Life Insurance Care Calls [Scam Or Legit?]

Getting calls from Life Insurance Care? Discover if it’s a scam or legit in this review article. 

Want to discover how to make them stop forever and make a report to help remedy this type of situation and keep safe to the best extent possible? Then perfect! You have found the right article.

Within this article, I will help to give you all the facts that you need to know so that I can then help you and your family out and benefit you the most.

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Why Am I Getting These Living Senior Calls?

We often get insurance calls because we had requested additional information or possibly a recent auto-accident needing more info. 

These types of telemarketing calls are an unfair practice that negatively impacts the consumer and means that you could be vulnerable to nationwide scams concerning Social Security and fraudsters that try to convince you they are from reputable companies.

It’s difficult to know on the phone if you are legitimately speaking to an authentic employee or speaking to a fraudster. 

How This Scam Works

The number on your caller identification (ID) looks to have the local area codes that are false numbers used to trick you into thinking it’s a trusted number so that way you will answer the call. 

Remember, these calls often originate from foreign countries and are called “spoofing a caller ID.” 

The caller can “spoof” the caller identification (ID), so the incoming call looks like it’s coming from a trusted source. 

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The (FCC) Federal Communications Commission has created more public awareness against these scammers and criminals with articles. You can read guides concerning “spoofed caller ID” and illegal robocalls that will show resources and tips on blocking these calls.

Most calls are not who they say they are but are calling from a call center internationally in places, for example, like the Philippines, Pakistan, or India.

When we answer the wrong call from a spammer, it then starts a chain of inadequate insurance and other scam calls to abuse this privilege and impacts our lives for their greedy gain.

What The Caller Is Trying To Do

The goal of these telemarketing companies or sometimes scammers is to get you to agree and for you to learn more about final expense life insurance or other related insurances.

Telemarketers will then try to get you interested in learning more information.

 Consequently, the next thing that happens is a chain of events involving:

  • A local agent will call again.
  • An agent might even arrive at your doorstep unannounced. 
  • Often these agents only represent 1 company and push that 1 insurance option on you even if it’s not best for you. 
  • Typically, these agents often represent only one carrier.

Best Advice Before Making a Wrong Commitment is Contact:

  • Do your research
  • Be informed
  • Get all the truth

If you get this type of call, the best thing to do immediately is to:

  • Not recognizing the caller ID incoming number? Then let it go to voicemail.
  • State that you don’t want any more future calls.
  • Just hang up immediately.
  • Whenever this type of person calls you, remember never to give out your personal information over the phone. To be safe, only update through proper channels.
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How To Stop and/or Report Life Insurance Care Phone Calls: 

  • Free Services from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are available by contacting your phone carrier to get Robocall blocking services for your cell phone. 
  • Download apps for robocall blockers for your cell phones like Truecaller, Nomorobo, or Hiya, for example.
  • Download the app  AT&T Call Protect app that detects and blocks potential fraudulent calls.
  • If you received a spoofed call and feel or believe it is a fraudulent call, then immediately report this type of call to the FCC (Federal Communications Communication). Your complaints can be filed at no cost to you at the FCC Consumer Complaint Center.

Stop Future Telemarketing Calls

30 days after you register, all the National Telemarketers Do Not Call Registry must stop calling you. 

When you get the confirmed email from the National Do Not Call Registry, remember to click, within 72 hours, the link to complete your registration.

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