SeniorCare USA Commercial Review Final Expense Helpline

You’re clicking on this article because you’re looking for some details or insight into the Final Expense Helpline, Seniorcare USA TV commercial. 

The purpose of this article really is just to watch the commercial and pause it at intervals to give you some context and background as to what’s going on to empower you, to give you the facts behind how these programs work in a bit of a more deliberate fashion, so you can make your own mind up if what the final Expense Helpline commercial offers is a good fit for you, or if there might be something else that would be good to consider as well.

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This is again the 50+ Final Expense Helpline Seniorcare USA commercial that you may have seen on TV. We’re going to play it, we’re going to review it and try to help you out as much as possible, reading through the fine print and giving you more context in how these burial insurance programs work. Again, you can make up your own mind up if they’re a good fit for you or not. Let’s start.

No Medical Exam Required

This is actually normal for most burial insurance companies. These are called simplified issue products. That means there’s no blood withdrawn, peeing in a cup, running on a treadmill, none of that stuff. You just simply run your medical history and then a decision is made based off of that without all of the extra steps that are required. 

Again, this is the norm. They do this, which is good, but it’s not special. A lot of burial insurance companies do exactly the same thing. 

Let’s think about this for a second. Not saying this is bad. This is good to be possibly eligible to qualify for something even with the litany of health issues. But, what is the catch? Can it really be that good of an opportunity if I just literally had a heart attack and now I can qualify? What limitations and coverage potentially are there? You should start thinking like this as you watch this commercial because as we go forward, a lot of this will become clear as to what the, again, catch of these types of programs are.

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Basically, burial insurance, the best way to think about that is life insurance. It’s just called burial insurance, because it kind of describes what it’s used for end-of-life expenses, but it can certainly be used for anything. Your beneficiary can take the money you give them and blow it on a nice trip to Hawaii for all they care. The life insurance company doesn’t care, but most people buy it for the reason to take care of final expenses and related expenses.

Instant Approval

Instant approval. Is that true? Yeah. If you apply, you can get possibly instant approval if you fit the requirements of age and gender, which typically is not that hard. Usually, it’s 45 to 85. In this case, it’s 50 to 80.

Now, it says, “Effective starting today.” But you see that little star there? That means there’s the fine print. Let’s find that and read that to get a better idea of what starting today means. If you read down here in the fine print, it says: 

  • “Plans may be effective,” maybe, not guaranteed, “May be effective once the client pays for the plan. However, benefits may be delayed for up to two years depending on the insured’s health,” 

What does this mean? It means there’s a risk that if you get this plan, you’re not going to have full natural death coverage for up to two years. Many of the plans out theremake your clients wait two full years if they have a litany of health issues. But some of them, some companies out there don’t care about health even if you’re in good health, but will still make you wait two full years before you get natural death coverage.

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Why is that a problem? Because we die suddenly. 

Some of us die slowly, and some of us die suddenly. Why would you want to risk not being fully protected with the full amount of coverage that you could get with another company if you end up in something like this? Why would you want this versus if you were eligible for something else that would provide first-day full coverage, right? 

Rate Lock

This is the norm of most final expense burial insurance programs. All of them have rate locks for the most part. Rates never increase for the most part. The benefits never decrease for the most part. This is great, but it’s actually normal for most of the companies that are out there.

Fine Print

Let’s read the fine print down here. 

  • This ad is brought to you by SouthEastern Digital, LLC. SED is the company, is an advertising referral service, not licensed in any state as an insurance agency, nor does it purport to provide insurance products or services in any state. The compensation received by SED is paid by the licensed insurance company – 

Basically, this is what we call a lead generator. They’re sending out these commercials and then the people who call in, they’re compensated for the call-ins, but they don’t actually sell you the insurance.

  • Their affiliates or independent marketing organizations from agencies licensed in their domicile states and only for the purpose of advertising referral services provided herein – 

Basically, this is just a marketing program to get you to talk to insurance agents to sell you these guaranteed acceptance plans through Fidelity.

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Final Thoughts

Guaranteed acceptance is the greatest option for burial insurance when there are no other options. 

You’d want to be fully covered from the first day of the first premium because nobody knows what the future brings if it’s going to be good health or bad. When it comes to insurance, specifically burial insurance, it’s all about guarantees and assurances because we want peace of mind out of this.

Before you get into any of this kind of plans that were mentioned today, which they’re not bad, they’re something, there might be something better if you or your loved one can qualify, even with bad health, there are plans out there that may offer first-day full coverage. What you want to do is work with a broker, someone at Buy Life Insurance For Burial, where we shop around for you to find the best combination in price and coverage.

Our goal is to try to get the best coverage in place for the client and instead of pushing one product like this Fidelity product, we shop around and look at many different products over a dozen plus, depending on the state, and try to figure out who’s going to give our clients the best combination of price and coverage, so you’re paying an affordable price, and hopefully, if eligible, have immediate access to first day full natural and accidental coverage from the first payment date.

Here’s how to do that if you’re interested. Go to BuyLifeInsuranceForBurial.com. If you would like a free quote to see how much it costs if you’d like us to underwrite you in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes to see what you may be eligible for, call us at 888-626-0439.