Life Insurance For 81 Year Olds: Get Fast Help Here!

This article covers everything you need to know about life insurance whether you are 81 years old yourself or you are looking for a policy for your 81 year old parent. 

We’ll explain why you should take out life insurance, what type of insurance you can choose from at the age of 81, and what are your options if your health isn’t the best. 

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Can I qualify for life insurance if my health is not great?

Yes. There are life insurance policies with first-day coverage for seniors your age whose health is not the best.

You can qualify if you have one of the following health conditions:

  • heart issues like heart attacks and strokes,
  • mental health issues,
  • cancer,
  • lung diseases like COPD,
  • diabetes (even if you use insulin or have diabetic complications),
  • neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s or lupus,
  • and more. 

However, if you suffer from the toughest pre-existing conditions, you won’t be able to qualify for no questions asked whole life insurance policies after the age of 80. 

Do I need a medical exam to qualify?

If you are an 81 year old man or woman, you don’t always need to have a medical exam to qualify for life insurance. In fact, most of our senior clients opt for “simplified issue coverage” instead of taking medical exams. 

This is a quick and simple way to get a life policy. When you apply for one of our life or burial insurance policies, the insurance company will check your past medical history before deciding whether you are approved. However, they won’t ask you to undergo any medical exams.

The good news is that, unlike most life insurance programs that require weeks of underwriting analysis, with our life insurance options, you will be able to get an approval immediately. 

What is the best insurance carrier for seniors aged 81 like me?

There is no single company that fits every 81 years old who is looking to buy life or burial insurance. Every person’s health situation is different and health factors vary significantly between life insurance carriers. 

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Buy Life Insurance For Burial is an independent broker. We represent multiple life insurance companies, which allows us to have access to the very best coverage options.

You can be sure that we will recommend a great policy at the best price that will suit your financial situation and individual needs. 

What are my coverage options at the age of 81?

You have the following life insurance options at the age of 81: universal life insurance, whole life insurance, and term life insurance. 

Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance is a great option for you under the condition that your health is good. Keep in mind, however, that if it’s set up incorrectly, guaranteed universal life insurance for seniors may cancel prior to death. But when it’s set up right, it’s a permanent insurance policy that you won’t outlive. 

Whole life insurance

This is the type of life insurance that we will most probably recommend when you get in touch with us. Whole life insurance is one of the best alternatives for seniors your age. It won’t cancel due to your age or your health as long as you are paying premiums. So, this is insurance that you can’t outlive. 

Our life insurance carriers offer “simplified issue” underwriting. This means that you qualify for their whole life policies automatically and you won’t be asked to take a medical exam.

All you have to do is answer a few simple health questions to be approved. Also, you qualify for first-day full coverage and premiums don’t increase. 

I hear a lot of people talk about term life insurance. Should I get that?

You might have read that term life insurance is the best life insurance for seniors. However, this is not always the case. 

Here’s why.

Term life insurance guarantees coverage only for a certain number of years. If you end up outliving this type of policy, you’ll be left with no insurance at all. 

Term life insurance is also very difficult to qualify for. At the age of 81, you will most likely not get approved due to your age or your underlying health issues. In addition, term life insurance usually comes with very high premiums. 

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What if I still want term life insurance? Can you help?

Yes, absolutely. If you would still like to get term life insurance, we’ll do our best to find a great policy for you. We can choose an insurance carrier who is easier on underwriting and help you get a great term life insurance policy that suits your needs.

What if I’m on a fixed income? Can I afford life insurance?

At Buy Life Insurance For Burial, we help all our clients with a policy regardless of their budget. Even when you’re on a fixed income, we can always adjust the price to fit your budget. In fact, we have extensive experience with helping low-income seniors to find great life insurance at the right price. 

What about AARP and Colonial Penn? I see many television commercials about their burial insurance. Should I get insurance from them?

You should be aware of all the policy details before you make a commitment to buy burial insurance for seniors from AARP or Colonial Penn. 

Here is what you need to know. 


AARP increases premiums every 5 years, which makes their term coverage very expensive. Many seniors have to drop their AARP plans because they get too expensive.

Plus, term life insurance cancel. And AARP term life insurance cancels already at the age of 80. That means that at your age you can’t benefit from their term life insurance. 

Colonial Penn 

Colonial Penn’s guaranteed acceptance policy doesn’t cover for full natural death for the first two years. While you may think that this is the only type of insurance you can qualify for because your health isn’t the best, we at Buy Life Insurance For Burial believe that we’ll be able to find better products for you.

Why would I want to take out life insurance at the age of 81?

You should always consider taking out life insurance, even at the age of 81. You may use it to:

  • Cover your final expenses. One of the most common reasons why 81 year olds decide to purchase insurance is because they want to cover their funeral expenses. Many seniors don’t have adequate life insurance coverage to pay for their funeral and burial or cremation costs. Plus, their savings are often not enough to cover final expenses. 
  • Pay off debt. When you’re 81 years old, you may want to buy life insurance to pay off the debt that will be left behind after your death. This can be mortgage or credit card debt, for example.
  • Leave a legacy of love. Some seniors buy life insurance to leave money behind to their loved ones or help their grandchildren as they start college.
  • Use it as an income replacement. For 81 year olds, life insurance can serve as a replacement for income loss after the death of their spouse who was the primary earner in the family.
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What about my 81 year old parents? Can I get coverage on them?

At Buy Life Insurance For Burial, we frequently help adult children get burial insurance or life insurance coverage on their parents.

You can buy life insurance on your parents who are 81 years, but they still need to sign off on the policy. The only exception to this rule is if you have power of attorney. 

If your elderly parents agree for you to take out the life or burial insurance coverage for them, you will be able to set up payments from your account for their policy premiums.

How can I get a free life insurance quote from you?

Getting a free life insurance quote from us is quick and simple. 

All you need to do is call us toll-free at 888-626-0439 and speak to one of our friendly representatives. If we’re busy and don’t answer the phone immediately, leave us a message and we’ll call you back as soon as possible. It will take us no more than 5 to 10 minutes to get you a quick quote for life insurance.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to call us, you can ask for an online quote. If you’re on a smartphone, just click the button at the top to request a free quote.

And if you’re on your desktop computer, fill out the information to your right then click “submit”. You’ll get to see some price options, and we’ll follow up with you to discuss them with you.