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How To Get Life Insurance For $75 A Month Or Less

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Tips And Strategies To Get Life Insurance For Under $75 A Month

You’ve recently lost a loved one and you’ve seen how life insurance makes such a dramatic difference in solving financial problems. Maybe you’ve seen a loved one die who had no insurance.

You’ve experienced the financial travesty wrought from not having money when it was most needed. Perhaps you’ve just had a family member encourage you for years to purchase life insurance to protect the welfare of your family.

You’re convinced that life insurance is an important and necessary part of your financial plan. But you’re not convinced about paying more than you can afford.

You’ve already determined that $75 a month is something that sounds good as far as an overall monthly budget is concerned. You want to see strategies for getting that price down to that level. What are your options for life insurance at $75 a month?

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Today’s Topic Overview:

Case study examples

Business Owner Looking to Get a Bank Loan

A client recently got in touch looking for term insurance to cover a business loan. Her business was doing well, but she wanted to expand and the only way she could get approved for a bank loan was to get term insurance for the 10 year period she would be paying off the loan.

Despite her financial stability and success, this client expressed her concern over getting approved for life insurance due to her weight problem. Her doctor had diagnosed her as clinically overweight and she knew this would impact her application.

Despite her concerns, we were able to get this young woman first day full coverage at a price she could afford. She was happy to get coverage in place and complete her bank loan process.

Buy Life Insurance for Burial can’t guarantee the same outcome for every customer, but we do our best to find affordable coverage for every individual who works with us. 

Married Couple with Past Denied Application

A middle aged couple recently contacted us at Buy Life Insurance for Burial because they had recently gotten married. This new venture in their life had got them to thinking about what would happen if one of them passed away unexpectedly. They were concerned about the financial welfare of the other, as they had limited means to cover expenses each month.

If either person passed they didn’t want to leave behind any serious or significant long-term financial problems to the other person if either died earlier than expected.

The only thing that this couple saw as a potential problem was that the husband had been recently declined with a local life insurance company that also serviced his home and auto insurance. He wasn’t sure why he was declined, as he was in good overall health. But he was concerned this would affect his application with us. 

The good news is that we were able to look at a number of providers for this couple and provide a competitively priced policy that met their $75 a month budget.

While we can’t promise the same outcome for everyone, we do our best to find quality coverage for every client so that you can get peace of mind in knowing your loved ones will be in a better financial place if you happen to pass away unexpectedly.

We are here to help individuals like you get quality life insurance at an affordable price. Whether you are looking to cover final expenses or want to ensure your loved ones are taken care of, we can help.

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Stories from the field

I want to share with you a story that demonstrates what Buy Life Insurance for Burial can do for clients, even if they have a significant history of health problems.

This particular story is a little scary for me, but ultimately beneficial for the person we insured, as well as their family.

Way back in 2013 I was working in Lookout Mountain, Alabama. I had had a pretty good day working with various clients and was about to wrap up for the day when I had one more client stop to make before heading home.

This last stop was memorable in that as I pulled into the long gravel driveway I saw a large sign posted in the yard that read: Any damage done to your person or your property is not the fault of this property owner.

Usually I would find this kind of sign threatening, but for some reason I decided to continue on my way up the drive. I parked my car and went to the front door, wondering what kind of greeting I might get only to find the owner sitting on the front porch. It was clear he had been watching me the whole time.

“Are you Mr. Night?” I asked.

“Depends on who’s asking,” the man said.

“You must be the man I’m looking for,” I said , then laughed.

Mr. Night was not amused. I decided it was best to drop the joking and get straight to the point. I said I had received a request card for more information about insurance and that was why I had stopped by. 

The gentleman didn’t object, but still did not seem happy about my visit. He went inside and got his wife to come talk to me. As we talked, she expressed her understanding of how important life insurance can be, as she had lost her previous husband and would not have been able to afford the burial costs without his insurance. 

Her concern was that her present husband did not have life insurance.

