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How To Get Life Insurance With Autism [Rates Revealed]

How to get life insurance with autism [rates revealed]

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How Individuals With Autism, Regardless Of The Severity, May Qualify For Life Insurance

There are a lot of reasons to purchase life insurance if you or a loved one has autism. Here we’ll cover a couple of different circumstances that apply to people with autism who are looking for life insurance.

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topic:

Why get life insurance with autism?

Final expense coverage

A common reason why people purchase life insurance is to cover final expenses. Final expenses include costs such as burial and cremation. Anything that must be accounted for when someone passes away, including medical expenses.

Just like with a regular coverage plan, people with autism have these requirements for final expenses. A life insurance policy is a great idea to cover for those circumstances.

Burial Insurance Rates, Age 40 to 90*


Rates For $5,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $15,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $20,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance

*Burial insurance premiums are subject to underwriting, based on rates as of 8/20/2018, from state-regulated life insurance companies offering final expense burial whole life insurance protection. Understand that in order to potentially qualify, you must submit an application to see if you’re eligible. Rates are subject to change. Give Buy Life Insurance For Burial a call at 888-626-0439 now to see what program you may qualify for.


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Health issues

People with autism can suffer from a variety of severity of health issues. Autism can be mild or it can be severe. The concern is that as people age, the severity of health problems will increase.

This is a perfect reason for autistic people to purchase life insurance. Our health is not guaranteed. Today may be as good as it gets. It might never get any better.

You might as well go ahead and qualify for a life insurance plan. Do it whilst you’re healthy in order to get a competitive rate. Lock in quality coverage before it may become impossible.

Why get life insurance for an autism caregiver?

One consideration to make, along with getting coverage for those who have autism, is also buying it for their caregiverThe caregiver providing services to someone with autism is typically a parent or relative. Their work is paramount to the autistic individual’s wellbeing.

Caregivers for the autistic do everything imaginable. They feed, change the clothes of, and manage the person with autism. They do everything conceivable to make their lives as good as possible. This amount of time investment takes away from other activities. It’s worth something.

The tremendous key thing here to picture as an autism caregiver is what would happen if you pass away. Who would take care of your autistic child or relative? Would they be financially capable of stopping work? If they do, can they fill the roles that you provided?

If they aren’t capable they would need some sort of income. What would it cost to replace you and the services that you do? Why do you want to put that burden on someone else? You need to create some sort of economic set-up to take care of that cost.

Being a caregiver for an autistic child is similar to being a caregiver for an elderly bedridden person. It takes a lot of time and investment to make it work. The role that you play is to be considered seriously as something that has to be replaced.

Why get life insurance as a caregiver for an autistic person

There’s one big difference between the role of caregiver to a bedbound elderly person and caregiver to an autistic individual. It’s very likely that the elderly person will pass on before the caregiver does. When it comes to the caregiver of the autistic individual, it’s more likely that the caregiver will pass away first.

This leaves the autistic individual in the hands of other family members. They may or may not be capable of the same caregiving role. Worse, they could be given into the hands of the state, becoming a ward of the state.

That’s why it’s so important to pick up a life insurance policy. It will fund the continual care of the autistic individual after you pass away. Especially if there’s a significant difference in age between you and your patient.

Life Insurance and Autism

I met a lady once who was in her sixties. She had an autistic son who was in his forties. She felt it was important to get life insurance on herself above and beyond all else.

She was getting old enough to be worried about her longevity. She was beginning to wonder how she was going to be able to help out her autistic son from beyond the grave. Life insurance made perfect sense for her. She would have the funds set aside when she died. Somebody else could come in and resume care for her autistic child.

Types of life insurance coverage available with an autistic diagnosis

The biggest factors that affect cover here are the level of severity of autism and the age of the applicant. We’ll cover some different options. We’ll discuss severity levels. We’ll discuss how the health of the person affects qualifying for that type of coverage. In addition, we’ll also talk about the types of coverage for caretakers.

Autistic individuals can qualify for two types of coverage:

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance is the most common way for a person with autism to qualify for life insurance. Whole life insurance rates never increase. Coverage cannot cancel due to age or health. In some circumstances, full coverage can start from the first day for either natural or accidental deaths.

The benefit of whole life insurance is that it gives you peace of mind. You know that your coverage is there when you need it. There’s no worry of a price increase. Unlike other types of coverage, it’s there whatever age you reach, whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

What you qualify for is based on two factors for the autistic individual. The first is age. Age has an impact on qualifying for insurance coverage. There are options that will allow coverage on some autistic individuals as children. There are options for teenagers, young adults, and above and beyond.

