Grandchild Calling for Bail [Scam or Legit?]

If you are here to learn a little about reasons associated with spam calls to your grandparents for bail money or wondering how to stop them or make a report to remedy this situation and keep your grandparents safe to the best extent possible, then perfect! You have found the right article.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the facts that you need to know so that I can help you out and benefit the most.

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What Do The Bail Scams Mean

Why call the grandparents

Because a scam artist knows very well that most grandparents rarely say no to their grandchildren.

When a scammer has access to a consumer’s personal information, they use it or sell it to cyber thieves or criminals. A story is made to use in an impersonation on a phone call to the loving grandparents to create an urgent need to help their grandchildren in a fake financial crisis.

This puts the grandparents in a fearful need to act immediately. The caller “spoofs” the caller identification (ID), so the incoming call looks like it’s coming from a source that is trusted.

How Does It Work

The scammer calls or emails the unsuspecting grandparents an urgent request for things like bail money, hospital bills, lawyer’s fees, or other fake expenses. The scammer also adds phony details to build into a more realistic emergency. 

Many times they say there is a lawyer or police officer or doctor that will explain everything to the grandparents if you call them or hand the phone to another fake person to pose as the authority that ultimately convinces the grandparents to act immediately. 

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After the grandparents send the money, it’s too late, the scammers disappear, and the grandparents lose hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What Happens

The FBI claims this happens often, and even sometimes the caller with a phony attorney or authority states the need immediately before matters become worse, like a serious car accident or just arrested for drunk driving.  

This tactic presses the elderly to put cash into an envelope to be picked up at the grandparents’ home by a courier at a designated time which many times is a ride-share company that retrieves the cash.

Many instances that are similar have happened. The United States Postal Inspection Service has tried to share stories to raise public awareness of this type of crime.

Report To Authorities

Any suspicious call that tries to rush you into giving money, just hang up immediately or don’t recognize the caller ID, then let it go to voicemail.

Scammers will try to bully you into acting quickly by transferring money through a mobile app, wiring money or to purchase gift cards, or sending them money orders as soon as possible.

Any calls that pressure you, immediately hang up and report it to your local police.

Remember, you don’t have to worry about being rude or embarrassed because they only want your information for identity theft or immediate money.  

Steps To Take To Protect Your Grandparents

The Federal Communications Commission is trying to create more public awareness against these scammers and criminals. You can read guides concerning “spoofed caller ID” and illegal robocalls, showing resources and tips to block these calls.

The Better Business Bureau also is elevating public awareness that targets elderly Americans.

The AARP has an AARP’s Scam-Tracking Map that keeps you up to date concerning scams in your immediate area.

File A Complaint

Consumers can file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning unwanted calls and “spoofing”.

You Can also file with the Federal Trade Commission.

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Spam Calls

The most common spam calls in 2021 the scams have increased, and many are geared towards vehicle warranty promos, also travel and pandemic type programs, and other insurance offers.

If you accidentally answered a call that turns out to be a scam call, this means that your number gets registered as live. The scammer then places your number on a list of numbers to contact repeatedly, especially if you are an older person who is targeted more frequently with a goal to steal your personal information.

The projected amount of spam calls and texts for this year is 157 billion. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports from this year’s phone scam trends that all these are unwanted and will approximately cost American consumers around $716 million.

How To Stop And Block Calls On Your House Phone

Block a number on your House phone

You can enter a code on your keypad on your house phone

  1. Press the # key and enter all the 10-digit phone numbers you wish to add and then press the # key again to confirm.
  2. Then enter *67 and then the number you wish to block that is shown on your caller ID.

There is a list of these star codes available with instructions.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

How To Block Unwanted Calls according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Block a number on your Cell phone

There are call-blocking apps available to download on your cell phone that is like a filter that has reports and data from the Federal Trade Commission and more sources to determine if a call to your cell phone is a possible scam and stops the call for you before you can answer.

Go to an online app store for Apple or Android and read the expert reviews. Once you have downloaded an app, you can generally choose how to respond to these scam calls. For example, have them stop, ring silently, or go straight to your voicemail.

You can also block a list of numbers or send a prewritten text or make a report to the Federal Trade Commission at DoNotCall.gov, or if you did, unfortunately, lose money, then file online to the Federal Trade Commission at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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