She worried what she would do if something unexpected happened to him and was hoping by speaking to me she could convince him to get life insurance on the books.

The only problem was that Mr. Night had had open heart surgery the year before. I assured her that my company would approve her husband for first day full coverage despite his unique circumstances and that she shouldn’t worry about not having total peace of mind.   

Her last question was regarding price. She could only afford $20 a month. I told her this wouldn’t be a problem and assured her she could still get coverage for funeral expenses at that price.

Pleased with my response, she called her husband back into the room and said, “Honey, I’m going to buy life insurance on you and all I need you to do is sign the application.”

Mr. Night did not seem like he liked the idea and instantly became agitated. He said, “I’m not signing no damn insurance papers” and stormed out of the room.  I tried to remain silent while Mrs. Night tried to quiet her husband and calm him down. After a few minutes passed, Mr. Night came around and agreed to sign the paperwork. 

Aside from this making a great story, this experience reminded me of the importance of life insurance, especially for those on a strict budget. Mr. Night was approved for first day full coverage with one of my companies and his wife was set at ease.

Three years later I got a notice in the mail that he had passed away from natural causes and that the small policy that his wife had got would take care of his final expenses. She didn’t have to in debt or worry about where the money would come from to pay for his burial. 

The moral of this story is don’t shoot your insurance agent if they show up at your house!

The truth is you can have affordable coverage that not only meets your goals, but also falls within your monthly budget. Give us a call to see how we can help!

Top 7 Reasons People Buy Term Insurance

1.Term insurance is affordable
Among all the different types of life insurance, term insurance is the most affordable. It allows people on a budget to get quality coverage without going bankrupt. 

2.Income replacement
Income replacement is a primary concern of many people who buy term insurance. Financial experts suggest you buy 10 times your annual income in coverage.

3.Retirement funding
If you die sooner than expected, your retirement fund will suffer. While your family may be able to survive financially for a short while, eventually the loss of your income will have an impact, especially when it comes to your retirement fund. 

4.Out of love
We all have people in our lives that we want to protect. Life insurance does a great job of providing financial stability to those we love so that they don’t have to suffer the financial consequences of our unexpected death. 

5.Custom length
Every person has a unique circumstance and reason for wanting life insurance. Term insurance is great in that you can customize the term length to meet your specific needs.So if you have for example a 10 year bank loan, you can get a 10 year term policy to cover that specific period of time. This ensures if you pass away during that 10 year period your loan would be covered by your life insurance policy.

6.Pure insurance need
Term insurance is straight forward, without any extra costs involved. This makes it a great option for those with a pure insurance need.

7.Exams are optional
For those who don’t like doctor visits or want to avoid seeing a doctor, term insurance does not require an exam. Back in the day, exams were a necessary requirement for all applications, but not anymore. Non-medical applications have become the norm – great news for those who hate needles!

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Six tips on getting life insurance for under $75 a month

What follows below are six strategies that I have employed with all of my clients.

It helps them to get life insurance coverage below the $75 a month mark. It fits their budget and they’re happy with their insurance coverage.

1. Exam Or No Exam?

Should you sit for an examination to get a decision on life insurance coverage? It’s less important to do so for smaller size policies. Once you get up to $75 and more it’s a very prudent decision to take out a life insurance plan that requires you to take an exam.

The only exception to this would be if you have health problems. If you’re healthy then it’s important to sit down and take the exam. Why?

Insurance companies issue rate decisions based on your insurability. The more recent the health records they have access to, the more likely it is that they’re going to give you better rates.

When I applied for life insurance coverage, I was in pretty good shape. It was more important to get an exam than it was to take the easy route.

I would have had to pay almost double the rates given with the exam. I could deal with all the needles, blood and all that stuff. For me, that’s not a big deal.

I got issued a good rate. I’m very happy with what I have. I extend the same offer to you. It’s important to do the exam because price is important. You will find that sometimes if you don’t take an exam, the same amount of coverage leads to double the price.

