No Am Senior Benefits Check: Real Money Or Scam Rip-Off?

IMPORTANT! Please read below:

We are NOT sending you the No Am Senior Benefits check.

Please do NOT call us to ask us to stop mailing you.

Instead, carefully read the steps below to learn more about what the No Am Senior Benefits check is all about and how to stop future mailings.

Most likely you’re here because you’ve received what appears to be a real-life $5 check from a company called No Am Senior Benefits.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you’re receiving this check, and what happens if you cash it, or whether or not this is a scam?

Either way, you’ve found the right article!

Today, I discuss what the No Am Senior Benefits program is all about. My goal is to answer all your questions about what this is all about.

Let’s begin.

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Why is No Am Senior Benefits sending out checks?

No Am Senior Benefits (sometimes listed as LMS in Lawrenceville, GA) has been sending out $5 checks with a note informing recipients that if they cash the check, they are giving the company the right to contact them about their final expense life insurance program and their free Senior Discount program. 

The $5 checks that are being mailed out are a lead sent to consumers soliciting them to learn more about what the company has to offer. 

The letter from No Am Senior Benefits that accompanies the check says that if you cash it, you don’t have any obligation to purchase anything from the company. 

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Is No Am Senior Benefits A Scam?

The check issuer, North American Senior Benefits is not a scam. It is a legitimate national insurance agency that holds the perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Even though it is a reputable agency, some customers have complained that their checks bounced, after which their bank would deduct the $5 from their account and charge them with an additional return check fee. 

It’s important to keep in mind that it is ultimately up to the consumer to make an informed decision about cashing the check and purchasing any of the company’s products. 

If you’re interested in final expense insurance, be sure to first shop around and evaluate all the costs before making any commitments.

For example, we here at Buy Life Insurance For Burial are brokers and help folks like you shop around for high-quality final expense life insurance. Fill out the form at the top or right-side of your screen to get a free quote, or simply call 888-626-0439 now to speak to a friendly representative.

Are These Real Live Checks?

Yes, the $5 check you have received in the mail is real. 

It is perfectly legitimate and can be cashed or deposited into a bank account. You are free to spend the money as you wish. 

What Happens When I Deposit The Check?

By cashing the check or depositing it into your bank account, you agree to have a No Am Senior Benefit agent contact you with more information about their final expense life insurance. 

You are giving them permission to either get in touch with you by phone at the number you provided on the back of the check or send you more details about their products in the post.

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Do keep in mind that if you send back this card, you may receive multiple follow-up attempts from different No Am Senior Benefits agents over time, both over the phone and randomly in person without prior notification.

Who is North American Senior Benefits?

North American Senior Benefits (NASB) is an insurance brokerage that focuses primarily on the senior market. 

The company targets customers above the age of 50 who are interested in covering final expenses including funeral, burial, cremation, and other costs. 

Final expense life insurance is an alternative to a more expensive term life policy. This type of insurance is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn’t require full health exams and high premiums for coverage that ends once you reach a certain age. 

Payout minimums for final expense coverage are lower than with typical term insurance. In addition, the rates don’t go up and the policy stays in place until the insured individual dies.

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