Ethose Final Expense Review | Did You Read The Fine Print?

Have you heard of Ethos final expense insurance? Are you considering purchasing a funeral expense plan to cover your end-of-life expenses? If so, this article is a must read.  While Ethos may initially sound like a good option, there are factors you need to know before you lock in your coverage.  Ethos seems affordable and…
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iSeniorBenefits Review | Did You Read The Fine Print?

Are you looking to find a good burial insurance product that will protect your family from crippling debt after you pass? If so, you may have heard of iSeniorBenefits, a burial insurance company.  iSeniorBenefits advertises final expense plans that allow you to get coverage for as low as $5.00 per week.  That sounds great doesn’t…
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Jonathan Lawson & Colonial Penn | Did You Read The Fine Print?

Have you recently seen a Colonial Penn commercial? You may have seen these commercials online or on TV. The Colonial Penn 995 plans that advertise great coverage for a great price. But is that really the case?  Did you know, with the Colonial Penn plan you do not actually have full coverage? Not for the…
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How Kidney Transplants CAN Qualify For Life Insurance!

Are you or a loved one getting a kidney transplant soon? Or have you already gotten a kidney transplant? After getting an organ transplant, many people find it more challenging to get life insurance. Is it impossible? No it’s not, but it is more challenging because insurance companies are more cautious insuring someone who has…
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Life Insurance & Narcan | Yes, You CAN Get Coverage [Here’s How]

Carrying Naloxone and/or Narcan is becoming more common in the United States. Healthcare providers and law enforcement are encouraged to carry Narcan on them. However, there has been an unexpected consequence for those individuals! Carrying a prescription of Narcan can make it more difficult to find quality life insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will put…
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How Methadone Users CAN Easily Qualify For Life Insurance!

Are you a methadone user looking to find reasonable life insurance coverage? Have you used methadone in the past five years? If so, finding a reasonable insurance plan that doesn’t cost a fortune and offers good coverage may be a challenge. It is not impossible, but there are a few things you need to be…
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Final Expense/Burial Insurance In New York Overview

Are you a New York resident looking into buying a burial insurance policy? New York can be one of the trickiest states to purchase a burial policy.  Why? New York has unique restrictions and laws surrounding funeral insurance.  Buying funeral insurance in general can be tricky. Missing the fine print can cost you thousands of…
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Final Expense/Burial Insurance In Michigan Overview

Are you currently living in the state of Michigan and thinking about covering your funeral or a loved ones? Many have started to think about the costs involved in a funeral.  A basic funeral can easily cost over $7,000. When someone passes, if they do not have an insurance policy, the family will have to…
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Final Expense/Burial Insurance In North Carolina Overview

Are you a resident of North Carolina? Have you thought about buying a life insurance plan to cover your funeral? Or have you recently started to worry about a loved one who is aging? Covering the cost of a funeral can become a HUGE burden if not done properly. Some families are left scrambling at…
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