Stonedbridge Life Insurance Review [Get Help Here Fast]

Since You are most likely viewing this page because you’ve got a Stonebridge Plan, and you’re trying to get help and want to know what to do. We are NOT trying to sell you a Stonebridge plan as this is just advice and reviews if that makes sense. 

I will try to answer questions if you are here to learn a little about Stonebridge Life Insurance or wondering what details are needed or who to call, or what to do to make a report or contact customer service to the best extent that’s available. Then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the facts about Stonebridge Life Insurance Company and try to help you out and benefit the most.

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Who They Are

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company used to be with JC Penny Life Insurance many years ago. Later Stonebridge was molded into TransAmerica Company in 2015. 

In 2015, Stonebridge has changed its name to Transamerica Premier.

Final Expense policies with a cash value guarantee to cover funeral and burial expenses were one of the largest selling policies for beneficiaries.

This guaranteed plan continues to be offered but is now under Transamerica.

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company has been around for many years and is a life insurance company out of the U.K., and Transamerica now underwrites the insurance policies and offers a coverage without a medical exam.

Have An Older Policy?

Maybe you still have a policy from many years ago with the original JCPenny Life Ins. or even Stonebridge Life. If you did, then it was transferred to Transamerica automatically in 2015 when Transamerica acquired Stonebridge.

Transamerica stated a new policy is not needed, and no changes have been made to your existing benefits or coverages.

Many different kinds of life insurance plans are available. It takes time to compare in order to get the best coverage for the best price to meet your needs.

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There are an overwhelming amount of companies to choose from and each of those companies will have different ways to calculate your insurance premiums.

So Always remember:

  • Do your research
  • Be informed
  • Get all the truth
  • Never give out your personal information. 
  • To be safe, only update through proper channels or seek a reputable professional to contact and choose yourself.

Best Advice is Contact:

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Take your time and compare.

Helpful Warnings of Documented Complaints

Customer Service Issues


Stonebridge Life Insurance Company

This business is not BBB Accredited

Years in Business: 101

Customer Complaints

327 complaints closed in last 3 years

136 complaints closed in last 12 months

Stonebridge policies with people have been going so many years and all of the many complaints are kind of an insight into this company of what people are dealing with. 

Many people have had these Stonebridge plans for 20 or 30+ years or more pouring money into the policy so many years. 

Then when they file a claim and try to get help on what their plans are and trying to get help from them it becomes a genuine hassle with contacting and customer service and the claims department.

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Oct 18 2021 Charles E says

They don’t do what they say and don’t make anything right but trying to settle this matter for a while now, they took the payment out of my account, but no services were received.

Oct 5 2021 Cindy V says

God forbid you really need Life Insurance to pay for funeral expenses. Their customer service is almost non-existence, and wait times are ridiculous. They are unresponsive, will not let you speak to a supervisor. We have been trying to cancel the policy and get the value of it for months.

May 24 2021 Linda H says

I can’t cancel my life insurance policy! Can’t get through on the phone. Have emailed twice. Get an acknowledgment they received the email but no follow-up. God forbid I’d want to file a claim! Terrible company.


So many feel this company is a scam. Slow to non-existent customer service and loss of money or denied claims. Hard to cancel policies. 

The main things that people are wanting to know is how to you connect the claims and get in touch with people to get information on your policy and more. 

It’s not that it’s a bad company, it’s why the customer service experience is so terrible and hard to ever get your money back or cancel or provide a claim for what the insurance is supposed to be issued for in the first place.

Sometimes two Stonebridge Companies are needed to contact to settle claims. One is located in Southwest US and the other in Eastern US each having different paperwork and policies. 

How To Get Help 

The best strategy to deal with calling in at a good time is to call when they first open up early in the morning at 1-888-345-0234.

When you contact us, please provide sufficient information for us to be able to identify you and find your policy.

Email: customerservices-uk@stonebridge-insurance.com

Telephone: 0808 178 3232 or +44 808 178 3232 (opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00)

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Transamerica doesn’t offer online enrollments anymore for the original JCPenny policies. With your old insurance policy, you can still possibly manage your account online if you click here.

If you need help with additional information, you can send an email to fill out a form to Transamerica for them to be able to send you a policy number. 

For more information on JC Penney Life Insurance Transamerica products, contact the Transamerica customer service department toll-free at (800) 797-2643.

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