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remember, Term insurance equals terminating insurance

Burial insurance better make time for that

What do you mean you have no life insurance

Car insurance, Home insurance, Invasion insurance

You've had the same insurance coverages since I was on TV? Go call your agent.

What do you mean my parents don't have life insurance.

They laughed at my insurance memes, I laughed at their screams.

Sir I just want to talk to you about your insurance policy.

Oh, the car insurance quote I gave you was too high? So was your blood alcohol content last month.

And you get life insurance policy.... And you get life insurance policy....

Insurance Agent

I was that my life insurance policy would follow me if I leave my job... That's it. That's the last straw.

My job is to ask you about life insurance. Don't make it my job to tell your family you didn't have any.

You're going to get insurance from me and you're going to love it !

You can't afford life insurance for me, but you can afford insurance for your phone???

Gun control will lower crime rates. Just like Obomacare lowered health insurance premiums.

They were so drunk, they wanted to talk about life insurance.

Kenny should've had life insurance

You are not the beneficiary.

The ex still the beneficiary

you think life insurance is only for the end come closer, I'll tell you about living benefits

If men have to pay more for life insurance, a drink at a bar, apparel, and car insurance. I think they should be paid more than women.

Barley graduated high school, offered 50K job as insurance broker

Does Lighting MacQueen get life insurance or car insurance

Why you no get life insurance

Laughter is the best medicine, Insurance won't pay for it.

You got insurance for your cellphone, but no life insurance for your family

I was told there would be cheap insurance

Just waiting on my insurance claim to go through

Quickly starts a go fund me account for family member who died, but keeps putting off an appointment to get life insurance

Reading the fine print on dad's life insurance policy. YA know. Just in case.

Imagine the phone call to the insurance Co. " Hey, I ran into a toilet on the road"

Tell me again how much you love your kids but don't have a life insurance policy

If your excuse is that it will be difficult for you to pay your policy. Imagine what your family will need to do to pay the expenses of your funeral plus the house and all the others debt because you do not have a life insurance policy

Life insurance it's not for you, it's for her

I thought life insurance prevented you from dying

Life insurance you're doing it right

Did you just say "I want to sleep on it" Seriously this is life insurance I'm not selling you a mattress!

You better have life insurance before you say that about my mama!

This duck is so undercooked that it's still trying to sell me life insurance

Grandpa, why don't you have life insurance? So you can all be sad when I die.

Life Insurance. Because your family may rely on it someday.

Hello! Is it leads you're looking for ?

Buying life insurance is like fixing a leak in your roof.... The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets.

You got insurance for your car but don't have life insurance?

So, you can't afford afford life insurance every month but you can afford to spend $100 a week on lottery tickets

Life insurance you better make time for that

People are more concerned with paying their mortgage or rent than purchasing life insurance. But how would those bills get paid if you were no longer around

Yes, Suzie Mommy knows about Daddy's Severe peanut allergy and his life insurance, too

Gets life insurance becomes immortal

"GOFUNDME" is not life insurance

You don't need life insurance if you don't have a life

I waited to buy life insurance and now can't afford it!

Get life insurance while you're young. I don't need life insurance

What if I told you to get life insurance today

Certificate of Insurance, ain't nobody got time for that

After I overcome objections and close a tough customer

It should be called love insurance not life insurance

Life Insurance is like a parachute if you don't have it the first time you need it, there is no second time.

Life Insurance = peace of mind

I see you googled alcoholics anonymous aaaand... your life insurance premiums just doubled

My life insurance premiums are only how much?!

I thought they said Life Insurance premiums were too damn high

Starbucks charges $5 for a latte, and you fork it over every day. That also buys $1 million of life insurance, and you lose your mind

Still waiting for your quote

Good luck doesn't last forever but good insurance does

Insurance salesmen are like the Mafia, their sales pitch, "That's a nice family you've got there, it'd be a shame if anything were to happen to them"

I joined up for the benefits. Yeah, but they really cut back on our life insurance after the first death star exploded.

This is why people avoid life insurance agents!

When someone tells me that they have life insurance through their work, that's great if you plan on working there for the rest of your entire life

I hope you're glad you took out that life insurance because now it's mine

Insurance moves pretty fast if you don't have a great agent, you could miss out

Commercial Insurance Broker

This is what you get without life insurance

Say what!?! you walk around everyday without life insurance, NUH UH...Not today!

Wait... you bought me toys for Christmas but you won't purchase life insurance?

You got insurance on your cell phone but no life insurance for your family?

You got insurance for your cell phone but no life insurance for your family?

You mean... My term insurance will expire at 80?

No life insurance policy is the devil's life insurance policy

What you talkin' about you have no life insurance

Has a wife and son, is a teacher, 50 years old, has no insurance. Somehow people think he is a genius

When she over hears you say....... "We don't have life insurance"

So let me get this straight.. You have insurance on your cell phone but no life insurance for your family??

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