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How To Buy Burial Insurance WITHOUT Getting Ripped Off!

How To Buy Burial Insurance WITHOUT Getting Ripped Off!

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The Topic Of Today’s Training Is How To Buy Quality, Affordable Burial Insurance

This is an incredibly important subject, so let’s get to it!

NOTE: Would you prefer me to present this information to you in video format? Watch the video below for the complete presentation on buying burial insurance WITHOUT getting ripped off. Enjoy!

Here’s An Overview Of Our Discussion On Buying Burial Insurance:

Definition of Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is just life insurance for final expenses. It’s nothing more complicated than that. We call it burial insurance because it simplifies the description.

People generally want a policy to pay for their funeral so we just call it burial insurance, but it acts just like a normal life insurance plan. There’s nothing really unique or different about it.

It’s just life insurance for final expenses, and when we say final expenses, we’re referring specifically to funeral and cremation costs. It’s the biggest reason why people buy these plans. They just want enough to take care of whatever it costs to bury or cremate them.

The top 4 reasons to buy burial insurance

It can also cover other expenses too. It’s certainly something that’s not confined to just the cost that the funeral home gives you. You can also cover things like loans, credit cards, or just leave money behind to somebody you love.

There is complete control in how you want to dispense of the money through the assignment of your beneficiary. So long story short, this is life insurance, but most people buy it because of funeral-related cost concerns.

The insurance company pays the beneficiary death benefit upon passing. I put this in here is because some people ask me, well, does the funeral home get paid with one of these burial insurance plans?

Not necessarily. Now, with some plans, you can dictate that the beneficiary be the funeral home, but 99 percent of the time you’ll want a loved one like a child or a spouse to be the beneficiary, which is fine.

You have control over who you decide the beneficiary is on your burial insurance policy, and then that beneficiary, again, usually a loved one, decides how the money is spent. Of course, you want to pick a beneficiary that you trust that will actually take the proceeds from your burial insurance policy to actually pay for the funeral.

I say this because there is no law, unless you have some sort of a will or other legal documentation, that dictates what that beneficiary does with your money. They could just fly off to Hawaii for a month long trip and spend all of it and leave you high and dry.

Obviously, that doesn’t happen that much, and it certainly won’t happen if you trust and love somebody enough to do the job you set out for them to do.

Our job at Buy Life Insurance for Burial is to help our clients find the best quality life insurance policy that they can get for an affordable price. This way, they can use it to meet their life insurance goals, like paying for their final expenses or replacing their income.

We do this by shopping around the many companies that we represent to find the best deal for the specific client’s needs, and we would love to do this for you. If you want to get started, let us help you by providing a free quote.

To get your quote now, call us at (888) 626-0439 or submit a message to us on the left-hand side of the screen and we will reach out to you within the next 24 business hours.

How Burial Insurance works

Now you know what it’s intended for and why people would buy it. So let’s talk about how the actual policy works when you take it out, what the fine print says, and then also what the pros of a burial insurance plan are.

Whole life insurance is guaranteed coverage

Burial insurance, aka whole life insurance, is guaranteed not to increase in price or cancel due to age or health.

First of all, burial insurance usually operates as what we call whole life insurance programs. Whole life has also been referred to as straight life or permanent life insurance.

The best way to remember what whole life means is that it lasts your whole life. It cannot cancel.

Building on some of the benefits here, the rates never increase. So if you buy a burial insurance plan that’s a whole life insurance product, the quote you receive is locked in place. It will never increase under any circumstances.

This gives peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the dreaded rate increase that a lot of other insurance companies, especially through the mail, give you every five years of the policy.

Also with a burial insurance plan that’s a whole life product, the coverage can never cancel due to age or health, so this is a huge advantage. Why?

Because the nature of death is such that, although it is certain to happen, it’s uncertain as to when. We just don’t know when we’re going to die.

Are we going to die tomorrow, in 20 years, 40 years? Who knows.

Get a product that won’t cancel because of getting too old or your health deteriorating. In many cases, you can get first-day full coverage.

Now, it completely depends upon your unique health situation and what underwriting says after we submit the application. But a lot of people, even with health history issues like diabetes, cancer history, heart health history, mental health history, and taking prescription medications can get first-day full coverage.

That’s where most people end up at. It just depends on some of the health issues ultimately.

