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How To Get Life Insurance For Mountain Bikers [Rates Revealed]

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In This Article, I’m Going To Talk About The Factors That Impact On Your Eligibility For Life Insurance As A Mountain Biker

You are either a professional mountain biker or you do mountain biking as a hobby. You’re passionate about your hobby.

You’re wondering if your hobby for mountain biking is a potential for risk that would impact on your eligibility for life insurance. You may have been turned down or rated up because you do some kind of mountain biking. Either way, you definitely want to consider reading this article in full.

I’m going to recommend different options that you can take. We’ll talk about life insurance options available to those of you that do mountain biking. We’ll talk about factors that may give you better pricing for coverage, such as taking or not taking an exam.

Today’s Topic Overview:

Can you qualify for life insurance if you are a mountain biker?

The short answer is yes. In more detail, it depends on how your health factors make an impact.

Mountain biking, unlike motor cross and other high-risk type sports, doesn’t have that much of an impact on your eligibility for life insurance coverage. It’s considered a safe sport relative to other options.

Life insurance underwriters know that mountain bikers are generally healthier. Their height and weight ratios are better. Their the type of person that’s active. Somebody that can complete mountain biking on a consistent basis is somebody that an insurance company wants to insure.

Why? Most likely you’ll be around a long time considering the type of health that it takes to be a mountain biker.

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Stories from the field

During my time working as a life insurance broker I have come into contact with a number of clients who have made an impression on me. This is the story of one such client and a good example of what unfortunately can happen when working with a sub-par insurance company. 

Back in 2011 I was visiting clients on a hot Georgia day in June. I had received a request for more information from a gentleman in a little town called Wildwood and stopped by his home to talk with him.

He invited me into his home and proceeded to tell me a story about his father who had passed away a few years prior. His father, not wanting to burden his children with the cost of his final expenses, had decided to get life insurance. He sat his kids down and explained to them that he had taken out an insurance policy and they would not have to worry about paying for his funeral or burial.

His kids were releived that their father had had the foresight to get life insurance and were greatful that he had arranged for his final expenses to be taken care of so that they wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for his funeral and burial.

A short time later the father passed away and the kids, remembering what their father had told them, went to the funeral director and explained that their father had taken out a policy with Colonial Penn. 

The funeral home decline the policy as being insufficient in its ability to take care of funeral costs. Shocked, my client said he had asked why the policy wouldn’t work and the funeral director explained he had had plenty of experience with this particular type of product.

Sadly, though it was a legit life insurance policy, it was designed to not take affect until 2 years after the policy was taken out.

This meant they would not get a death claim payout, but rather would only be refunded the premiums paid in plus 7% interest at that time. As you can imagine this did not amount to much, which meant the kids had to come up with the funds on their own. For my client, that meant taking out a second mortgage on his house.

It was clear he felt anomosity about the whole ordeal, but he had very little choice in the matter given that his father’s funeral and burial had to be taken care of. He told me all of this to express his concern at getting first day coverage for himself so that he would not put his own family through the same terrible experience he’d had when his father died.

This experience reinforced in my mind the importance of working with a broker who has access to providers who include first day coverage as part of their policy. In my client’s fathers example, the only option he thought he had was the company that made everybody, no matter who applied, wait two full years for natural death coverage.

But the truth is he would have no doubt qualified for first day coverage had he worked with a broker like us. It was a hard lesson learned and my client was thankful that we were able to offer him the first day coverage he wished his father would have had.

What factors make an impact on your eligibility for life insurance?

There are going to be factors that you have to consider that may not relate to mountain biking. They relate to other factors that surround the application of any kind of life insurance. Let’s talk about those factors and how they may play a role in getting your life insurance.

Your Age

The earlier in your life that you take out a life insurance plan, the better it is for securing a better premium. As a mountain biker, your age will have a direct impact on your level of insurability.

Generally speaking, it’s fairly easy to qualify for life insurance as an adult between the ages of 18 to 85. If you are for some crazy reason doing mountain biking above 85 years old, I probably would be worried about your eligibility for insurance. However, there would be options available to you over 85 years old in some limited circumstances.

As you get older the likelihood of developing health problems increases. Life insurance companies won’t be as attuned to qualifying you for life insurance, even if you’re a healthy mountain biker. Get it whilst you’re young and lock in a better premium. Don’t wait anymore, because you will pay more than you’d like.

Your Health

Health matters. If you have health issues, they will have an impact on your insurability. However, health is less of an issue for mountain bikers.

Your sport requires great cardiovascular health and strength. You generally have a healthy lifestyle. You’re not involved in drugs and often you don’t drink heavily. You don’t overeat, avoiding the associated problems such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems.

Do You Smoke?

Smoking is a lower impact issue. Many people who mountain bike probably couldn’t do it smoking a pack a day. If you happen to smoke and mountain bike, understand that smoking does add an extra premium on top relative to those who don’t smoke.

Other Hobbies Aside From Mountain Biking

Other hobbies may have a risk factor in your eligibility for life insurance. Mountain biking isn’t that big of a deal. But say you’re one of those outdoor types of person that likes to do things such as kayaking, mountain climbing or base jumping.

