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How To Get Life Insurance With An Accidental Overdose In Your Past

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In This Article, I’m Going To Discuss How To Get Life Insurance If You Have An Accidental Overdose In Your Past

You or a loved one has experienced the travesty of an accidental overdose. You might have tried to apply for life insurance and been declined.  You understand how important it is. But you’re having problems getting policies approved. You’ve openly admitted to the accidental overdose in your lifetime. 

We’ll go into depth about how you can qualify for life insurance with an accidental overdose in your history. Even if you’ve been declined before.

We’ll talk about the factors that are considered when applying for life insurance with an accidental overdose history. We’ll discuss the types of coverage available depending on the nature of your overdose. We’ll recommend how to proceed to get life insurance if you’ve had an accidental overdose. We’ll cover how to handle getting coverage if you have difficulty in getting approved.

Today’s Topic Overview:

Can You Get Life Insurance With An Accidental Overdose In Your Past?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it depends on a multitude of factors.

Some are associated with the accidental overdose itself. There are also other outstanding non-tangential types of factors. Any underwriter at any life insurance company is going to seriously consider an accidental overdose. It’s key when trying to determine what type of life insurance price point you’re going to qualify for.

Factors To Consider When Getting Insurance With An Accidental Overdose In Your Past 

What factors will an underwriter at a life insurance company look at in order to determine your insurability for life insurance with a history of an accidental overdose? Apart from why the overdose occurred, here are the main factors:

How Long Ago Did Your Accidental Overdose Happen?

Perhaps the biggest factor in determining your eligibility for coverage is how long ago your accidental overdose happened.

The longer the period of time since it happened, the less of an impact your accidental overdose is going to have on your eligibility for coverage.

If you’ve broached the two-year point, you may find some easing up of underwriting. But say you’ve had an accidental overdose within the past 12 to 24 months. You may find it very difficult to find traditional modes of life insurance that you are eligible for. If it’s been before the two-year mark, a simplified issue product will be the most viable option to give you some kind of life insurance protection.

Length of time does matter. It’s something that we will discuss with you when we speak about your options for life insurance.

Illegal or legal drugs?

Was the accidental overdose with legal or illegal drugs? This is the biggest factor beyond the length of time since it happened that matters to the underwriter.

You may find that underwriters will have less of an appetite to issue coverage with illegal drug use, even if a longer period of time has passed. A legal drug overdose would be related to pain medication or prescribed medication. In this case, underwriters generally have more leeway in coming up with a determination in your favor.

Current Health

Your current health always plays an important role in qualifying for life insurance, accidental overdose or not. Your life insurance underwriter will ask you health questions about your current drug use.

They will ask your reasons for drug use, as well as other questions about your health:

  • Lung problems?
  • Diabetes?
  • Cancer history?
  • Kidney or liver problems?
  • Heart attacks?
  • Strokes?
  • Aneurysms?
  • Stents? Bypass? Pacemakers? Any sort of procedures or surgeries?

They’ll cover neurological problems such as lupus and multiple sclerosis. They’ll ask about mental health issues such as depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia.

All of these, along with your height and weight, are important factors in determining your insurability. The healthier you are, the more leeway these life insurance companies have. They are then more likely to give you some kind of life insurance coverage.

Types Of Coverage Available To Those Who’ve Had An Accidental Overdose

There are many types of life insurance products available. Which one you will be most likely eligible for will depend on the accidental overdose you’ve had. We will discuss them below in order of ease of qualifying.

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance

Simplified issue whole life products can provide quality coverage at a competitive rate despite the nature of your overdose and the drugs used.

This comes in handy for people who have had difficulties qualifying for traditional modes of life insurance.

Simplified issue products have a minimal look back into health history events that impact your eligibility for coverage. For those who’ve had an accidental overdose, there’s typically a minimal one to two year period of time before insurability can be determined in a positive manner.

Non-Medical Life Insurance

In a worst case scenario, if it’s a recent overdose issue, you may be eligible for a guaranteed acceptance plan. These ask no health questions. This is a non-medical type of life insurance.

Non-medical life insurance does not require an up-to-date physical. No blood is drawn, no urinalysis test is done.

Whether you can get approved for a plan like this depends on the length of time since and the nature of the accidental overdoseMany non-medical type policies have a black and white type of qualification process. If you have a certain disease, this determines that you are flat out not going to be accepted.

This depends on your circumstances and for which carrier you qualify. Here at we have a detailed discussion about the nature of your accidental overdose. We’ll tell you flat out if an option with a company like this is even worth considering.

Fully Underwritten Life Insurance

A fully underwritten life insurance plan requires a medical exam with blood withdrawal and urinalysis. This is the best opportunity for the lowest price for your life insurance coverage.

However, you may experience difficulty with this. It depends on the length of time since and the nature of your accidental overdose. Has it been a long time since the overdose? Was the overdose with legal drugs? These are the only circumstances under which I would recommend a fully underwritten traditional approach.

Next Steps

My twin girls Emily and Eva thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

It’s extremely important that you qualify for something. I am a life insurance evangelist. I’ve never met a person that doesn’t need life insurance. You may not want it, but if you’re reading this article, you know in your heart that you (or the person you’re looking for) needs life insurance now.

There are usually options available for you. Even in the worst case scenarios with accidental overdoses.

Please do not pass up on this opportunity to take some kind of life insurance policy out to protect the people in your life that you love.

We at can do that. We’ll be happy to show you the way and see what you may qualify for according to your present condition.

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