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How To Qualify For Life Insurance With Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

How To Qualify For Life Insurance With Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

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Today’s Topic, Is How To Qualify For Life Insurance With Hypertension And High Blood Pressure

Most probably you are here because you have high blood pressure problems or hypertension. Perhaps someone you love and you are looking for life insurance for he has hypertension or high blood pressure.

If that’s the case, this article will do a great job in demonstrating the basics of what you may qualify for regarding life insurance in addition to giving you more information on what types of life insurance there are.

On today’s agenda, I’m going to discuss and answer all the questions on how you can qualify for life insurance with hypertension high blood pressure.

NOTE: Would you prefer me to present this information to you in video format? Watch the video below for the complete presentation on how to qualify for life insurance with hypertension and high blood pressure. Enjoy!

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topic:

The big question is, can you qualify for life insurance if you have hypertension or high blood pressure? The short answer is most likely “yes”. But sometimes not everything is simple when it comes to life insurance.

Can I get life insurance with high blood pressure

I and it will always is going to depend on factors such as your age and when we look at age, we’re looking at primarily between 25 to 85 years old. But look, it’s also depend on your other health issues too. I can’t stress this enough because most people just don’t have hypertension alone.

They may have cholesterol and they have diabetes. They may have some other health issue. Usually people have a combination of health issues, so those other factors will bear some sort of outcome and steered the direction in a different way either.

Now let’s take a look at what you may qualify for if you have hypertension or high blood pressure. And when we’re looking for life insurance, the main thing that we to make sure we understand and cover everything.

It’s not enough just to pick up the first brochure or buy from the first agent that you talk to when it comes to life insurance.

You see, the thing with life insurance is that not all life insurance options are the same and the equivalent in quality, and they’re not all have same results that you need. The best thing to do before you decide on what kind of life insurance and how much coverage to get.

You need to know what your goals are in accomplishing when buying life insurance. In fact, the first question I always ask is what do you want your life insurance plan to do for you?

This takes some time to really think through why do you want to own life insurance? You need to have a strong reason why you would pay money every month or every year and continually own life insurance.

Life insurance is an interesting product, right? You spend money on it and you never actually see the benefit of it until you die, and so therefore you’ll never see the benefit of it, only from people you leave behind.

There must be trust in this process and really have a strong connection and purpose for having it.

The top 5 reasons to purchase a life insurance policy

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3 Primary reasons or goals why someone would buy a life insurance policy

1st is final expenses

A lot of people buy life insurance plan because they want their burial expenses covered. They want their cremation expenses covered. Maybe there’s some final debts or final expenses that upon their death, they need to have coverage in place for no matter when they pass away. That’s a real good reason to buy a life insurance plan. Maybe there’s not enough savings or just a feeling that they don’t want that savings locked up.

2nd is income replacement

Another good reason why people buy life insurance and that’s for income replacement. Income replacement is a term that one can use, whether they’re a young or old. And what I mean by that is if you can picture yourself dying and leaving your surviving family members behind, how would they get along financially?

How would they get along economically? Would your death changed things dramatically for your surviving spouse and family? Just imagine if you had a large amount of insurance walk in upon your passing, how would that make their lives that much easier?

Would it be a blessing if you believe this and you also believe that there is a lot of fear in your death and not just losing you, but also in losing your income than a life insurance plan to cover for income replacement as an excellent idea. Again, you can buy these at all ages. It makes sense if you have someone who depends on your income.

3rd is mortgage repayment/business debt

If you have a large mortgage and you’re afraid if you die, you don’t want that mortgage to concurrent or be pressed upon your family to pay. And then be having to be put out of their house because they cannot afford it.

Then getting a life insurance plan is the best and great way to cover that. Also, business debts, perhaps you have a loan out against your business and you need to collateralize the loan. If it’s to protect the bank, if you died so they know they get their money back.

The thing you’ve got to keep in mind also is, what is your budget? This is important for me, probably more so than most agents because my primary objective in this business have been with people on a fixed income.

I’m very sensitive in selling a plan to somebody that will actually keep it until the time does come that they pass away. For me the main thing is let’s get you a plan and it’s easily and affordable that won’t break the bank and we’ll do the job hopefully many years to come.

Here are the three types of plans really when it comes down to it that people with high blood pressure usually qualify for. And so let me describe them, how they work.

