Distribution Processing Center Junk Mail [Scam Or Legit?]

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We are NOT Distribution Processing Center. We are not the company mailing you. We are here to help you know more about these mailers and how to stop future mailings. We ask you to please NOT call 888-626-0439 to ask us to stop mailing you. 

Are you getting mailers from Distribution Processing Center? Is Distribution Processing Center a scam? Does it REALLY stop junk mail letters? Get the answer here.

Want to discover what Distribution Processing Center is REALLY about and whether or not it’s a scam? Learn how to make a report to help remedy this situation and keep safe to the best extent possible? Then perfect! You have found the right article.

Within this article, I will help to give you all the facts that you need to know so that I can then help you and your family out and benefit you the most.

This article will explain everything about Distribution Processing Center, what happens, what you need to know, and how to stop future mailings.

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What is the Distribution Processing Center Junk Mail scam?

The mailers claim it’s only offered in your state of residence as if it’s special offer. They look like actual government documents and are labeled “Second Notice/Time Sensitive” to get you to reply urgently before investigating.

example of this mailer

Looks harmless, as a governmental body/ acting on behalf of a state agency. But it’s mail or postcards from anonymous senders offering senior citizens information on a benefit. Beware of filling it out and returning mail because consumer experts say you will have even more solicitation by phone calls and even at your front door.

The fake government solicitation comes with a postage-paid return envelope. The return mail or paid card, asks you to give your personal information such as:

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name & spouse’s name

your ages

street address

phone number

Consumer experts urge seniors to be careful about sending back anonymous postcards. The National Council of Organizations on Aging says these solicitations can’t check out the insurer’s policy in advance, if you don’t send your personal information.

What happens if you return the card or form?

If you reply to Direct Mail Processing, a third-party mail provider, they sell your name to insurers so an agent can call you. Be aware an agent will contact you and try very hard to sell you final expenses, life insurance, and more products.

Remember, don’t send a postcard back to an anonymous source when you can find a reputable professional independent insurance broker that you choose in your community!

Obviously, from the fine print they are a third-party mailer and a beward as they are contracted to distribute mail and generate leads for licensed agents in your state.

Plus, the coverage is not very good, and you will pay far more than the policy would pay off.

Government Federal and State Laws

Federal and State Laws prohibit insurers from directly soliciting seniors if that senior has requested the information. As a result, companies contract a third party to mail a solicitation on their behalf.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has discussed restricting this type of solicitation for years but still has not changed.

Helpful Warnings of Documented Complaints

Warnings of Documented Complaints

BBB Distribution Processing Center, LLC complaints

only has a 1 star rating!

Some Partial Negative reviews below and more at this link. Be aware so this doesn’t happen to you.

A company known as”Distribution processing Center” claims they can cover all my funeral and final expenses tax-free in Hawaii. Is this a legitimate company or an elaborate scam?

They are saying that I qualify for a state regulated program to pay for my expenses for a funeral. I have no affiliation with these people or ever signed up for their mailing list.

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Warning Example Tips

  • A NON government agency who’s LLC is actually called Distribution Processing Center is sending out a very non descript offer for “Extra Help” with your Medicare costs. They send you something in the mail and then ask you for your mailing address. They want your spouses info and your phone number. The company name is deceiving and the envelope says ” second notice” in red to make you feel a sense of urgency to return this information. Obviously, a reputable company would not use these tactics. 
  • Said I qualify for a state-regulated program that pays for 100% of funeral expenses plus a free walmart gift card if returned in 5 days. 
  • Message pretends to be a governmental body/ acting on behalf of state agency to get personal info.
  • Receive mail saying that there’s a federal subsidy for me to have up to $35,000 for final expenses the story official and a Sonia scam to get my name address and contact information to processing center 
  • This “business” sent mail to my husband who has been deceased for many years about burial insurance. 
  • I supposedly received this 2nd notice via mailer stating you may qualify for a state regulated program to pay for your final Expenses.

Always remember:

  • Do your research
  • Be informed
  • Get all the truth
  • Never give out your personal information. 
  • To be safe, only update through proper channels or seek a reputable professional to contact and choose yourself.

Best Advice Before Making a Wrong Commitment is Contact:

How To Stop Mailings

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Decide the types of mail that you want or don’t wish to receive from all marketers by registering at DMAchoice.org , the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) consumer website. 

You can choose what mail and which magazine offers and catalogs you wish to get for a nominal processing fee of $2 is charged. This registration lasts 10 years.

Protect yourself and your friends and family by making sure they can recognize these scams. 

Do you feel that you have been the victim of a scam? If so, contact your state’s consumer protection agency.

What should you do if you want life insurance but don’t want salespeople calling or visiting you?

Remember, don’t send a postcard back to an anonymous source when you can find a reputable professional independent insurance broker that you choose on your own!

  • An Independent Broker Professional that can access all of the best carriers in your area.
  • An Independent Broker Professional can shop around for the absolute best program that suits you.

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