How To Stop Insurance Telemarketing Calls FOREVER!

If you are here to learn a little about reasons associated with insurance telemarketing calls or wondering what to do or what details are needed or who to call or make a report to remedy this situation to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the facts that you need to know so that I can help you out and benefit the most.

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Why Do People Call About Insurance?

Insurance calls are supposed to be made to help us or because we requested more information on something that our family needs. All it takes is one bad apple to abuse this privilege and negatively impact our lives for their greedy gain.

This one call from the wrong kind of person, a spammer, is all it takes, unfortunately, to start a chain of insurance and other scam calls. The reason is that you answered the call, your number was then registered as live, and automatically, the scammer then placed it on a list of numbers to contact again.

This is both unfair to the “good insurance agencies that care” and also the consumer.

These scammers are, of course, after one thing only, your personal information to steal your money.

This is generally done by phone calls from a real person, or robocalls or even in SMS text messages.

Caller Identification (ID)

In many instances, a fake caller Identification number is used by fraudsters or scammers so that you think the call is originating from a health provider or a government agency that you already trust or know. This also leads you to believe it’s alright to answer their questions.

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If you see a number on your caller Identification that you don’t recognize that is trying to scam you, you can read more from the Federal Communications Commission by clicking here.

These robocalls and fraudsters that call you will sound very engaging and pleasant as they try to gain your trust. They are hoping your trust will open the door to their fake questions and ultimately give them the personal information they need in a way that you feel it’s ok since now you feel they are trustworthy.

They will do whatever it takes to convince you in a slick, conniving way as they are bottom-line, a thief.

Fake opportunities, free products or product trials or vacations or grants or lotteries.

Even worse is to threaten you with a lawsuit or jail time if you don’t pay them by credit card because of a bogus charge or excuse that they try to make you believe in a nice smiling innocent voice.

Examples Of Fraud

  • Saying that there is a balance due on your and asking you for your credit card number to cover the balance.
  • Saying they want to refund you money and still need information concerning your bank account.
  • Saying you won a vacation or owe a payment on a debt
  • A recorded message that says something like press 1 to remove your number from a calling list.
  • A recorded message that says you will get free gifts or services.
  • A recorded message saying you owe taxes or similar and warnings if you don’t pay
  • If a caller is asking a few times, Can you hear me? They may be trying to record you replying “yes”. The scammer will then say that you allegedly agreed to a credit card charge or some kind of bogus purchase because of your recorded yes statement.


This problem gives you voice messages that have been pre-recorded when you answer. You can ask your local phone company if they have a way to detect and block these types of fraudulent phone calls.

Don’t speak to these kinds of calls. If your local phone provider’s blocking feature is too high-priced, then maybe you can find an app for your smartphone that blocks these calls.

On the bright side, for example, some Doctors’ offices use this type of call to remind you of your appointment. Hence, try to be aware of the difference.

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So if you are tired of these type of calls then know that legislation and laws have been passed to try and remedy this situation.

Be Safe

Remember, you don’t have to worry about being rude or embarrassed because they’re not going to give you any free equipment or services because they only want your information for identity theft.

Scams can happen to anyone. If you tell the people around you, you might just help keep it from happening to them also.

Whatever the scenario, remember two things: hang up and report the call.

So quite simply, if any vacations are offered, they want any information at all…if it sounds all too good to be true, it is! If this happens, get their name, hang up and report.

Many times after these phone calls start, you may also notice that you start getting emails, too, that look or sound suspicious if you do read them.

Remember never to leave your personal information over the phone. Update only through proper channels to be safe.

How To Stop Insurance Telemarketing Calls Once And For All

The Federal Communications Commission, including some other Federal Agencies have been trying to educate people to be more aware of identity thieves as they continue to target and steal personal information from consumers.

You can stop these fraud calls by registering your number to the Federal Trade Commission online or by phone at this National do not call registry.

Registering will limit unwanted sales calls and limit the telemarketing calls you get.

How To Register

Online: at DoNotCall.gov and using your own email account.

Or by phone:

at 1-888-382-1222 

or TTY 1-866-290-4236 

or visit medicare.gov/fraud (for Medicare calls)

(Remember to register both your cell phone and home phone numbers.)

When you file the complaint about a live person, or robocall or messages, state the date of the illegal call, the phone number and the company’s name.

Registration is free. 30 days after you register, all the telemarketers that are covered by the National Do Not Call Registry must stop calling you.

When you get the confirmed email from the National Do Not Call Registry remember to click, within 72 hours, the link to complete your registration.

The number that you register will remain on the list until you give up the number or ask for the number to be removed.

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Also visit DoNotCall.gov to verify the status of, or unsubscribe, your phone number on the registry.

Remember that you still might get some calls from robocalls or scammers from

  • Telephone surveys
  • Organizations that you already have a relationship with, like some doctors or dentists sometimes use robocalls to confirm an upcoming appointment.
  • Political organizations
  • Charities

(You can also contact your home state consumer protection office. Some states also have a List you can add your phone number to Do Not Call, too.)

File Complaint With The FTC or FCC

A report can also be filed, if you wish, with the Federal Trade Commission

or Federal Communications Commission 31 days after you registered at the National Do Not Call Registry. You can call


or File FTC complaint 

or File FCC complaint

You can also learn more about fraud prevention online at AARP Fraud Watch Network

or by calling AARP at 1-877-908-3360

When you file the complaint about a live person, or robocall or messages, state the date of the illegal call, the phone number and the company’s name.

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