Term Insurance

if you’ve probably heard of term insurance, maybe you don’t know exactly how it works, I’ll explain it real quick. Term Insurance simply is temporary coverage. The term insurance offers coverage for a temporary period of time. What this means essentially is that term insurance will only last for so many years before going away or being priced so high that it’s just on sensible to keep.

For example, most term insurance lasts for 10 years, 20 years or 30 years. Usually, depending on the age, have the ability to pick the length of time that best suits you, what your goals are. When we talk about the benefits of term insurance, that includes level premiums.

For whatever length of time you choose for the term insurance, those premiums remain level. If it’s 10 years, the premiums stay the same for those 10 years and 20 and 30 and so on. Now, the great thing about term insurance is it’s what I would call pure insurance.

When I say pure insurance, there’s no underlying account. There’s no cash value with term insurance. There was no additional benefits beyond the fact that when you die within that period of time, the amount of coverage will pay out. And because it is pure insurance, there is no other factors involved with this insurance plan.

It will pay usually the most coverage per dollar of premium. Now, what’s great about this is that this type of plan is perfect for large debts that need to be covered and large income replacement plans, especially if you’re younger. Because income replacements is not just about covering for one year’s worth of income and some about covering for many, many years.

And many times people need hundreds of thousands of dollars to come from your income as well as a mortgage. A term insurance plan is great. Plus they’re the solution for temporary problems. I’m a big believer that term insurance matches best with a temporary problem that you have. And they may be asking, well, income replacements is not a temporary problem, but a mortgage protection is. I’ll start with mortgage for the mortgage and then I’ll start with, I’ll end with the income.

4 Types Of Debt That Life Insurance Can Pay Off

If you are someone who owns a mortgage, the idea behind it is to pay it off, maybe in 20 to 30 years in time. You only need a term insurance plan for that length of time to cover that balance. You don’t necessarily need term insurance or permanent insurance for a temporary problem. You get to the end of your mortgage, it’s paid off, but it’s great to have the extra life insurance coverage. It’s not necessarily needed same thing with income protection.

If you’re a younger person, and you’re in your thirties or forties and you’re trying to accumulate enough savings to retire at 65. Then you just need this for a period of time up to 65 or whenever your goal retirement ages to cover and replace your savings and income and everything else. Your money would’ve been used for, to take care of your family if you died earlier than expected.

The goal of course is by age of 65, you would have been adequately saved because you have a retirement plan in place. And so that extra life insurance isn’t necessarily need. There’s the drawback of term life insurance. Just like any product out there, the biggest is you could outlive it.

We certainly set goals and, we set deadlines to those goals and if we don’t accomplish those goals or we just set a new goal but what happens sometimes you may not hit the goal you think you should have. Certain life has a way of changing things and you could outlive the coverage, wouldn’t still needed that. There’s a real risk of term life insurance. You have to think very carefully about how much term insurance you want and what length of time to last.

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Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 Year Term –

$100,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $250,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $500,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $1,000,000 in Coverage


Term insurance generally has tougher underwriting than other types of products in most complaint or most to what I call simplified issue whole life. Which is more commonly used for older people with basic final expense need. And when we look at blood pressure alone, usually if it’s under control, you’re going to get ratings that are standard in price.

Which means they’re not going to be a tremendously higher. As long as your blood pressure is controlled and usually over a longer period of time. Underwriters are usually flexible with blood pressure.

Now if it’s inadequately controlled or uncontrolled or again the biggest thing with blood pressure as combination issues, diabetes, heart attack, history, smoking. This is maybe going to be able to cost price ups a high blood pressure as a precursor to all sorts of other diseases. And if they look at you and decide that based on your history, you’re not controlling.

There’s evidence in the past where it’s been out of control, they’re probably going to cost charge ups or higher price premiums for coverage for you with a potential being declined. Again, it’s such a wide scope of different offerings depending upon the health issues. I can’t say for sure exactly what to expect except that when you got a situation like this, if you have high blood pressure, it’s best to have someone actually just take a look at it and submit an application, see what a company to do like myself.

Case Study Examples

30 Year Term Insurance with High Blood Pressure

A gentleman recently got in touch with us looking to get a 30 year term life insurance plan to cover his mortgage. He and his wife had recently purchased a second home and he wanted to make sure if anything happened to him that his wife would be able to continue to make payments on the house.

The only foreseeable issue was that this man had high blood pressure. He took medication for his hypertension problem and worried this could cause him to receive a high rate.