And lastly here, you probably already know the answer to this question, but I will ask it to you so I can answer it. Why do people prefer whole life burial insurance versus other kinds of life insurance products?

Well, it’s easy. It’s peace of mind.

Think about it. The nature of why you buy a life insurance product must match what the problem that you’re facing is. In our case, and why you’re watching this, the problem is they’re going to die.

You can’t get around that. It’s going to happen to everybody.

The problem is also paying for your death. How are we going to pay $10,000 for a funeral, let’s say, or $5,000 for a cremation?

How are we going to pay that? Well, we don’t want a life insurance plan that we may be able to outlive. Am I wrong? Right?

You’re taking a gamble when you buy some kind of plan like that, or what if we find a life insurance plan that lasts forever that we don’t have to worry about outliving and the premiums don’t go up because, hey, we’re on a fixed income?

Whole life burial insurance plans provide, I believe, maximal peace of mind and get the kind of coverage in place that you need to do the job without all the risks other policies have.

With burial insurance plans, 99 percent of the time there are no examinations. At most, there’s a 15-minute phone interview, and usually these programs are approved in days.

There’s no multi-month long process. They get approved fairly quickly.

A lot of people just like that. They just want a plan that covers the burial and is easily affordable. This is what does it.

Now, if you buy a larger policy, sometimes there’s more traditional underwriting where they may go very in depth to your health history. They may ask for medical records.

They may actually have you do some sort of exam. But again, this is the exception.

Most people don’t get humongous plans. We can help with that if that’s something you want, but most people get just the basic plans. Therefore, there’s no exam necessary.

Decide what needs exist for Burial Insurance

Let’s talk about what process you should follow to find a burial insurance plan. I think it always starts with a needs analysis.

What you need to do as a person looking to buy insurance on yourself or somebody you love is to figure out why have it. Obviously you know the basic answer.

Well, I don’t want to die without having money to pay for my funeral. But let’s break that down a little bit further.

Do you want to be buried or cremated? So if you want to be buried, the National Funeral Director’s Society says the average cost is between $7,000

and $10,000.

In this modern generation the cost of funeral expense is expensive

In this day and age, funerals generally cost at least $10,000.

Now I’ve seen them put their average costs about $8,500. That’s why I put $7,000 to $10,000 because a lot of what a funeral costs depends on what you pick and what items you include or don’t include.

Some funeral homes are lower in price for their average price order. Some are a lot higher. They’re upper-end type of funeral homes.

You can’t give a real firm price, but a range of something comfortable. Now, I say all this because, ultimately, you should start from the basic cost today, and $10,000 is a good number, although a little bit less can be helpful too.

You don’t want to have $3,000 or $5,000 for burial when we know that it’s going to cost sometimes twice as much, if not more. So hopefully that makes sense.

What we’re doing here is we’re matching what our desires are with what the facts are. If we know the facts are that a burial is $10,000, then we know what the next steps are.

We at least need to start from there to get a policy. Let’s say you’re wanting to be cremated. I recommend somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000 in coverage for cremation.

If you just want a direct cremation without any sort of service or wake, it’s going to cost less; therefore, the lower range would be more sensible. If you want a normal service with a wake and have family come in and do the cremation, closer to $6,000 is going to be more sensible.

If you have outstanding loans such as a car that you want to give to a grandkid or a kid or you want to pay off credit cards or anything like that, that could be a reason to add on another $5,000 or $10,000.

What are you comfortable paying monthly? I’m big on this.

It’s probably surprising to you since I’m a salesman that I’m concerned with affordability, but let’s face it, life insurance is something you should buy and keep. It’s not something you should buy and then dump in six months because it’s too expensive.

In fact, I tell all my clients I’m most concerned about just getting you something on the books that are easily affordable, even if it’s a smaller policy then I would necessarily recommend. Who cares?

Life insurance is expensive when we get older

It’s something that’s affordable. It’s better than the one that you have to drop, and then you die and you don’t have anything.

Hopefully, that makes sense. Get an idea of what you’re comfortable paying.

It can be something over $100. I’ve had people spend several hundred dollars for life insurance. They were quite comfortable with that.

There are some people who fall out of their chair at those prices. That’s fine.

The cool thing we can do as life insurance agents is to scale the price. Of course, you have to adjust the coverage too, but we can match your desired premium with the amount of coverage that you want. There’s some room for flexibility, and everybody loves options and flexibility.

