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How to Qualify for Life Insurance with Fibromyalgia


How to Qualify for Life Insurance with Fibromyalgia

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In This Article I’m Going To Offer A Detailed Analysis Of The Likelihood Of Qualifying For Life Insurance With A History Of Fibromyalgia

Most likely you’re reading this article because either yourself or someone you love has dealt with fibromyalgia and you wonder if fibromyalgia may make it difficult to qualify for life insurance.

Additionally, you may be here because you’ve had issues getting life insurance coverage in place because of a history of fibromyalgia and you’re wondering if there may be alternative sources for life insurance coverage that provide something better than what you were offered prior.

It’s good that you’re here because my purpose in creating this article is to give you a tremendous amount of information regarding qualifying for life insurance with a history of fibromyalgia.

Buy Life Insurance for Burial is dedicated to helping clients find quality coverage at an affordable price, whether you are looking to get burial insurance, replace an income, or cover financial obligations so that your loved ones are taken care of.

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NOTE: Would you prefer me to present this information to you in video format? Watch the video below for the complete presentation. Enjoy!

In This Article We’ll Cover A Number Of Topics Including:

Factors that affect insurability when you suffer from fibromyalgia

First off it’s important for you to know that it’s not impossible to qualify for an insurance product if you or a loved one suffers from fibromyalgia.

As with all life insurance applications, it comes down to a litany of different health and lifestyle related questions that will reveal the likelihood of qualifying for a life insurance product. If you have a history of fibromyalgia, we’re going to discuss all of the factors that may affect your insurance application success, as well as share how each factor will affect your level of insurability.

Diagnosis date

The date in which you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia will have an affect on your level of opportunity to get life insurance coverage.

Generally speaking, the longer period of time that has passed since the fibromyalgia diagnosis, the more likely a life insurance company will be willing to offer you coverage.

Note, there are life insurance companies that don’t ask about fibromyalgia, so even if you’ve had a recently diagnosed, you may find life insurance companies that will be willing to look past your fibromyalgia and offer preferred rates.

Extent and severity

Fibromyalgia is a strange disease. Indeed, a lot of people think that it doesn’t really exist and it’s not a real thing. However, if you have fibromyalgia, you know that’s not the case, and you understand that the severity of fibromyalgia can vary. Sometimes it comes in spurts, sometimes it’s manageable, sometimes it’s completely debilitating.

A life insurance company is going to want to know the extent and severity of the fibromyalgia.

Is it mild? Is it severe? Is it somewhere in between? Make sure to indicate on your life insurance application the level of severity.

Medication usage

Some people take different types of medications, whether they’re over the counter or prescribed medication to help manage fibromyalgia. Some people take aspirin when necessary. Others take stronger pain killers.

If you or a love done takes specific fibromyalgia medications to manage the disease, make sure to list all the different aspects of why you take medication so that the underwriters can better understand the extent of your condition.

Related health issues

Fibromyalgia can produce a host of potential side effects that you may experience such as headaches, numbness, fatigue, and so on. The more severe your fibromyalgia related issue, the more likely you may experience issues with qualifying for life insurance coverage.

For example, in most severe cases, you may be so debilitated that you cannot take care of yourself or you must have additional help for basic day to day activities. You may find that traditional sources of life insurance options are minimal under these circumstances. However, if you don’t experience chronic issues after a bout of fibromyalgia, you may find that there’s more likelihood of getting life insurance coverage in place.

Overall health

In addition to asking about fibromyalgia on life insurance applications, life insurance companies will also ask you about your overall health.

Remember, whenever you are applying for life insurance, you have to complete an entire health analysis to determine your level of insurability.

Common questions asked on life insurance applications include, but aren’t limited to:

Do you have a history of…

  • Mental health disorders
  • Prescription use
  • Recent surgeries
  • Recent hospitalizations
  • Neurological disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Circulatory disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Lung disease
  • Diabetes

These are the typical questions asked on pretty much every single life insurance application. It’s important in the process of an application that you disclose every aspect of your health so that your life insurance company fully understands your health background.


Your age will impact your level of insurability. Generally the older you are, the more you will pay for life insurance coverage.


Do you smoke cigarettes? What about cigars or cigarillos? Do you chew tobacco or use an e-cigarette? All of these may have an impact on your coverage price. However, there are some circumstances where you may be eligible for a non nicotine rate, even if you smoke. Let Buy Life Insurance for Burial know about your smoking habit and we’ll let you know what your options are.


Your weight has an impact on the type and price of coverage you can qualify for.

The heavier you are, the more you may pay, but understand again that this is ultimately a case by case scenario depending on which life insurance company you ultimately go with.