2. Buy Term Life Insurance

If you’re looking for the best price, without much consideration for the other aspects of your life insurance plan, buy term life insurance. For dollars in coverage, it’s is the cheapest form of life insurance plan to purchase. The long-term problem is that you may outlive it. Most term insurance is only good for 10, 20 or 30 years.

Today, we want a plan that’s easily affordable, not the Cadillac plan that has no regard for budget. With that said, getting a term insurance plan might make perfect sense for you. For the same amount of coverage, you pay 5 to 10x less for term than for a permanent insurance plan.

That’s a big incentive to buy term insurance. It’s why over 80% of the population has done so already.

3. Buy A Shorter Term Life Insurance

The easy way to control the costs even further is to make your insurance term shorter. I always recommend buying the longest term insurance plan. But, if budget is a big concern, if it’s a difference between getting something that’s $75 a month or going without, then get a shorter term length.

I’ve been around a long time in the insurance business. I know that people who’ve paid too much for life insurance eventually drop it. Let’s face it, that’s a big waste of your money. I don’t want you to do that. Get what you can afford.

4. Choose Only Necessary Riders

Insurance riders are an added benefit for which you pay extra. There are all sorts of different riders. If we’re keeping premiums low, the most important rider to keep is a disability premium waiver rider. This is a rider that pays your premiums if you end up becoming disabled due to an accident, and not being able to work.

I’ve seen lots of people take this rider who’ve become disabled. They were extremely happy that they had it. Otherwise, it would have cost them their life insurance.

Sometimes going into disability you have no savings. You have to bleed out what you’ve saved. You may lose things important to you, such as your life insurance plan. You may not ever get the same kind of plan.

5. Something Is Better Than Nothing

I’m a big believer that when you buy life insurance coverage, you have to sometimes sacrifice some of your ‘wants’. Need is something that at least establishes the base level desires that you have. Want is something that satisfies the desires that may not be needed. They’re the ‘would be great to haves’.

In my experience in helping people like yourself, we’re going to meet somewhere in the middle. You want more coverage than you can afford. You’ll settle for something a little better than just what you need.

What I don’t want to see my clients do is, when they look at life insurance, only choose what they want and then say no to what they need. They end up not getting anything at all because they can’t afford what they want. They don’t want what they can qualify for based on what their budget dictates. To me, that’s stupid.

I hate to say it like that, but say that you have a family that’s depending on you. If you don’t get insured knowing that you need it, just because you can’t get what you want, that’s a real shame. Instead, get something today, get it while you know you need it.

Strike whilst the iron is hot. You can always add more coverage at a later date. Apply again after some bills are paid off, when you have some extra income coming in. Many of my clients do this. They start with something to get insured to get peace of mind and add more coverage later.

6. Work With A Broker

Every American that’s searching for life insurance coverage should preferentially work with a broker. A broker shops the most competitive carriers on the market. They offer the best combination of price and value.

This is entirely different to working with what’s known as a captive company. They usually represent only one company. This ends up giving you very limited options in life insurance coverage. The problem with life insurance shopping today is that your conditions are unique.

Some companies may be flexible with your situation, others may not be. Some companies may offer better prices for the same exact thing. This is why it’s vital to work with a broker. A broker is in a position to offer you the best options available in a much better capacity than a captive agent can.

Sample rates for term insurance at under $75 a month

Here are some sample term life insurance rates on a 10, 20, and 30-year basis for ages between 25 and 75 as available. The rates quoted here are from a ranked company on a preferred basis. Your insurance eligibility is subject to an underwriting exam and anything required by an underwriting company.

10 Year Term Life Insurance



My goofball son and I thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Understand these rates are just for example purposes and not representative of what you may actually qualify for.

Sample rates for permanent life insurance for under $75 a month

What follow below are guaranteed universal life programs that issue permanent life insurance on a preferred rated basis from a ranked company.

It does not cancel due to age or health as long as the premium is paid in a timely fashion.


Whole Life Insurance


These are for example purposes only. I’m not actually saying that you will qualify for these.

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Rates


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