Kurt Kiser Affordable Life Insurance Review

Are you looking into a life insurance policy? You may have seen commercials with Kurt Kiser on your TV advertising great coverage for really affordable premiums. 

With rising inflation and cost of living, you are not the only person looking into an insurance plan to offer protection for yourself and your family. 

Have you seen the Kurt Kiser Affordable Life Insurance commercial? In this commercial, Kurt Kiser talks about rising funeral costs and presents a life insurance option. 

Most likely, you have questions, such as:

  • Is this life insurance as good as it sounds? 
  • What are the fine print issues? 
  • And are there better alternatives? 

In this article, I will answer all those questions and more.

In fact, we’ll walk through specific parts of the video to reveal the finer points.

Of course, the goal is to totally inform you on how the Kurt Kiser final expense program works so you can make an educated choice on whether or not it’s a good fit.

Keep reading to find out. 

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Kurt Kiser Affordable Life Insurance Commercial

First things first, here’s the commercial:

Affordable Life Insurance Helpline TV Commercial: ‘Funeral Bills Featuring Kurt Kiser’

Come back to this commercial to review where we have time-stamped each section so you can read the details for yourself.

The first comment in this commercial says “the average funeral costs around $10,000”. This is true, nationally the average funeral will be close to that figure. Cremation may be a bit cheaper, but you are still looking at $5,000 to $7,000. 

However, that $10,000 figure is a bit forgiving. Why?

Funeral Cost And Inflation (00:02 Mark)

Inflation is something everyone needs to factor into their end-of-life cost calculations. Inflation has hit the USA hard, especially in recent years. 

While $10,000 is an accurate figure for a funeral today, it will not be enough in 10, 20, or 30 years. 

However, when you consider other end-of-life expenses, $10,000 may be too low. Consider that there are: 

  • medical bills or debts, 
  • legal fees, 
  • credit card bills, and, 
  • other costs when liquidating the deceased’s estate. 
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I would say $15,000 is a more adequate estimate of what it actually costs to bury a loved one. 

When planning for the future, funeral costs could easily reach $20,000 in 20 years. 

In the best-case scenario, you will love for a long time but that means you need to prepare for a more expensive funeral. 

What Happens If You Don’t Have Insurance? (00:07 Mark)

If you do not have insurance coverage when you pass, your family gets stuck with the bill. 

Any fees, costs, and debts could become your relatives’ responsibility. If that happens, your family may have to use their savings or go into debt. This could cause them to struggle for years afterward. 

This is obviously not the situation you want your family to be in when they are mourning your loss. 

What if they don’t have the money to cover your funeral?

If your family cannot pay, in the worst-case scenario your body will be sitting at the morgue until something is figured out. 

There are government programs that can be used to cover basic expenses. But in these cases, the local government may decide how you are buried, not your family. 

This is a situation we don’t even want to consider, but it is important to understand what will happen if appropriate plans are not made. 

Up To $30,000 (00:19 Mark)

Up to $30,000 in life insurance. To clarify, you can get “up to $30,000 of coverage” but that depends on your budget. 

You don’t necessarily have to get that. A lot of people get $5,000 for cremation or $10,000 for burial. 

Acceptance Guaranteed (Guaranteed Issue) (00:24 Mark)

At the 00:24 and 00:29-second mark of the commercial Kiser says “You can’t be turned down for this insurance regardless of your health.

There are a few things to note here. 

  1. There are many providers who offer insurance products that insure you regardless of your health. 
  2. This plan is called Guarantee Acceptance or Guaranteed Issue. It provides coverage for people with health issues, but it definitely comes at a cost. 

There are carriers they offer that do not ask questions. But there are catches with this type of plan. Guaranteed Acceptance does not offer coverage for natural death within two years of you purchasing the plan. 

The commercial goes on to mention “Plus there are no medical exams and no health questions.” 

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Sounds good right? An easy application with no medical questions. But, if you are healthy, this coverage is probably a bad idea. 


Guaranteed Acceptance insurance costs more money than a plan that asks questions. And, it doesn’t provide first-day full coverage. 

As mentioned above, you are not covered for natural death for two years. 

So, if you pass from a natural death like an illness or a heart attack within two years of getting this plan, you do not get the full coverage amount paid out.

If you are healthy then you should qualify for a better plan that offers more coverage. And you want to be asked medical questions because this means a lower premium. 

Coverage Doesn’t Cancel Automatically And Premiums Don’t Rise (00:39 Mark)

At the 00:39 second mark, Kiser says “Your rate will never go up, your coverage will never go down. 

This type of insurance plan is a Whole Life plan. 

This plan never cancels due to age or health, and the coverage never decreases. This is a great plan for final expense coverage. But they are not clarifying a big issue here, you are not getting first-day full coverage. 

It doesn’t matter if your coverage doesn’t go up if you pass within two years of buying it due to natural causes. 

Next, at 00:43,  he says, “Rates start as low as $5 a week.” So, $20 dollars a month is the MINIMUM it could cost you. 

What they are saying here is they start at 20 bucks a month BUT it could be MUCH higher. 

This makes it sound easy and cheap. But once you call in and get a quote, you could end up paying a much higher premium. 

Remember, Guaranteed Acceptance usually costs much more. 

Note again, no first-day full coverage is mentioned here, this plan begins with a marginal amount of coverage.

Next, he says “Your coverage begins as soon as your application is received.” But with a Guaranteed Acceptance plan, this is only accidental death coverage, not full coverage. 

Benefits Of Kurt Kiser Final Expense Programs

The commercial mentions the following benefits:

  1. Coverage never cancels. 
  2. Rates never go up. 
  3. No medical exam. 
  4. Coverage immediately after receiving your application. 

The Guaranteed Acceptance insurance product is a great option for people who are regularly sick or chronically ill. This product does not ask medical questions but that doesn’t mean you should apply for it. 

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However, there is more than meets the eye here. 

You are guaranteed insurability as long as you meet the age requirements. This product is used by a good number of people. But it is not something I would recommend for everyone. There are many other types or products and coverage levels I would first compare. 

As we learned, your rates are probably more expensive, there are many alternative insurance plans that will never cancel, and the coverage you get is not first-day full coverage. 

So before you buy, compare!

Is It First Day Full Coverage?

We do not see a clear reference or mention in the commercial of first-day full coverage. 

First-day full coverage is very important to have. Guaranteed Acceptance plans do not have first-day full coverage. 

This means if you pass away due to natural causes within two years of buying a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance plan, you will not receive benefits. This means you are not fully protected for two years. 

Based on what the commercial continually mentions “no medical exam” So we can be confident this is indeed a Guaranteed Acceptance product. 

Get A Second Opinion

That’s what we do at Buy Life Insurance For Burial, we help our clients get the best coverage available to them. We have access to Guaranteed Acceptance programs. But if you are healthy, you shouldn’t need to go with a Guaranteed Acceptance plan. 

It’s easy to check rates with no obligation whatsoever – here’s what to do:

  1. Get a free quote on our website Buy Life Insurance For Burial. Once you fill out the quote request, you’ll see what rates are available at your age and what companies you may qualify for.
  2. If you want to talk with us directly, call 888-626-0439 – this is the recommended method if you want to get quotes quickly and start an application for coverage sooner than later.

We are looking forward to comparing options with you and I hope you found this article informative. Give us a call!


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