In addition to your health, your lifestyle also has an impact on whether or not you may qualify for life insurance. For example, if you work a high risk job, participate in high risk hobbies, or have multiple driving accidents or DUIs on your record it may have direct implications on your ability to get life insurance at a decent rate.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far and are interested in getting a free quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at 888 626-0439. You will speak to an experienced broker who can answer any questions you might have.

You can also reach us by sending a message via our message board found on this page. We will respond within 24 business hours with more information at no obligation. 

Story from the field

In today’s story I want to convey the importance of getting the best deal on quality burial insurance and why working with a broker at Buy Life Insurance for Burial can make all the difference. 

I got a referral from my father, who had a short stint selling insurance himself, from a gentleman down in Albany, Georgia. We will call him Mr. Smith. He ws 85-years-old and recently remarried.

His reason for wanting insurance was that he wanted to be sure his spouse was taken care of when he passed away. The only issue was that Mr. Smith had experienced a number of strokes and was taking blood thinners, which he was worried would make it difficult for him to qualify for insurance. 

After doing a health analysis I determined that Buy Life Insurance for Burial was able to qualify him for several different life insurance plans at preferred rates and we were able to provide first day full coverage for natural and accidental causes.

Mr. Smith was aware there were some companies out there that could qualify him like we did, but he also knew their policies would not give him first day full coverage. It was important to him to get the best coverage plan possible and so he was thankful that we could offer first day coverage.

This story sticks out in my mind because six months later I got the news that Mr. Smith had passed away. We were able to pay his widow the funds she needed to not only take care of burial expenses but also take care of other financial concerns she was left with. 

Had Mr. Smith purchased life insurance from a different company, there’s a good chance his widow would not have been given a full pay out.  The moral of the story is it’s important to find quality, first day full coverage from a broker like us.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the plan you put in place covers your loved ones the way you intend it to.  At Buy Life Insurance for Burial we shop around a number of providers to find the best possible plan for your situation. 

Case Study Examples

Older Individual with  Fibromyalgia

A 60 year old client Mrs. Kile called us to say  all she wanted to get life insurance to take care of her burial. Based on what the averages were for the surrounding cemeteries and funeral homes, she knew she needed between $7,000 to $12,000.

Mrs. Kile was worried that she was too old to qualify for insurance, especially since she suffered from fibromyalgia.

Thankfully she contacted us at Buy Life Insurance for Burial and we were able to shop around a number of providers to find an burial insurance plan that met Mrs. Kile’s concerns.

While I can’t promise the same outcome for everyone who is 60 or older with fibromyalgia, I can promise that we do our best to find affordable, quality coverage for all of of our clients. 

Gentleman on Blood Thinners

A 55 year old gentleman named Mr. Franks got in touch because he was worried about the increasing cost of final expenses such as burial and funeral director costs. 

In addition to having fibromyalgia, Mr. Franks also had a history of heart problems. He’d had stints put in 3 years ago and had to regularly take a blood thinner. He was worried that because he had to take this medication and had previously had heart surgery that he wouldn’t qualify for affordable burial insurance.

Despite his concerns, Buy Life Insurance for Burial was able to get Mr. Franks first day full coverage at a price that fit his budget. Though we can’t promise the same outcome for every applicant, we do our best to provide coverage to meet the needs of every client that contacts us.

Top 5 reasons why people buy life insurance from a broker

Want best rates – The biggest driver to consumers wanting to purchase life insurance from a broker is that they ultimately don’t want to pay more than they have to.

Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Broker

Brokers represent not just one company but a variety of companies, which gives you the buyer more options for quality life insurance.  Here are just some of the advantages people look for when working with a broker:

1.More coverage
You not only benefit from great prices when you work with a broker, you also get more for your money. That means when you work with a broker that you get more coverage per dollar. 

2.Client focused service
Working with means you get the individualized attention you need when buying quality life insurance. Because we are brokers, we are able to shop a variety of options to find coverage that meets your individual needs. 

Other life insurance agents often offer poor customer focused coverage and are limited to only one option when it comes to coverage and price. 

3.Less bias
No matter what may hold you back from the application process, because we are able to shop a number of competitors we are often able to find coverage for clients regardless of their health, age, or circumstance. That means you are more likely to qualify if you work with a broker.

4.Appreciates options
Options and choice is important. In fact, it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to life insurance. And working with a broker provides you with options that an agent simply can’t provide. 

We here at Buy Life Insurance for Burial are able to shop around to find the best price and coverage to meet your specific needs and budget. That means you get more options and ultimately a better deal. 

Reasons to own life insurance

Securing the future of your children is one reason to buy life insurance

Whenever people read articles like this one about fibromyalgia and qualifying for life insurance, I think it’s important to restate why you should own life insurance in the first place.

A lot of people here today are reading this because they know life insurance is important. They may have struggled in the past to try to qualify for life insurance because sometimes certain companies look at fibromyalgia in a negative light.

