam. With any life insurance plan you purchase there’s no medical exam required. However, for all final expense programs, this is the norm. This is by no means a unique benefit of a lifequotes.com plan.

There shouldn’t be any medical exam required if all you’re looking for is a simple final expense program to pay for funeral or cremation expenses. That’s definitely what we do at by life insurance for burial, as well as many other organizations that offer help with final expense programs.

Rates never go up. This reference is the fixed pricing that simplified issue whole life programs offer.

Again, this is the norm whenever you get a final expense program that is based off of a whole life type of product. For example, when a person calls in to work with us at Buy Life Insurance For Burial, this is largely the program that we use to help them out.

Coverage cannot be canceled. Again, this is referencing the basics of all simplified issue whole life programs. 

When you buy a final expense simplified issue Whole Life program, the coverage cannot be canceled by law. It’s literally written in the contract. This is definitely a great factor, but it is the norm as long as you’re buying a final expense program.

100% Money back guarantee: This is referring to a guarantee insurance companies provide their customers. If you buy a life insurance plan, most companies will say you have 10-30 days to decide if you want to keep the coverage.

If you choose to cancel the plan within the time limit, you should get back 100% of your money. Again, note that this is not unique to lifequotes.com

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Is It First Day Full Coverage?

This is one thing that I noticed was missing. There’s no reference to whether or not you may be eligible for first day full coverage for natural and accidental death.

Unfortunately, a lot of different final expense programs ask no medical questions, and in exchange don’t cover you for 2 years if you die from natural causes.

While this is a good thing for the very ill, for people who are in good shape or okay shape even, there’s likely a first day full coverage plan available.

Again, it’s not guaranteed, but what is not mentioned on this page is if that’s even an option if you were to call in and seek help for a policy to be put in place.

What we do at buylifeinsuranceforburial.com is try our best to find those plans that are going to be first a full coverage eligible if it’s even an option. We do have guaranteed issue plans that make the client wait two full years, but that is the last option that we want for our clients.

Get A Second Opinion

If a doctor diagnosed you with a critical condition and suggested requiring surgery, isn’t it prudent to seek out a second opinion to gain further perspective on whether or not surgery is truly required?

If so, then you’ll agree it makes sense to seek out a second opinion on your life and burial insurance quotes.

And while lifequotes.com may offer what you need, simply-put, it’s a good idea to reach out to us for a second opinion.

What we’ve discovered helping people with their burial insurance is that most folks benefit with us even more, getting better quality coverage at more competitive prices than they can find elsewhere.

Even with a history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and so on, we most likely can help with getting you first day coverage at an affordable rate.

It’s easy to check rates with no obligation whatsoever – here’s what to do:

  1. Run your quote on the right-hand side of the screen or near the top. Once you fill that out, you’ll see what rates are available at your age and what companies you may qualify for.
  2. If you want to talk with us directly, call 888-626-0439 – this is the recommended method if you want to get quotes quickly and start an application for coverage sooner than later.

We look forward to helping you out, and hope you enjoyed this article!