Story from the field

As an insurance agent at Buy Life Insurance for Burial, I pride myself on my ability to provide my clients with the best life insurance for them. The coverage that I provide them does what it is intended to do and is affordable, giving my clients the best combination of price and quality. Today, I want to share a story with you that shows why it is important to get the most optimal life insurance and how it can influence those you leave behind. 

This happened early on in my career. I had met with this older couple (let’s call them the Colemans) when they were in their early 60s. Both Mr. and Mrs. Coleman were retired for a little bit now, but one day Mr. Coleman realized that even though he had sufficient life insurance coverage, his wife didn’t.

He wanted Mrs. Coleman to have the same peace of mind as him, knowing that her final expenses would be covered once she passed, and he felt that is was vital to get the coverage as soon as possible.

They didn’t need a lot of coverage for her because it was just to cover the cost of her burial, but he knew she was getting older, and he wanted to take action before it was too late. Mrs. Coleman was in great health. She was a great candidate, and we got her approved for first day full coverage with a great life insurance company.

They were happy, and I didn’t hear from them for a long time. It was a few years later that I found out his wife had passed away. She had been battling cancer. The silver lining here was that her life insurance policy would pay out within several weeks. Just after we got the death certificate processed, the money would be released.

Luckily, there was enough indication for the funeral home to proceed with Mrs. Coleman’s burial. Mr. Coleman was able to afford everything and didn’t have to worry about the costs coming out of pocket.

He said, “Thank you so much for this help. I really appreciate everything that you did.”

His words have stuck with me ever since. This was one of the moments that I saw the benefits of my career and how working with a broker, like Buy Life Insurance for Burial, could improve the lives of other people. 

Further, it made me understand how the work I do is good work and how important it is to get life insurance when you can, which is the moral of the story.

Remember, it is so important to get the best coverage that you can at your age and with your current health status. Working with a broker can help you to get the most adequate coverage possible, and it can truly change your family’s lives for the better. Look what it did here with Mr. Coleman. He didn’t have to suffer more than he already was, and he was able to give his wife the service she deserved.

Options for buying Burial Insurance

Once you answer all these questions and you know what you want, you’re in the perfect position now to figure out what is actually the best route in which to buy a burial insurance policy. This is where we’re going to spend most of our time.

Burial insurance is a product that is sold heavily, largely because more people now than ever are in retirement age. They’re reaching that retirement age, and let’s face it, death is on their mind.

The right decision, always work with the certified insurance broker

There are so many different ads for burial insurance, it can make your head spin!

These insurance companies know there are opportunities to sell burial life insurance, and there are a lot of different organizations that are marketing it to you. That’s probably why you’re watching this because it can be quite confusing, and you may suspect some of those offers you get sound too good to be true.

In this section, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of each approach, and then I’m going to tell you what my experiences have been working with these particular types of products. So let’s talk about the different ways you can buy burial insurance.

You’re familiar with a lot of these methods. There’s nothing here that’s surprising as far as how you can buy it as much as what the pros and cons are. That’s really where you’re going to see the most differences.

Through The Mail

David Duford top 5 strategies in buying for the best priced of burial insurance product

If you’re over 50, every other day you’re getting mailers from companies that are offering you $1 for $20,000 in coverage or $9.99 a unit or, “This is the best life insurance that ever existed. You’d be a fool not to buy this.”

That’s basically what they say, and it won’t stop. It’ll just keep coming. A lot of it does sound pretty good, but sometimes the fine print can be a little disturbing.

You’ll hear things like no health questions asked, so that sounds cool. Your acceptance is guaranteed. Wow!

If I just have a pulse, I get approval for coverage. Great!

$9.99, wow! That’s cheap. What’s a unit though? Hmm.

Again, these are the things people naturally think that is a little suspicious. What’s the catch?

Almost all junk mail burial insurance makes you wait two full years before full natural death protection is effective. In layman’s terms, if you buy one of these plans and you croak in the next two years, you’re not getting that $10,000 death benefit you’re paying for. You’re going to get your money back, what you paid in, plus about 10 percent interest.

For example, if you’re paying $50 a month and you paid on it for 10 months, that’s $500. Then you die from a massive stroke.

Your beneficiary receives the $500 you paid in, plus 10 percent interest. That would be $550.

