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Life Insurance For Endurance Athletes: Learn The Facts [Rates Revealed]

Life Insurance For Endurance Athletes: Learn The Facts [Rates Revealed]

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In This Article I’m Specifically Going To Talk About Those Of You Who Participate In Endurance Athletic Sports, Whether It Be Marathons, Ironman Events, Or Anything In The Category Of An Extreme Endurance Sport, And How You Can Get Life Insurance At An Affordable Price

Either you’re looking for coverage on yourself or looking for coverage on a loved one. Most likely you’re here to see what your rates would be as an endurance athlete. Perhaps you are wondering if being an endurance athlete will cause any sort of rate problems or coverage issues when it comes to getting life insurance coverage.

If this  fits your situation, stick around. We are going to discussion all the factors that a life insurance company will look at for endurance athletes and then we’ll answer questions regarding how much coverage you should get, what your insurance options may be, the types of insurance available for endurance athletes, and whether or not you should take an exam.  

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

Will I be charged extra because I’m an endurance athlete?

One question that many people will have in the process of applying for life insurance coverage as an endurance athlete is whether or not their particular sport or the athletic event they participate in will cause them to have a higher price on their life insurance coverage. I’m happy to report that in most circumstances, the more traditional types of endurance athletic events do not cause a higher price to your plan.

Unlike extreme endeavors such as a mountain climbing, race car driving and other high risk sports, high endurance athletes generally enjoy no additional premium rate ups due to their sports and profession. In fact, it’s likely that because of the health required to participate in endurance athletic events, your participation in endurance sports will give you the overall best chances for coverage at an affordable price.

What factors should an endurance athlete be concerned about when applying for life insurance coverage?

7 factors Life Insurance underwriters review when working with Athletes

As an endurance athlete, all sorts of aspects of your life will be questioned on a life insurance application.

These factors include:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Lifestyle

In this section, we’re going to talk about those particular circumstances that may have the biggest impact on your level of insurability and getting coverage at the particular price point that meets your budget.


Your age has a big impact on what your ultimate premium will be. Generally speaking, the older you are, the more you will pay relative to somebody who is younger. One advantage that we have at Buy Insurance for Burial is that as brokers, we can shop around and find the best price and coverage for your age, whereas other companies may only be able to offer their own product at a fixed price that may not be competitive.


Naturally health is a large component on when it comes to endurance athletes getting insurance. Determining the outcome of your application as well as what price you’ll be approved for will greatly depend on the state of your health.

Even if you are an endurance athlete, life insurance companies will want to know your overall health perspective as it pertains to the following factors:

History of:

  • Diabetes
  • Lung, liver, or kidney problems
  • Cancer
  • Circulatory or neurological problems
  • Mental health issues

They will also want the most up-to-date information regarding:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Surgeries
  • Height, weight
  • If you smoke

All of these factors must be answered during the life insurance application process and will ultimately determine at what level you can be insured.


Lifestyle will have a bearing as well on your level of insurability and capability of qualifying for life insurance at a competitive rate.

A few of the lifestyle factors that insurance companies look at include:

  • What type of endurance activities do you participate in? Are there risks involved?
  • Your driving record (Do you have DUIs or traffic violations? Have you been in an accident?).
  • Do you have a history of drug use?

How much life insurance coverage should I get?

How much life insurance coverage should an endurance athlete consider in the process of buying life insurance? It’s important to understand and define your personal goals for life insurance coverage. Generally speaking, what most endurance athletes focus on is the ability to replace their income if they pass away. This is important because if they died while enjoying their sport or just in the process of everyday living, their surviving family members would need to have enough to subsist on for a long time without dramatically changing their lifestyle.

The top 5 reasons to purchase a Life Insurance Policy

Most financial planners agree that buying 10 times your annual income in life insurance is a good place to start. This amount does a great job in covering things such as replacing your income long enough to allow your family to get on a firm financial footing, to pay off any debts or obligations such as business loans, mortgages, credit card payments, car loans, and the like, and generally keep your family as obligation free as possible after losing your economic earnings.

What type of life insurance is best for an endurance athlete?

There’s no particular type of life insurance plan that’s designed specifically for endurance athletes. So what I’ll describe here really are the three main types of life insurance products available. This will give you a better understanding of how they work so you can determine which one will best suit what you’re looking to accomplish.

Universal life

The first kind of life insurance plan is called a universal life plan. As you’ll see after reading further, this is a hybrid plan between term, temporary and permanent life insurance that can be custom tailored to whatever length of time you need. It also has a fairly flexible premium that allows you to pay whatever amount you want to pay, within reason.

However, the key thing with universal life plans is that they have to be appropriately designed and managed over time to make sure that you get the most out of the plan.  It’s also important to note there is some price fluctuation year to year, depending on what interest rates are.

Most commonly people purchase universal life plans for permanent obligations such as income replacement, supplemental life insurance or a retirement plan.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is permanent protection that doesn’t cancel due to age or health. The policy premiums can be designed in a particular fashion, which can be more accommodating to financial goals or cash value generation.

Whole life plans are guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans to get enough coverage to pay for final expenses.

Burial Insurance Rates, Age 40 to 90*


Rates For $5,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $15,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $20,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance

*Burial insurance premiums are subject to underwriting, based on rates as of 8/20/2018, from state-regulated life insurance companies offering final expense burial whole life insurance protection. Understand that in order to potentially qualify, you must submit an application to see if you’re eligible. Rates are subject to change. Give Buy Life Insurance For Burial a call at 888-626-0439 now to see what program you may qualify for.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is the most popular form of life insurance and most likely the type of life insurance that you’ll purchase. A term life insurance offers the most coverage for the least amount per month. If your goal is to replace your income, if you die earlier than expected, or to cover for temporary obligations such as debts and mortgages, then a term insurance plan generally is a good idea.

The downside to term life insurance is that it only lasts generally between 10, 20, and 30 years depending on what kind of term plan you opt for and once you outlive it, the plan escalates to so high of a price you can’t afford it or simply cancels so that you don’t have coverage.

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 Year Term – $100,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $250,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $500,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $1,000,000 in Coverage


Should an endurance athlete get an exam?

Owner of David Duford with his son

My goofball son and I thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Because of the nature of endurance sports, and the fact that endurance athletes generally have much better health than somebody who is not an endurance athlete or not athletic at all, it’s probably a good idea to consider buying a life insurance plan that requires that you to take an exam.

What generally happens with an exam includes the following:

  • blood withdrawal
  • possible urine analysis
  • vitals such as blood pressure
  • a health questionnaire for you to fill out

An exam based life insurance application allows for the most competitive pricing for people who are otherwise in good shape. And seeing that endurance athletes enjoy some of the best overall health in the nation, it only makes sense to apply for a life insurance policy that has an exam to give yourself the best shot at great life insurance coverage available at the best pricing.

Non-medical policy

A non-medical policy exists because there are some people who refuse to get exams. This may be due to the fact that they are afraid of needles or simply don’t want to go through the inconvenience and just want a simple policy put in force without a lot of fuss.

A non-medical exam policy does that by simply requesting your medical records to determine insureability without needing a doctor to do vital signs or withdraw blood. The downside is that because there is limited information available and it is not necessarily current, you may find that you are quoted a higher price than if  you’d gone with an exam based life insurance.


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