With that said, I want to detail the three most common reasons why people own life insurance to help you gain confidence in your conviction that life insurance is important, especially if you have particular financial goals or concerns in mind.

Top 5 reasons why buy life insurance if you have history of fibromyalgia

1. Replace your income

The biggest reason why people purchase life insurance, regardless of their health background, is because they don’t want to burden the people they love, such as their kids and spouse, with financial concerns.

If you pass away many years before typical retirement age, you’re leaving your family in a position that will dramatically change their financial situation, especially if you don’t have a lot of savings tucked away.

Life insurance can offer a solution if you die early. It provides a lump some death benefit to the people you love to sustain their lifestyle. This enables them to continue on with a level of comfort in knowing  the loss of living without your income will be taken care of.

2. Mortgage and debt protection

Life insurance is a great vehicle to pay off debts upon your passing, whether it’s a business loan, credit card loans, or a mortgage. Life insurance is paid in a lump sum to your family members. In turn they can use that money to make large payments on various types of debt, either paying a large portion or taking care of the total debt all together.

Most commonly people purchased life insurance for debt coverage, especially for a mortgage. A mortgage is usually the largest debt a family has. And nothing’s worse than surviving family members not being able to make payments and potentially losing the home due to foreclosure.

3. Final expenses

A lot of people purchase life insurance simply to cover burial related costs. Whether you’re cremated or buried, final expenses can put a burden on loved ones if they have to pay out of pocket. Life insurance pays a lump sum to cover burial or cremation expenses so that no one has to worry about the expense involved.

My hope is that you have found this article informative and are ready to take the next step toward getting life insurance coverage in place no matter what your insurance needs might be. 

For a free, no obligation quote, get started today by calling 888 626-0439 to speak to a professional life insurance expert who can provide you with all the information you need to get started. 

Alternatively you can send us a message on the left or bottom portion of the screen. Let us know what you are looking for as well as the best way to contact you and we will be in touch in 24 hours. 

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!    

Burial Insurance Rates, Age 40 to 90*


Rates For $5,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance


Rates For $15,000 In Burial Insurance


Rates For $20,000 In Burial Insurance


Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance

*Burial insurance premiums are subject to underwriting, based on rates as of 8/20/2018, from state-regulated life insurance companies offering final expense burial whole life insurance protection. Understand that in order to potentially qualify, you must submit an application to see if you’re eligible. Rates are subject to change. Give Buy Life Insurance For Burial a call at 888-626-0439 now to see what program you may qualify for.

How much life insurance do you need?

In my practice, working with clients through all walks of life, I try to simplify the ownership of life insurance so that it’s easy to understand and easy to take action on. When it comes to the question of how much life insurance coverage an individual should get, the answer is two fold.

  1. The amount that you should own depends on what you can easily afford. Whatever you can easily afford, whether that’s $25 a month or $250 a month, is the amount you should stick to in order to keep the coverage, because coverage isn’t worth having if it is something you can’t make payments on and keep. Coverage that you have to drop after 12 months is a waste of time and money.
  2. In order to figure out how much coverage you need, use the 10 times rule. This will only apply to those who are still working. Essentially you take your annual income and multiply it by ten. So if you make $100,000 a year, you need a million dollars of life insurance coverage to adequately cover expenses, take care of final arrangements, and leave enough money behind to your family so that they will be adequately taken care of.

Strategies to get the best price for life insurance with a fibromyalgia diagnosis

When it comes to fibromyalgia, the ultimate outcome of underwriting totally depends on which company you go with, as well as the severity of your fibromyalgia.

My experience has been that if you are older and looking for a final expense life insurance plan, fibromyalgia rarely plays any role in insurability. Meaning, even if you have a severe case of fibromyalgia, you may qualify for first day full coverage at preferred rates.

However, if you are trying to go with a more traditional insurance like term insurance to protect your mortgage, you’re going to find it a bit more difficult to qualify for life insurance. During the application process the underwriters are going to want to know every detail mentioned earlier to determine what level of coverage you may qualify for.

The solution to getting the best price is simply to match up what your goals are. If your goal is to replace income, I would suggest trying to go with a traditional life insurance application and see what the options for coverage may be. If your goal is just to take care of final expenses, a simple burial insurance final expense plan should do the job without much fuss.

David Duford, owner of buy life insurance for burial with the twin daughters

My twin girls Emily and Eva thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Lastly, the one thing I strongly advise is to always work with a broker. A broker will ultimately give you the best options for insurance because they represent a variety of different companies.

There are many agents out there who only represent one company, and even with conditions like fibromyalgia, usually these companies are very conservative in their underwriting and may end up turning you down or offering overpriced coverage.

Give yourself and your family the best opportunity by working with a broker. They have access to the best companies and may be able to get you the best combination of price and coverage for your life insurance.

Have questions? Buy Life Insurance for Burial can help. Give us a ring or submit a request for a quote today.


We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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