GoMedicare Benefits Help Center Review [Scam Or Legit?]

Are you here to discover how GoMedicare Benefits Help Center works and if it’s the best choice for your Medicare needs? And to learn more about if GoMedicare Benefits Help Center is a Scam or Legit and to choose and keep safe to the best extent possible? Then perfect! You have found the right article.

Within this article, I will help to give you all the facts that you need to know so that I can then help you and your family out and benefit you the most.

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Who Is GoMedicare

GoMedicare Benefits is owned and operated by MILOPS Insurance Service, Inc. It doesn’t provide Medicare Advantage insurance coverage but instead is a health insurance comparison tool to compare Medicare insurance plans. 

GoMedicare Benefits continually states in advertising and on their TV Commercials in Fine Print that they “are not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government or Federal Medicare Program.”

In other words, GoMedicare passes you to a licensed Insurance agent that The fine print means that a misleading question becomes an intention or makes us believe something that is not true or incorrect.

The American Medical Association (AMA) passed a resolution in fall 2019.

Pros of GoMedicare Benefits

The only good thing about GoMedicare Benefits is comparing pricing and coverage on plans from multiple companies. This allows shoppers to work with a licensed insurance agent to compare quotes and plans. The problem is the insurance agent might only represent one carrier and will not be getting you the best deal tailored for you.

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When comparing plans, pay special attention to the premium rates, of course. Still, the projected out-of-pocket expenses are where you can paint a complete picture of what that plan’s actual cost entails, such as coinsurance and copayments.

However, this information is entirely useless without knowing the ins and outs and what’s best at the best price, and if it’s available in your state.

You may already know that Original Medicare is hospital insurance (Medicare Part A) and medical insurance (Medicare part B) that our federal government manages and regulates. 

Original Medicare will compare Medicare supplement plans and the prescription drug coverages (also known as Medicare Part D). These Medicare supplement insurance plans or Medigap plans help to control your out-of-pocket costs provided by private insurers for Medicare beneficiaries and are called Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C).

Medicare Advantage plans cover the same services as your Original Medicare and offer qualifying Medigap insurance plans and prescription drug coverage (Part D) plans.

The purpose of these GoMedicare Benefits TV commercials is to get you to act fast, so buyer beware.

The Best Advice is to

  • Do your research
  • Be informed
  • Get all the truth

Calling a call center with limited options that might not have this or even know to suggest it and definitely, you can’t shop around for the best private company since they don’t represent many companies like the independent brokerage agency like us at Direct Express Support can and will help you and prove to you so you can make the proper choices and never rushed into a decision. 

Before making a wrong commitment contact

  • An independent Professional with the access to all of the best carriers in the area where you live.
  • An independent professional, a Broker Independent who can shop shop around for the very best program to get the best coverage and costs for you!
  • Not just a Zero Premium Plan but will give you the least amount of Copays and deductibles while maximizing the benefits you’re eligible for you and your family.
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The Cons of GoMedicare Benefits 

  1. Limited Online Information

When shopping online with GoMedicare Benefits you are unable to view the plans options to compare the plans and prices better. That forces to limit yourself to the one insurance agent instead of an Independent Broker.   

  1. Insufficient Customer Reviews 

Ten years in Business but is not BBB Accredited!

GoMedicare has received very few customer reviews for Best Company. This means a full recommendation is not available. Why is this?

Furthermore, the reviews GoMedicare has on Best Company give the company low ratings!

Bottom Line In Choosing Medicare Insurance

Working with an independent professional broker can help you compare the entire health plan selection and enrollment process with no pressure. When you do evaluate health plans be sure to understand 

  • The insurance costs
  • The insurance coverage
  • Monthly premiums
  • and Out-Of-Pocket expenses.

Before making a wrong commitment:

  • Do your research
  • Be informed
  • Get all the truth

Such organizations don’t rate GoMedicare as AM Best or Moody’s because they don’t provide Medicare Advantage insurance coverage.

Best Advice Is To Contact A Professional 

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Our sole purpose is to get you choices tailored for you and your family to be the best service possible since we can shop around for the absolute best program that suits you by accessing all of the best carriers in your area.

We pinpoint legitimately what you currently pay, what you are entitled to, and benefit from additional coverage the many times people were unaware they qualify. 

Many times, additional coverage while spending less, we can help find these answers for you before you decide without rushing you. 

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