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Final Expense Insurance And Sarcoidosis


final expense insurance sarcoidosis

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In This Article I’M Going To Discuss What Sarcoidosis Is & Your Ability To Qualify For Final Expense Insurance

What Is Sarcoidosis?

The Mayo Clinic defines sarcoidosis as the growth of small inflammatory cells in different parts of your body, most commonly in the lungs, eyes, skin, and lymph nodes. In half of all cases, sarcoidosis is a temporary condition that goes away with time. However, the other half of cases experiences chronic ailments which can cause organ damage.

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

What Are The Ailments Sarcoidosis Causes?

Sarcoidosis affects all sorts of body functions. However, what I most commonly run into with sarcoidosis are lung impairments, such as wheezing, a dry cough, and chest pain. Nevertheless, I have worked with sarcoidosis patients interested in final expense insurance that also experience cardiac and heart problems.

For example, sarcoidosis patients with cardiac and heart ailments can commonly suffer from irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias), rapid/fluttering heart beats (palpitations), swelling of excess fluid called edema.

A Breakdown Of Qualification Possibilities By Sarcoidosis And Ailments Caused By Sarcoidosis

Now that we’ve discussed what sarcoidosis is and what symptoms it causes, let’s break down how each ailment affects your ability to qualify for final expense insurance.

Mild Sarcoidosis In The Lungs

A mild sarcoidosis diagnosis may qualify with some burial insurance carriers as first-day full coverage.

Naturally, this qualification depends on your unique health situation, so it’s best to have a licensed life insurance agent like myself ask you a series of health questions to determine your ultimate insurability.

Severe Sarcoidosis In The Lungs

Sarcoidosis left untreated can cause permanent damage to the lungs.

In severe cases, patients will have difficulty breathing, or will experience shortness of breath.

And many times, those folks require supplemental oxygen to ensure they stay healthy.

If you require oxygen from an oxygen tank, most likely a no-questions asked life insurance policy is your only options for coverage. Normally, these plans require two years to pass before coverage is in full effect.

sarcoidosis burial insurance

Sarcoidosis can also affect your cardiac health.

Sarcoidosis and Irregular Heart Rhythms (arrhythmias)

If your sarcoidosis causes an irregular heart rhythm disorder or arrhythmia, this may affect your ability to qualify for first-day full life insurance coverage.

However, there are burial insurance carriers I work with that allow for first day full coverage, even with a diagnosis of irregular heart rhythms or arrhythmias.

As with all qualification requirements for life insurance, it comes down to your overall health and potential combinations for health issues to determine eligibility.

Sarcoidosis and Cardiac Edema

If Sarcoidosis results in cardiac edema, congestive heart failure, or cardiomyopathy, it is likely a two-year waiting period product is your only final expense insurance option.

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