Pioneer American Review [Scam Or Legit?]

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Why Do People Call About Insurance?

Insurance calls are supposed to be made to help us or because we requested more information on something that our family needs. All it takes is one bad apple to abuse this privilege to start a chain of insurance calls. 

This is both unfair to the “good insurance agencies that care” and also the consumer.

Who Is Pioneer American 

Pioneer American Life Insurance Company was originally incorporated in Waco, Texas, back in 1946. Headquarters are shared today with ALICO, Pioneers parent company which was founded back in 1909 as Amicable Life Insurance Company as far back as 1909.

Pioneer American Life Insurance Company shares a website with ALICO with little information on any of the group companies. This does make it very difficult to understand any details on this company.

The website is so vague in any specific information that even though the offered insurance products are briefly described, it is still very unclear whether Pioneer American or another group company is the one who underwrites the products. 

What They’re Trying To Do

Pioneer American Life Insurance Company sells its products nationwide through agents sales resulting from phone solicitations.

Pioneer American Insurance is a company that is primarily sold over the phone and predominantly a final expense life insurance company. 

The idea behind Pioneer American they sell final expense insurance over the phone to consumers who either will answer a cold call or request information. Typically an agent will call from a call center type of operation.

When people are looking up Pioneer Life or Pioneer American, they mainly sell Final Expense products. They also sell Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, and Modified Life Insurance.

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Northstar Legacy Whole Life is insurance advisors that Pioneer American sells over the phone. Generally speaking, one major call center that does most of the work for this insurance company.

This call center is operated domestically with virtual agents, and they lead with the Pioneer live product to sell insurance. Somebody may likely have bought these policies over the phone from that call center 

According to the (BBB) Better Business Bureau, many complaints are registered because of customer service issues. The next example is what many people are frustrated about.

05/20/2021 a review on the BBB website

I received a telephone call from a woman who was trying to sell me a life insurance policy. I talked her for quite a while and she recorded me and wanted me to give her all of this information as far as what type of policy and the amounts that I would be paying on this policy everything sounded good but I told her I did not want to decide as of now and I would think about it and told her that I don’t want anything taken out of my checking account . I ended up getting a policy in the mail and they took money out of my account. I called them and they apologized but I keep getting calls about the cancelation and it takes a process. Its been over a month. I received two notices saying cancelled. I want them to stop calling me! Very bad service. I never agreed to start a policy they are scamming people into agreeing even when you tell them that you want to think about it.

How To Get Help And Contact Pioneer Customer Service

In case you need to call customer service or cancel your policy, you can call Customer Service or Email. Pioneer American agents can also be contacted for additional policy questions or pricing of products.

Customer Service business hours for Pioneer American Life Insurance:

  • Email to contactus@americanamicable.com.
  • No Live Chat is available
  • Phone 800-736-7311

(Central Time 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday)

Be Aware

Negative Customer Satisfaction and has More Complaints than average companies.

The (NAIC) which is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, has a complaint index. And Pioneer American Life Insurance receives more complaints than the industry average life insurance company.

The average of a normal complaint score is 1.0 

(scored by lower the index is the better)

1.77 is the score of Pioneer American Life Insurance which is not good.

Pioneer American Life Insurance Company Cancellation Policy 

To cancel a Pioneer American Life Insurance policy, it is very hard to even find out how to cancel your policy. They do honor the Free Look period and refund your premiums paid, usually 10-30 days, depending on what state you live.

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Cancellation terms vary after the free look period, depending on the policy. Term life can be canceled any time, but no refund. Whole and Universal policies, you need to contact an agent for details to cancel. The fees for all of this are not publicly listed.

Bottom Line

Agents in 36 US states sell basic life insurance for Pioneer American Life Insurance. Most of the details for these policies can not be found online.

And according to the (NAIC) the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, there are more complaints registered than any other company of the same size.

Pioneer American Life Insurance does offer no medical exam simplified-issue policies. This kind of option might benefit those in poor health, but the best advice is to investigate and shop around for the best coverage and best pricing.

Instead, you can find more transparency from the top-rated nationwide life insurance companies with the best policy options for your money.

How To Stop Future Insurance Telemarketing Calls Once And For All 

Educating people to be more aware of unwanted solicitations and annoying calls to consumers is a concern of the (FTC) Federal Communications Commission.

At the National do not call registry of the FTC, you can stop these unwanted solicitations and annoying calls to consumers by signing up online or by phone call to the FTC.

When you register with the FTC, this will help limit the amount of unwanted sales calls, and telemarketing sales call that you get.

How To Register And File Complaint 

Register Online: at DoNotCall.gov and use your own email account.

Or by phone: 

at 1-888-382-1222 

or TTY 1-866-290-4236 

or visit medicare.gov/fraud (for Medicare calls)

(Register both your home phone number and your cell phone numbers.)

When you file the complaint about a live person, or robocall or messages, state the date of the illegal call, the phone number and the company’s name. 

Registration is free. 30 days after you register, all the telemarketers that are covered by the National Do Not Call Registry must stop calling you. 

When you get the confirmed email from the National Do Not Call Registry to remember to click, within 72 hours, the link to complete your registration.

The number that you register will remain on the list until you give up the number or ask for the number to be removed.

Also, visit DoNotCall.gov to verify the status of, or unsubscribe, your phone number on the registry.

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Remember that you still might get some calls from robocalls or scammers from

  • Telephone surveys
  • Organizations that you already have a relationship with, like some doctors or dentists, sometimes use robocalls to confirm an upcoming appointment.
  • Political organizations
  • Charities

(You can also contact your home state consumer protection office. Some states also have a List you can add your phone number to Do Not Call, too.)

File Complaint With The FTC or FCC

A report can also be filed, if you wish, with the Federal Trade Commission 

or Federal Communications Commission 31 days after you registered at the National Do Not Call Registry. You can call 


or File FTC complaint 

or File FCC complaint 

You can also learn more by calling AARP at 1-877-908-3360

When you file the complaint about a live person, or robocall or messages, state the date of the illegal call, the phone number and the company’s name. 

Seek A Second Opinion 

  • Do your research
  • Be informed
  • Get all the truth

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