How Kidney Transplants CAN Qualify For Life Insurance!

Are you or a loved one getting a kidney transplant soon? Or have you already gotten a kidney transplant? After getting an organ transplant, many people find it more challenging to get life insurance.

Is it impossible? No it’s not, but it is more challenging because insurance companies are more cautious insuring someone who has had an organ transplant. 

So, how do you find coverage, what do you look for, and how much will it cost? Those are all important details you need to look into before you decide on a plan. No two plans are the same. And everyone had different needs. 

Did you know, there is a specific type of insurance product that those with a kidney transplant immediately qualify for? This coverage helps many individuals who have serious health conditions or who struggle to qualify for other insurance products. 

Read on to learn more. 

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Can I Get Life Insurance if I Have A Kidney Transplant?

The short answer is YES. There are options of insurance products for individuals who have had organ transplants or other health conditions. 

The trade offs are, more expensive premiums, wait periods, and lower coverage limits. Because the insurance companies are accepting more risk by insuring someone with a history of health problems you pay more. 

Insurance companies will be more thorough with you when they find out you have received a kidney transplant. You will be asked more questions, you may have to attend a medical exam, and the insurance company may request to see your medical history.

This means the process can take more time and you still could be rejected by the insurance company. 

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What Kind Of Life Insurance Can I Get?

The product I mentioned earlier, the no questions asked product is called a Guaranteed Acceptance product or Guaranteed Issue. This means you are guaranteed insurability when you apply for the insurance as long as you fall within the accepted age range. 

Insurance products like Term Life and Whole Life Insurance are probably not going to work for you if you have received a kidney transplant. Unless you find a Guaranteed Life Term or Whole Life Insurance plan. 

So, let’s learn more about this Guaranteed Insurance product. 

Guaranteed Acceptance Insurance Products Pros And Cons

So, the main pros of a Guaranteed Acceptance product are: 

  • Guaranteed Acceptance 
  • No medical exams 
  • No two year look back 
  • No long application with many questions 
  • Acceptance even if you have a current medical condition

The main cons are: 

  • Two year wait period 
  • More expensive 
  • Usually has a lower coverage limit

Guaranteed Acceptance Fine Print Issues

Two Year Wait

The main fine print issue with a Guaranteed Acceptance plan is the two year wait period. What’s that?

That means during the first 24 months after purchasing the plan, you will not have full coverage. 

With the two year wait period, if you pass away due to natural causes, your family will NOT receive the payout. So, you are paying for life insurance coverage that will benefit you in no way shape or form for two whole years. 

The only way your family would get the benefits within the first two years is if you passed due to accidental causes. For example a random car accident. In that case, your family would receive the payout. But that is a very unlikely possibility. Based on a study by the CDC, less than 5% of individuals in the USA over 65 pass away due to accidents. 

Look around and compare ALL of your options, their premiums, and their fine print issues. You may have to go with a Guaranteed Acceptance plan, but in that case you should still compare the prices and coverage levels. 

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How can you do that? We at Buy Life Insurance For Burial can help. Call 888 626 0439 and one of our friendly life insurance specialists would be happy to provide you with answers and a free quote in less than five minutes.

Term Insurance Issues

If you go with a Guaranteed Term Insurance product, you may have the two year wait clause plus a couple other fine print issues. 

The two other issues you face with a Term product are: 

  1. Rate Increases
  2. Auto Cancelation At A Certain Age

The first one, the rate increase, can happen with some Term insurances. This means at regular intervals 5, 10, or 15 years, your premiums will go up. So, your insurance always gets more expensive. 

The second issue, the auto cancellation at a certain age becomes an issue once you are 80 or older. Term insurance products automatically end or cancel once the individual reaches a certain age. 

The age can be 80, 85, 90, or 95 depending on what the insurance company has set. So you have outlived your plan and cannot get a renewal anymore because you have aged out. You would have to get a completely different insurance plan. And now that you’re 80 the premiums could be even higher. 

Make sure to look into this clause before purchasing. 

And remember, always compare the product with competitors too! Remember you can do that with us!

What Carriers Will Give Me Coverage?

The carriers that will provide Guaranteed Issue coverage to individuals with a Kidney Transplant are: 

  • AIG, coverage for those who are 50 to 80 years of age. 
  • Great Western, coverage for those who are 40 to 80 years old. 
  • Other carriers who offer Guaranteed Acceptance Term Insurance for those between 18 to 39 years of age. 

To compare your options and request quotes please give us a call at 888 626 0439 and one of our friendly life insurance specialists would be happy to provide you with answers and a free quote in less than five minutes.

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Why Is It So Challenging To Get Coverage With A Kidney Transplant?

Insurance companies do not want to take on too much risk when insuring an individual. Obviously the company wants to avoid paying out benefits to every individual. 

Individuals get a kidney transplant because they were diagnosed with Kidney Failure. This is automatically a higher risk individual.

Insurance companies will want to know why you received the transplant and what kind of kidney. Sounds odd doesn’t it! So the insurance company may want to know if you got your kidney from a live donor or a deceased donor. This would be a living donor vs a cadaver. Those who have received a transplant from a living donor are seen more favorably. 

The insurer will also want to check if your body has accepted the transplant or is rejecting it, as rejection will lead to further issues, treatment, and ultimately more costs. 

What Questions Will I Be Asked?

When you apply for insurance that is not Guaranteed Issue, you will be asked quite a few questions. After the insurance company finds out you got a Kidney Transplant, you may be asked even more questions. 

Take a look at this lst to get an idea of what you will be asked. 

  • What donor type?
  • When did you get your transplant?
  • Why did you get your transplant?
  • What was the diagnosed condition?
  • What was the reason your kidney was failing?
  • Do you have any other diagnosed conditions?
  • What medications do you take?
  • Do you have any other pre-existing conditions?
  • Are you currently employed?
  • What is your height?
  • What is your weight?
  • Have you smoked tobacco or nicotine in the last year?
  • Have you applied for or received disability in the past year?

Other things could be asked beyond this list. Be prepared with your medical documents, diagnosis, and other related information. 

How Much Will My Coverage Cost?

The rates you will receive depend on your condition and the plan you apply for.

Take a look at this chart to see what AIG charges for those who have had a kidney transplant. 

Age Average Standard 
25 $10.77
30 $10.82
35 $11.12
40 $12.82
45 $16.01
50 $22.99
55 $32.36
60 $51.82
65 $90.62
Age Average Substandard With A 25% Increase
25 $13.46
30 $13.52
35 $13.90
40 $16.02
45 $20.01
50 $28.73
55 $40.45
60 $64.77
65 $113.27


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