Severity has an impact on eligibility for life insurance coverage for autistic individuals. Some carriers require some sort of exam or some sort of a phone interview. They want to talk with the client to medically qualify the autistic individual.

If there are issues where communication is impossible, there are options. The more severe the coverage, the more likely it is that you may have to consider what’s called a guaranteed acceptance life insurance, that asks no health questions.

$150,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

$250,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

Top 7 reasons people buy whole life insurance

1.Does not cancel due to age or health
One of the greatest benefits of whole life insurance is that it does not cancel regardless of your age or your health condition.This provides peace of mind in knowing no matter what happens, you will always have coverage in place.
2.Rates never increase
Along with age and health, people like the security of knowing their policy rates will stay the same.This particular type of life insurance is especially appealing for this reason. Rates will always stay the same, regardless of your age or health.
3.You can pay up your whole life insurance
Unlike most life insurance policies, whole life gives you a unique option to pay off the coverage to a point where you no longer have to make payments.
4.Can grow tax-free cash value
If you are looking for a tax-free way to grow funds, you can borrow cash from your whole life insurance policy to use toward paying down debt, making a large purchase, or even remodeling your home.
5.A permanent solution to permanent problems
If you have a permanent financial obligation, whole life insurance is the solution. It serves one purpose – to offer permanent protection for your entire life.This is not always the best choice though. Some financial obligations are temporary in nature, such as a 30 year mortgage. In which case a temporary type of life insurance would make more sense.6.Exams are optional
Exams are no longer a requirement for those looking to get life insurance for the first time.That means if you want to get whole life insurance, your underwriter can rely on previous health records to get the health information they need to determine your eligibility.7.Best use of your premium dollar
Though whole life insurance can be more expensive than term insurance, it does offer a better overall value for the long term. So if you are looking for permanent coverage, whole life insurance is the best dollar per dollar value for coverage.If you have enjoyed reading this article so far and are curious about what you might qualify for or what type of insurance might be right for you, give us a call at (888) 626-0439.If you’d prefer, you can also send us a message using our contact us box. An expert in the field will contact you within 24 business hours with more details.

Term Life Insurance

Why people buy term life insurance

Term life insurance is only available to those autistic individuals with minimal symptoms.

An autistic individual that can function in a high capacity, is self-sufficient and not disabled. Term insurance companies will consider approving this person for some sort of coverage. The operative point here is mild. More moderate or severe autism is less likely to be able to qualify for any kind of term life insurance. Term life insurance requires more underwriting. It performs further background checks on health in order to determine insurability. For more severe autism this is more difficult.

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 Year Term – $100,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $250,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $500,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $1,000,000 in Coverage


Examples of hard to place health issues

In this section, I want to detail some examples of hard to place health issues that we here at Buy Life Insurance for Burial have been able to find coverage for at an affordable rate, even if clients had been previously declined.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be a hard health issue to cover. It includes a number of related health problems such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and black lung.

If you’re struggling with an unaffordable life insurance policy because of COPD, we might be able to help. I’ve found coverage for a number of individual’s suffering from COPD, including clients who smoke.

Diabetes can be hard to find coverage for, depending upon the degree to which the disease has progressed. We have worked with clients who take in access of 100 units of insulin a day and we were still able to find them quality coverage at an affordable price. This includes conditions related to diabetes like neuropathy.

Though it would seem cancer is a condition that is uninsurable, that is not always the case. Given enough time has passed since the patient has been in remission or cured, affordable life insurance is possible.

4.Liver or kidney problems
Complications related to liver or kidney problems can include cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis C, or chronic kidney issues. These and other conditions can cause declined applications. Luckily we work with carriers that in some circumstances will approve people for preferred coverage who have a history of hepatitis C, even if it has just recently been cured.

There are also conditions under which those with chronic liver or kidney issues can be approved for coverage.

5.Heart problems
If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke, heart attack or had major heart surgery, you may think it will be impossible to get life insurance, but that is not always the case. With enough passage of time, many individuals with heart conditions can get first day, full coverage, even if they have had a stint or pacemaker put in.

6.Neurological health issues
Health conditions like systemic lupus SLE, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis can be difficult to insure, but not impossible. Because we work with a number of carriers that specialize in neurological health problems, we have been able to get many clients approved for first day, full coverage who suffer from these types of conditions.

7.Behavioral health problems
Behavioral health problems include things such as depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, PTSD, and anxiety. First day, full coverage is something we can offer many of our clients suffering from mental and behavioral disorders, even if they have been previously declined. 

