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Colonial Penn Insurance Reviews

Colonial Penn Insurance Reviews

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I’m Going To Give You A Short Post On Why You Want To Stay Away From Colonial Penn Life Insurance

NOTE: Learn more about Colonial Penn Insurance Reviews, and why I believe there are better life insurance options for final expense coverage in my new video below.

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

Chances are you’re here today because you’re looking for information on Colonial Penn Insurance.

Colonial Penn's Guaranteed Acceptance Coverage

The Truth

It’s this simple.

Colonial Penn life insurance does not cover you for two years for death by natural causes.

Buying life insurance is the best way to protect your loved ones

If you die from a stroke, cancer, heart attack, or anything like that, too bad. They just refund the money to your beneficiary. Then they get stuck paying the funeral bill.

The Alternative

The reason this is important is because many people think this is just normal – it’s not!

Lots of insurance companies will give you the full death benefit even if you die immediately after that first payment. That’s the kind of insurance you want. They call that Whole Life Insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance actually covers you for your whole life. What a novel idea!


As a matter of fact there are plenty of policies out there that will do that. But the trick is to talk to a broker –someone like myself.

We shop the different companies out there to find you the best value, price, and – if all possible – full coverage from day one.

I say if at all possible because sometimes we can only partially cover people. It depends on their health history. But even people with diabetes, COPD, cancer, and heart problems can get full coverage from the first day.

Visit my website for more information on why Colonial Penn Insurance isn’t necessarily the best option for your life insurance coverage.




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