I’m happy to report we were able to offer this client first day full coverage at an affordable price. While we can’t guarantee the same outcome for every applicant, we do strive to get quality coverage in place for every client that gets in touch with us.

Hypertension and Rate Increase Issue

An older woman contacted us after experiencing a rate increase on her current life insurance plan. She could no longer afford the plan and was hoping we could help her out with something more affordable.

This client had struggled most of her life with high blood pressure and was taking medication to ensure she didn’t have any major health issues. She had heard from friends that this could cause an application to be rated up or even declined.

We looked at a number of options for this client and in the end we were able to offer an affordably priced plan she was very pleased with. Though we can’t promise the same outcome for every client, we strive to provide affordable coverage for all of our clients.

Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life/Universal Life)

Now let’s discuss whole life insurance for people with hypertension. Whole life insurance, a bit different from term insurance. Whole life insurance offers permanent protection. All that means is simply cannot cancel because of age, your health. And also another benefit is that rates never increase.

This is the only exception to permanent insurance the rates never increase. But Universal life plan and basically our permanent protection, but with the ability for pricing to increase if the pricing requirements or premium requirements aren’t satisfied. All that really means is that if you buy a universal life plan and it’s not designed appropriately, you may experience price increases earlier than expected.

There is a simple solution to that. That’s what’s called guaranteed universal life. A great insurance plan does permanent protection with a lock on in premium. As long as you pay that premium and it doesn’t matter how long you live, as long as the length of time that the plan is in existence, it will cover you without a price increase. There’s also the benefit of first day full coverage potential, assuming you don’t have severe health issues.

If you think about this plan as being a guaranteed plan in that sense, this is how it works. You know you’re not going to lose your coverage as long as you satisfy the payment requirements so you cannot outlive it.

A perfect example, most commonly used is for final expenses. You want a burial insurance plan this is a great idea. The biggest drawbacks to whole life insurance or permanent protection include a higher premium per dollar of coverage and term, and this is true across the board.

If you’re young or old, you’re willing to pay a lot more for the guarantee that a death benefit through life insurance plan will be paid out and think about it with term insurance. There’s a high odds chance they’re going to outlive it and because the way these underwriters work at these term insurance plans is they designed the plans and price them accordingly and offer them the people who they think they’re going to live long enough to outlive and not ever have to pay death benefit.

But with whole life insurance now they have to pay it and it can be early on in life. It could be long time from now so they have to price it higher knowing that a death benefit will be paid. Many times the premiums are 5 to 10 times as higher. You’ll be prepared if you’re looking at whole life insurance to pay more than what you would expect, but that’s just the cost of getting a guarantee.

Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance


$150,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

$250,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay


Now, underwriting standards exactly the same for Non Med are falling under written whole life and guaranteed universal life. As we showed on the last plan with term insurance, it comes down to combination issues, whether or not this controlled. Now, if there were some circumstance where you couldn’t qualify for traditional long term or permanent insurance, we do have what’s called simplified as you whole life plans.

They offer a lot more flexibility and underwriting if you end up getting declined or a significant rate increase with the other offers. I do mention this as a plan B, but it’s something that probably won’t happen. I very rarely see some hypertension issues so bad that they’ve get declined. That can happen though, but I want you to understand there are two different options. A plan b would be simplified issue whole life.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Plan C, guaranteed acceptance, I prepare it with the fact that this is only used in rare circumstances. The last choice here is what they called guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance way. It works very simple premium’s never go up to coverage, ever cancelled due to age or health, but the biggest downside is that there is no natural death coverage for the first two years in the policy.

If you die before the years due to natural cause, they will just refund your premium usually with an additional 10 percent pay out to your beneficiary. You are just covered for accidental death in the first day full coverage is limited to a maximum of 25,000 with most plans. You can stack those different life insurance plans if you need more coverage, but the bottom line here is that these plans are a last ditch effort.

$50 a Month – Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

$100 a Month – Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

$150 a Month – Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance


I don’t not really going to explain a lot of this because it just very rarely is going to be an option because there’s no health questions asked with this, but hypertension alone usually doesn’t require a guaranteed issue type of product.

Stories from the Field

I often share past experiences in the life insurance with clients to show them the value of having high quality coverage in place. This particular story demonstrates the importance of securing the right kind of product to ensure it works the way you need it to.

I was making house calls in a small town called Wildwood, Georgia. It was summer time and pretty hot out as summers usually get in the south. I showed up at my next stop and was invited in.