Case study examples

Rate Increase and Weight Problem

A gentleman recently got in touch with us looking to replace his current policy. He had received a notice in the mail that said though he had made all of his payments on time, his rate was going to increase.

He simply couldn’t afford the new rate and was looking to see what we could do for him as far as options and premiums go. The only issue was that this gentleman was clinically overweight.

His doctor had recommended he lose weight for health reasons and this gentleman was concerned this would impact his ability to get affordable life insurance coverage.

We looked at a number of options and were able to offer this client first day coverage at a price that was less than his current policy. He thanked us for the great offer and switched over to Buy Life Insurance for Burial the same week.

Though we can’t guarantee the same outcome for every applicant, we certainly can promise a lower bias when working with brokers like us, which means we can often cover health issues many other companies would decline or charge high rates for.

Final Expense Coverage for Lifetime Smoker

Ms. Opal gave us a call last month looking to get final expense coverage in place. She was in her mid 40s and wanted to ensure if she passed away that her family wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for her cremation.

After doing some research she found that cremations cost around $5,000 in her area and decided that was the amount of coverage she wanted to go with.

The only thing this client was worried about was that she had smoked most of her life. She had heard that this could cause rate increases and was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford coverage.

We took her information and looked at a number of providers before offering her first day full coverage for final expenses. The rate was within her budget and she was thankful to finally get something in place that wouldn’t break the bank.

Every client is unique. Depending on age, health, and a number of other factors, not all applicants may qualify, but we do our best to find some kind of coverage for every applicant to meet not only their personal goals, but also their budget.

Options for caregivers

The circumstances for coverage for autistic caregivers are a bit more broad based. Your ability to qualify for any kind of coverage (whole life insurance or term) greatly depends on your health eligibility.

Life insurance companies are going to look at your overall health. Your age, height, weight, your need, and other factors related to overall health. This determines your insureability.

Assume that you medically qualify. There should be no problems qualifying for whole life or term life insurance. You can find a plan that would match your budget in coverage.

Factors to consider when shopping for life insurance

It’s important to cover both autistic individuals and those that care for them. Make sure that you’re dealing with somebody who is a broker.

A broker will shop the most competitive carriers. He will work on trying to find the company that’s going to give you the best combination of value and price. There’s a big problem that I see as an insurance agent. People go shop insurance but only reference one topic. They call up one of the companies on TV or something like that. They don’t talk with a broker. They don’t compare prices to see if there is a better value option.

Come and buy insurance with us at We’re able to shop the competitive carriers for anybody. That includes people with autism and their caregivers.

Exam or no exam

One question that we hear a lot is whether to take an exam. Is it required to qualify for life insurance with autism or as a caregiver? The answer depends on whether you’re looking for coverage for an autistic individual or for their caregiverLet’s cover both.

If you have moderate to severe autism, most likely no medical exam will be required. You’ll only qualify for what we call a simplified issue product.

These products are guaranteed. They don’t require medical examinations. They simply request medical information and prescription history to determine your insurability.

Caregivers, on the other hand, will have options. There are companies out there that, at certain levels of coverage, will require an examination. Other companies design their life insurance products with the advantage of not having to have one. These will be slightly higher in price.

Ultimately it comes down to the amount of coverage you purchase and your preference as a caregiver. Generally speaking, the healthier the person is, the more likely I am to recommend someone to take an exam. Why is this the case? If you’re healthy you want to make sure you lock in the lowest price.

Owner of, David Duford, with his two 5-year old girls

My twin girls Emily and Eva thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Compare the rates of those who get exams to those who don’t. The difference in total premium paid over a 5 to 10 year period of time can be thousands and thousands of dollars.

Those who take the exam pay much less than those who did not.

As a caregiver in overall good shape, don’t pass up on an exam unless you absolutely hate the idea of needles. Consider doing an exam. Work with a company that will allow for it. Ask the person you’re working with what the difference in price is for those with the option of taking an exam.

Next steps

If you’re interested in qualifying for life insurance, visit my website. You can go to and grab a free quote.

I do ask that you message me first. You can do that by clicking the contact box; the one at the top or the bottom, and send me a quick message. Or just call me. The best way to reach me is (888) 626 0439, and speak with me live.

I hope you have found this article useful if you have autism and are researching your life insurance options. If you have any lingering questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.

You can call us at (888) 626-0439 or send us a message using our contact us box found on this page. Thanks for reading.
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