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How To Get The Best Life Insurance For Under $250 A Month

How To Get The Best Life Insurance For Under $250 A Month

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In This Article I’m Going To Explain How You Can Buy Life Insurance While Keeping Your Coverage Payments Under $250 A Month

Most likely you are reading this article because you are currently searching for a life insurance plan that fits your budget. I would assume at this point you’re pretty much sold on the necessity of life insurance.

The top 5 reasons to purchase a Life Insurance Policy

Maybe you’ve had an event in your life that has convinced you of the need to carry life insurance and you’re looking to see what your options are and how to get the best deal at a price you can afford.

If this describes you, then this article will be a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to buy life insurance either for yourself or your family while keeping your premiums as low as $250 a month. What we’re going to talk about today are six factors that can help you maximize your savings on your life insurance protection.

You can do some or all of these – it’s up to you. We will end with some quotes on what you can buy with a $250 month life insurance budget just to give you a better idea of what you can get at this price point.

The Topics We’ll Discuss Are As Follows:

Should you take an exam?

When you are looking for life insurance at  a rate of $250 month, it’s likely the best route is to take an exam to maximize your coverage and rate reduction. Here’s why exams are a good idea, despite the hassle of having to go through the extra paperwork and exam.

Exams give underwriters up-to-date information on your health profile. The more information an underwriter receives about you, who you are, what your blood profile and vital science say, the higher likelihood (as long as you’re healthy overall) that they’re going to give you a much better deal on pricing than they would if you opted not to take an exam.

The importance of an exam increases as the amount of coverage you purchase increases. If you are trying to stick to a $250 a month budget, an exam is definitely worth considering.

It’s likely that if you do not opt for an exam, you may get up to half as much coverage if you go through a non-medical type of application process. 

An exam usually includes analysis of the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Vitals
  • Blood drawn
  • Liver enzyme activity and review
  • Sugar levels (looking for signs of diabetes)
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride level readings
  • A regular medical exam undertaken by a doctor

You might have more involved if you get a higher type policy, which may include an EKG or stress test , but in most cases these will not be necessary.

These exams are done in the comfort of your own home and are fairly simple to schedule.

Should you buy term insurance or whole life insurance?

Part of the process of shopping for life insurance is deciding what kind of life insurance is right for you. Without going into too much description as to why one life insurance may be best over the other, I will use this section to explain under what circumstances you may want to consider a particular life insurance product that gets you the best price and keeps your coverage under $250 a month.

Should you buy Term Insurance or Whole Life Insurance

Most of the time, the people that come to me to purchase life insurance buy what is called a term insurance plan.

Term insurance is designed to provide temporary insurance and more importantly, in relation to your budget, allows for the most coverage for the least amount per month.

About 80 percent or more of the population in America have term life insurance. Term insurance can be bought in increments of 10, 20 and 30 years. And it can be designed in such a way to accommodate for whatever budget you are working with.

Top 3 Term Life Insurance Programs

Bottom line, I like working with term insurance because it is flexible. I can custom tailor your plan to ensure it sticks to your budget level of around $250 a month.

Shorter term periods

Another option to consider to reduce the monthly payment is to go for a shorter term period.  This may be subject to some scrutiny, as this is one of the last recommendations I would make.

I recommend clients keep term insurance coverage in force for as long as possible. I recommend this because my clients often find they get to the point where they still need coverage beyond the term they thought they originally needed it for.

The more length and time, the better. But if you have to subsist somewhere and you’ve already applied some of these other recommendations, it may be better to get a shorter term period to come up with a better overall package deal.


Writers are options in a life insurance policy that allow you to add on special benefits like accidental death benefit coverage that pays an additional amount out if you die by accident. Most of these add-ons are what we call living benefits.

Living benefits

Living benefits, while useful, will add an additional premium to your policy, so you may want to consider only certain kinds of benefits or writers that are absolutely necessary. A discussion with  Life Insurance for Burial will give you a better idea of what your options are and what type of writers would best suit your particular life insurance goals.

Work with a broker

Work with a broker - Owner of David Duford with his son

My goofball son and I thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Aside from the exam, probably the most dramatic influence on pricing is whether or not you work with a broker. When you work with a broker, it gives you the best opportunity to maximize coverage. Since they aren’t working for one particular insurance company, they can shop around for you and find the best coverage deal within your price range.

Last but not least, remember something is better than nothing

If you have your mind set on a certain amount of coverage, but find that it falls outside of your budget limit, don’t walk away without any coverage whatsoever. I recommend that you start with at least some kind of coverage and then re-approach life insurance coverage the following year or two, and look at adding a supplementary policy at a future date.

One of the worst things you can do while looking for insurance, knowing that you need it, is to walk away because you can’t get everything you want.

When you are working with a budget there may be a point of contention that cannot be resolved or negotiated. Under these circumstances, with the understanding that you need life insurance, it is more prudent to get at least something in place rather than nothing at all.

Sample Life Insurance Plans


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