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Lincoln Heritage Burial Insurance Review

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In Today’s Article We’re Going To Talk About A Well-Known Company Called Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, Out Of Phoenix, Arizona

Specifically, we’re going to talk about their final expense product.

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Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topic:


Lincoln Heritage began back in the 50s in Phoenix, Arizona. They primarily specialize in final expense life insurance.

Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

This is the final expense plan for Lincoln Heritage that I absolutely refuse to sell to my clients!

They’re a national company, and they offer what’s called a Funeral Consumer Guardian Society program. The concept behind it is to negotiate among the funeral homes to give you the best deal.

There’s nothing wrong specifically with the company. They deliver a service, and they provide people with coverage.

Why I Don’t Sell Lincoln Heritage

There are two reasons I don’t offer Lincoln Heritage final expense insurance.

First, Lincoln Heritage has some of the highest prices in the industry. Many people I deal with are on a fixed income so money is tight. The goal is to make sure they buy a plan that gives them enough coverage to take care of their final expenses. Lincoln Heritage, many times in my experience, fails to do this.

When buying burial life insurance work with a certified broker

I’ve seen situations where customers have been able to get several thousand more in coverage for the same price or less. In most cases, Lincoln Heritage is not

Just because you're approved, it doesn't mean you're actually covered!

Just because you’re approved, it doesn’t mean you’re actually covered!

the best value for what you’re spending.

The second reason I don’t sell Lincoln Heritage is that it’s not comprehensive in its coverage. Lincoln Heritage won’t fully cover different health situations such as diabetes, heart problems, or cancer. In fact, they’ll make you wait several years before the coverage is fully in effect, which is a big problem for many people.

If you’re in good health, you’ll get full coverage from Lincoln Heritage. But if you’ve had health complications, it’s worth your time and investment to compare other plans and see if you can get more comprehensive coverage that will cover you from the first full day.

David Duford, owner of buy life insurance for burial with his son Goofball

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