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Best Final Expense Life Insurance For Cigar And Pipe Smokers

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In Today’s Article, I’ll Describe Cigar And Pipe Smokers Could Qualify For “Non-Tobacco” Rates For Final Expense Life Insurance, And Save Hundreds Of Dollars Annually On Their Burial Insurance

In most circumstances, qualifying for final expense life insurance requires applicants to answer whether or not they have used any form of nicotine or tobacco within the past 12 months.

In most cases, the burial insurance company treats all tobacco and nicotine usage the same. Meaning whether you smoke cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, a pipe, chew or dip tobacco, or use a “vape” or e-cig, you’re rated at higher, tobacco pricing.

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

Thankfully, Cigar And Pipe Smokers Can Get Better Pricing

With some final expense whole life insurance carriers, some companies make exceptions for pipe- and cigar-smokers. Out of the carriers I represent, a handful of companies do not count cigar and pipe smoking at higher tobacco rates.

final expense cigar pipe

Learn how to get competitive final expense life insurance pricing if you smoke cigars or pipes.

Why Do Cigar And Pipe Smokers Get Better Life Insurance Rates?

Since 2011, I have done business with a number of cigar- and pipe-smokers.

Anecdotally, cigar- and pipe-smokers seem to have overall better lung and heart health than their cigarette-smoking counterparts.

Studies comparing the rates of lung disease and coronary heart disease seem among cigar- and pipe-smokers relative to cigarette smokers seem to back this up.

My clients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and severe cases of asthma, almost always smoke cigarettes. Rarely do I ever see the same problems in cigar- and pipe-smokers.

Ultimately, final expense life insurance companies recognize the lower occurrence of disease in cigar- and pipe-smokers. Thus, they are smart in offering you better pricing on your burial insurance.

What If I Smoke Cigars Daily?

Some life insurance companies limit non-tobacco rates to cigar- and pipe-smokers who only smoke on special occasions, but will rate you a tobacco user if you smoke more frequently (daily or weekly).

However, most carriers don’t care.

All cigar- and pipe-smoking, even on a regular daily basis, is priced at non-tobacco rates.

burial insurance pipe

If MacArthur was still around, he’d qualify for non-tobacco burial insurance rates as a pipe smoker!

Make Sure Your Life Insurance Company Provides Flexible Underwriting, As Well

Getting non-tobacco life insurance rates as a cigar- or pipe-smoker is great. But it’s not enough. You must ensure the underwriting criteria of your life insurance company also matches up with your health.


Because pricing is only one side of the life insurance coin. The other side is underwriting and other health considerations.

Case Study Of A Cigar Smoker

In the past, I met a cigar-smoking client to discuss final expense life insurance. Excited, I described how I could cover him at a non-tobacco rate. However, doing further health underwriting, I learned about his diabetes diagnosis.

Making matters more challenging, he informed me about his insulin prescription that helped better manage his diabetes than regular, pill-based prescriptions.

This made the qualification process a tad bit more difficult!

Luckily, I placed him with a company that (a) rated his cigar smoking at non-tobacco rates, and (b), did not raise his pricing due to his diabetes and insulin prescription.

Thankfully, I work with final expense companies that are flexible, both on pricing for cigar- and pipe-smokers, as well as with insulin-dependent applicants.

In summary, he was able to get final expense whole life insurance with first day full coverage at a competitive, non-tobacco rate.

Burial Insurance Rates, Age 40 to 90*


Rates For $5,000 In Burial Insurance


Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance



Rates For $15,000 In Burial Insurance



Rates For $20,000 In Burial Insurance



Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance


*Burial insurance premiums are subject to underwriting, based on rates as of 8/20/2018, from state-regulated life insurance companies offering final expense burial whole life insurance protection. Understand that in order to potentially qualify, you must submit an application to see if you’re eligible. Rates are subject to change. Give Buy Life Insurance For Burial a call at 888-626-0439 now to see what program you may qualify for.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

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