I have discussed this type of higher risk sport in other articles. They may have a direct impact on your eligibility for life insurance. Make sure that you discuss your other hobbies. Be totally transparent when applying for life insurance as a mountain biker.

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Top 5 reasons why people buy life insurance from a broker

1.Want the best rates
Consumers who are on a fixed or limited budget appreciate the fact that working with a broker enables them to get the best rates.No one wants to pay more than they have to for life insurance. Working with a broker gives you the best chance of getting great rates because they have access to a number of providers and can shop to find the best value for your money.

2.Wants the most coverage
In conjunction with getting the best price, consumers also want the most coverage per dollar. After all, who doesn’t want their dollar to stretch further? Working with a broker allows you more underwriting accessibility. This in turn allows you to maximize your coverage per dollar spent.

3.Wants client-focused service
Brokers work with a wide variety of companies. This ultimately means we can take your personal circumstances and goals into consideration when looking for an appropriate policy.An agent, on the other hand, has access to only one product. This means there is no customization or options.

4.Bias reduction
While it’s not possible to eliminate bias entirely, bias is certainly reduced when working with a broker due to brokers having access to a number of life insurance options.

5.Appreciates options
Options are important to consumers. They make all the difference when it comes to meeting personal goals. That’s why we are firm believers in the advantage of working with someone who can give you options. Being able to custom tailor a program to fit your budget and goals is a much better way to go than being offered one singular choice that may not give you the best value for your money. 

Exam or non-exam?

There are many life insurance options available now that don’t require an exam. I will describe the difference between both and then give you my recommendation as to what you should do.

No-exam life insurance

These policies only require you to complete an application and submit it to the underwriter. They will request your medical records and determine your insurability. The benefit is that you don’t have to sit through an exam where they draw blood, have you pee in a cup and go through a physical.

The downside is that you may end up paying a lot more on your premium. In order for a life insurance company to offer a non-medical type of application process, they often have to charge you a higher price.

Why is this the case? They don’t have up to date health records on you. They’re relying on past history of your medical records. There could be a discrepancy. There could be issues that have manifested that aren’t accounted for in those records. In order to cover for this risk, they charge higher prices to those who don’t take exams.

Taking an exam

I generally recommend those who do mountain biking to take an exam. Most likely you’re active in the sport and you have good health. If you’re in bad shape, you probably couldn’t do mountain biking.

Taking an exam means going through a longer and more irritating process. But compare the prices to those of not doing it. You’ll find that you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your life insurance policy.

If you’re not decided either way, we at can help you make that decision. We’ll compare prices for you. Ultimately you are the one to decide which one of these options is best suited for your individual goals.

Types of life insurance available to mountain bikers

There are primarily two different types of life insurance options available for you as a mountain biker.

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is temporary insurance. It provides life insurance over a period of time before it cancels. This type of plan is best used for temporary obligations. For things such as mortgages, business loans, and income replacement for younger people.

It is the cheapest form of life insurance coverage. The biggest downside is that you could outlive it when you still need it. The vast majority of people we deal with at buy term insurance.

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 Year Term – $100,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $250,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $500,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $1,000,000 in Coverage

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance continues to be in effect until the day you die in most circumstances, as long you pay the premiums. It’s definitely more attractive to know that your life insurance will be there when you need it for your loved ones.

However, the biggest downside of these plans is that you have to pay a lot more compared to term life insurance. It’s often 3 to 5x more expensive for the same amount of coverage. Most people buy permanent insurance to pay for final expenses, estate tax issues, or to replace income for older individuals that may lose their pension plans upon passing away.

Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance


$150,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

$250,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

Case study examples

Promotion and History of Depression

A gentleman recently got in touch with Buy Life Insurance for Burial after getting a promotion at work. He recognized the need to cover his growing financial obligations and ensure his family would be taken care of should he pass away sooner than expected.

While we were going over the application process this man expressed concern over the cost of life insurance, as he suffered from depression and was taking medication.

He’d heard of people experiencing high rates due to the same health issue and worried he would have to pay an arm and a leg to get coverage.

I’m happy to report we were able to look at a number of options for this client and get affordable coverage in place that he was very pleased with. Though we can’t guarantee the same outcome with every client, we do offer individuals the best chance at getting quality, affordable coverage in place thanks to our ability to shop among a number of providers.

Final Expense Coverage Rates Going Up

A 34 year old woman named Ms. Jones came to us after recently experiencing an increase in her insurance rates. She was concerned that the premium would eventually become unaffordable and wanted to speak with us about other options for final expense coverage.

The only problem she foresaw was that she had been a smoker for most of her life. She realized this could impact her coverage rates and was concerned she would be stuck with an expensive coverage plan she wouldn’t be able to continue to make payments on.

The good news is we were able to look at a number of options to get this client quality final expense coverage. She was very happy with the end result and was able to switch over to a more affordable policy that met her goals and budget. Though we can’t guarantee coverage for every applicant, we do our best to provide the best value for money coverage to meet your personal goals and budget.

My goofball son and I thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Next steps

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I hope this article has proven useful in your search for life insurance as a mountain biker. If you would like to get a free, no obligation quote it’s easy.

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