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Physician’s Mutual Life Insurance Final Expense Insurance Review

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In Today’s Article We’re Going To Talk About A Company Known As Physician’s Mutual

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They’re a company that offers whole-life final expense coverage through the mail to seniors over 50. The purpose of today’s article is to describe to you in more detail how the company works. We’ll also discuss how to determine if it’s the best deal for you.

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

How Does Physicians Mutual Work?

How does final expense insurance work with Physician’s Mutual? Physician’s Mutual offers a graded final expense plan. This means that coverage


They are a good company, but they sell a bad burial insurance product.

does not fully begin from the first day. Now, they say your coverage does start from the first day, which is technically true; however, the whole amount doesn’t.

How does it work exactly?

Well, Physician’s Mutual only refunds the money you paid each month if you die within the first two years.

If you die for any reason within that two-year period of time, you don’t have full coverage. In fact, they’ll just send you your money back and that’s it. It may only amount to a few hundred dollars, which is not nearly enough to take care of burials.

What Should You Do?

What do you do? First of all, if you have a Physician’s Mutual plan, you need to be very, very concerned. The truth is that many people can qualify for a policy with a similar, if not better, price than Physician’s Mutual life insurance and receive full coverage from the first day.

Physician’s Mutual counts on approving people in good health and in bad health so that the good health counters out the people with bad health. Ultimately what happens is that even though there’s people that are unhealthy, they can still charge the low price because the good health people are going to keep it over the long haul.

The problem is we don’t know when our final day is going to be. We may die tomorrow; we may die in fifty years. But final expense coverage should give you the best value of coverage – not just the good price, not just even a brand name. It should be designed so that you are getting the best that you can for the best value you can get for your health.

You really need to talk to an independent agent or a broker that offers a variety of final expense policies with different companies.

In many circumstances, people can get superior coverage at a better price simply by working with a broker. You can contact me, and we can see if we can do something for you.


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