I ask you, is that going to be enough to pay for your funeral? $550 or 10,000? Yeah, that’s a little bit disturbing.

What I want to show you now are some examples because I don’t want you to just take my word for it. You may have seen these restrictions of coverage before.

I’m actually going to show you one of the more popular companies, and I’m going to show you right on the website where they say there’s a two-year waiting period.

When your health is not perfect Guaranteed Acceptance Life is your option

This information above can be found on Colonial Penn’s Guaranteed Acceptance Website.

Here we are at the Colonial Penn website. There’s Mr. Alex Trabek, our favorite Jeopardy host who is also a compensated endorser, just like the image says.

I am sure you have received endless supplies of Colonial Penn stuff through the mail and seen their TV advertisements. This is their guaranteed acceptance life insurance product.

No medical exam, locked-in premium and benefit amount. Sounds great.

However, here are the frequently asked questions you must ask, and it’s right here at the top. How convenient.

If you have enjoyed learning from this article so far, and you would like to see if you qualify for a burial insurance policy, reach out to us at (888) 626-0439 to get your free quote now.

If you want to request more information via message, there is a form you can fill out on the left side and bottom of the screen. Let us know how Buy Life Insurance for Burial can help you!

Messages received are returned within 24 business hours.

Read above to read for yourself how Colonial Penn's guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan works

Is there a waiting period before the full benefits take effect? And here’s what it says, “Acceptance can be guaranteed because of a limited period for death during the first two years.”

What it’s saying there is that if you die in the first two years you don’t get the full death benefit. How can we be any clearer?

There you have it, folks. That’s just the raw deal.

Also, it tends to be more expensive for the stuff that comes through the mail because they are literally mailing millions and millions of seniors throughout the country. All that paper costs a lot of money.

Then they have to house an entire staff to process the policies and make sure everything gets issued. So it’s more expensive than just hiring an agent to go out there and find people to sell to.

You may think, I’ll probably live two years, but what if you don’t? Nobody knows when they’re going to die.

Remember, that’s the very nature of death, and if your health is good enough, then get something that starts from the first day, like I talked about earlier. Don’t submit yourself to a two-year waiting period when you don’t necessarily have to.

What I find is many people I deal with do not need to wait, and if they would only talk to a broker, someone like myself, I could answer that question within five minutes.

Too many of my clients have died faster than I ever imagined within that two year period, but luckily they were protected for the full death benefit. Their families certainly thanked me a lot more than they would thank Colonial Penn if all they got back were the premiums instead of the full death benefit.

Burial Insurance Coverage on TV

The second option here is buy burial insurance from TV ads, and I’ll just keep this part short. This is identical to the junk mail.

Most of what you see on TV is a two-year waiting period coverage for natural death. It’s likely you can do better than the two-year waiting period, and a lot of times the pricing is just very high.

You end up paying higher premiums to offset the promotional efforts. So if you don’t like paying high premiums or being forced into a two-year wait when you don’t necessarily have to, then don’t buy off of the TV.

An example TV ad for burial insurance. I’ll just reference Colonial Penn. It’s the same exact thing.

If you freeze frame the commercial right at the end, you’ll see like 10 lines of fine print. If you get up real close and zoom into it, you’ll see where it says limited death benefit for two years. So there you have it.

Through Your Auto/Homeowner Agent

You could go through a local auto and homeowners agent, and this is a fine idea. If you’ve got auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance and you want to work with somebody you already know and trust, this is an option for you.

Insurance broker can provide you several options

A home or auto agent can also sell you life insurance, but it’s probably NOT your best option.

That’s really the biggest pro of this option is that you can find somebody you already trust, and if you felt like they’ve done a good job with your home and auto insurance, maybe they’ll do a good job for your life insurance. There is certainly truth to that.

I will propose some things to consider though that could be a potential con. First of all, most insurance agents that sell auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance represent one company, and that one company only sells one or maybe a few products for life insurance.

You have to look at these companies as a one-trick pony. They can only offer you their pricing, their coverage, and their terms for how they do their life insurance, and it may not be the best option for you.

So what happens when there are few options? You don’t necessarily get the best value, right?

It’s why we go to Starbucks so we can create a drink to the exact design that we wanted versus just saying, here’s a coffee or here’s a latte. They’ve customized this process, and people love that. That’s why they’re so successful.