I remember sitting down in the living room and noticing all of the wasps flying around. You see there was no air conditioning, so all of the windows and doors were left wide open.

As I began to discuss life insurance with my client he shared with me the sad state of his late father’s affairs. He said his father had the foresite to get life insurance because he didn’t want his kids to be burdened with any final expenses.

He’d sat his children down one day, my client included, and explained that he had gotten life insurance so they wouldn’t have to pay for his funeral out of pocket. The life insurance policy was through Colonial Penn. From his understanding, the plan would cover for natural and accidental death.

This put his children at eases a year later when their father passed away unexpectedly from a severe stroke. When the children had gathered together to work out their father’s arrangements they remembered what he had said about his life insurance policy.

They spoke to the funeral home and explained that their father had a policy through Colonial Penn, to which they were told the policy was no good. When they asked why, the funeral home director explained that their father’s policy was what was known as a guaranteed acceptance plan.

These types of plans require a 2 year waiting period for the coverage to take affect. Since their father had passed away before the wait period was up, his policy would not pay out.

To make matters worse, because my client was steadfast in his desire to have a proper funeral and burial for his father, so he went into debt to do so by taking out a second mortgage on his home.

In addition, his brother borrowed money too, which he was still paying off at the time of our meeting.

This experience reinforced in my mind why it is so important to not work with a singular company that only offers one product. When you work with a broker you have access to many more options and the best possible coverage.  

While my client didn’t admit it, I’m sure he felt resentment in having to go into debt to pay for his father’s funeral. No one wants to burden their family with such an expense, but unfortunately that is what happened.

This is a reminder to always make sure that you understand how your insurance policy works and do your best to get first day coverage whenever possible.

Top 5 reasons why people buy life insurance from a broker

  1. Want the best rates – For those who don’t want to pay more than they have to for life insurance coverage, working with a broker is a must. Brokers have access to a number of options, which means they can shop for the best value coverage rather than being locked into one price.
  2. Want the most coverage – In addition to sourcing the best price, brokers are also able to find the overall best value coverage, which results in more coverage per dollar to maximize your policy.
  3. Want a client-focused service – What’s unique about insurance brokers like Buy Life Insurance for Burial is that we are truly interested in what the client’s goals are as well as their budget. Because we have access to a number of providers, it’s important to us to be able to find what our clients are looking for.Without this focus, a life insurance policy may not operate the way you need it to, which can result in disastrous consequences.
  4. Bias reduction – While eliminating bias is not completely possible, bias is certainly reduced when you work with a broker because we have access to a number of providers, some of which are known for offering coverage regardless of specific health concerns.
  5. Appreciates options – We’ve talked a lot about options in this list, but options are really what set brokers apart from agents. Agents only have access to one product, so no matter what your personal situation might be, they will not be able to offer you anything other than that one option.Brokers, on the other hand, have access to many options, which means we can provide you with the power of choice.

How to qualify

Let’s talk about how qualify for life insurance plan with hypertension or high blood pressure. The application process these days are very simple. You need to pick an agent first that hopefully represents multiple companies that can shop for the best premium. I strongly nominate myself to be your agent. This is what I do for living.

I help people like you and hopefully you can see I do have a good knowledge and I’m willing to help you out if you need help. If choose me as your agent I will listens to your goals and what your needs are. I would drop a quote for you and you can check it out.

And if you liked that quote and you are happy with it, the next process is to apply it to different companies I’m affiliated with and see if they’ll accept you. You either do it over the phone or via via the Internet, usually takes a no visit to do this. That process is going to take several days or weeks, assuming you’re accepted, you’ll be notified that you’re approved and then you’ll get your policy in the mail a couple of weeks later. And that’s really a very simple process

Owner of David Duford with his son

My goofball son and I thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Next steps

If you like the idea of applying for some kind of life insurance with history of hypertension or high blood pressure. Here’s how to reach me. You can go to my website at and you can request a free quote by clicking the contact box at the top of the message box below at the bottom of the page.

Feel call me direct to 888- 636-0439. Leave a voicemail if you don’t speak with me. I’m very busy working with people throughout the day, but I’ll be able to get back to you. Give you a quote within 5 to 10 minutes and then you’ll be able to determine, do I like it or not.

If you liked this article, make sure you subscribe and leave a comment below, if I can answer any questions you may have. My Name is David Duford, where I help people like you get quality life insurance. Thank you so much and see you next time. Take care.

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