When you buy life insurance, shouldn’t you do the same thing? You’re not going to get that if you go to your local auto agent.

Now, here’s a little insider knowledge for you. A lot of auto and homeowners insurance agents hate life insurance.

They don’t get it. They got into the insurance business primarily by selling auto insurance.

They understand the underwriting process and the claims filing process. That’s what they specialize in.

Life insurance is an offshoot. Many times the corporations push them to sell it as part of their bonus and quota structure, but they don’t really understand the nuances.

Many times they don’t understand the difference between products and why one would be better for clients than another. So you’re dealing with somebody who you can definitely trust with your auto insurance, but you have to question how well they understand the life insurance component because many times it just won’t be as effective.

Just think about it. Let’s reverse roles here.

I specialize in burial insurance. If I picked up somebody who wanted auto insurance, I don’t know the first thing about selling auto insurance.

I could sell them something, but would I necessarily be doing the best job on premiums, on coverage quality? Not really.

I’d want to refer them to the specialist that can do a better job, and that’s how I look at life insurance for burial. You really need to deal with the specialist.

Sometimes rates are a lot higher when you buy through the auto guy because limited options usually means higher prices, and sometimes they’re much tighter on underwriting than a lot of life insurance companies are.

They also may make you take a medical exam even for small amounts of coverage. Again, things you want to really avoid.

Through A Burial Insurance Specialist

Independent life insurance agent will provide you limited options

A burial insurance specialist knows the product and knows who can give you the best deal.

Now, here’s the thing I mentioned earlier. You could work with a specialist.

This is my preferred and recommended route when buying any kind of life insurance or any insurance really. Find somebody who’s a master at it because there are just so many options out there.

They already understand the carriers and the underwriting. Let them do the job to find the best deal for you.

There are two types of specialists in the burial insurance business. There are captive agents and independent agents.

Captive Agents

A captive agent means they only work for one company. They represent that one company, and they sell one product.

Let’s start with pros. Pros are they have knowledge of burial insurance. If you only work with one company, you understand their product very well.

It’s all you do. You have the specialty, and you’re going to understand how burials work.

It’s a good thing to have somebody who knows what they’re doing, and they understand how underwriting works. I’m going to have a little more flexibility than say the captive agent or the agent that sells you auto insurance.

Here’s the cons. I really think that working with a captive agent is the worst option when it comes to a specialist, and here’s the reason.

Many of the captive agents that work for just one company have the highest premiums relative to the other insurance companies out there that offer better insurance.

You want to ask yourself, do you want to pay several hundred dollars more a year for life insurance coverage when you don’t have to? And the other thing is that sometimes, because there’s one product, all these companies only look at underwriting in their own way.

Whereas if you look at all the different insurance products out there, they’ll have little differences in underwriting acceptance issues. For example, there’s one company out there that’s captive that doesn’t take COPD, which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a lung problem.

Whereas there are plenty of products out there that an independent agent can get first-day full coverage for COPD. So this is an example of how you will be underserved if you have that condition by working with a captive agent.

Also, you’ll pay a lot more and, in many cases, be forced into limited coverage for the first two years for natural death. That’s how that works.

Case study examples

Protecting Savings with Insurance

Mrs. Parker, now age 70, worked her entire life to make sure that she would have enough money saved up to leave to her grandchildren once she passed away. She wanted to leave these saving to help them get started in their adult lives, once they grew up. She called me, requesting information about how to get life insurance to make sure that her savings would be protected. She wanted to guarantee that these savings would only go to her family and not towards her final expenses.

She wanted to leave a positive legacy behind her, but my client did have a problem. She was currently on a fixed income, and she didn’t make a lot of money like she used to. Mrs. Parker needed a policy that she could consistently pay for and that would last the rest of her life. She wanted to make sure that it didn’t cancel at 80, as many life insurance policies do.

I was able to work with her fixed-income and specific needs. In the end, we were able to get Mrs. Parker qualified for first day full coverage, despite her financial situation.

This is because she worked with Buy Life Insurance for Burial. When you work with a broker like us, we can shop around the burial insurance companies in your area to make sure that we match you with the right policy.

If you are in a similar situation, consider reaching out to us today. We cannot guarantee the same results for you, but we promise to apply our process to your case. Our goal is to help every client receive the life or burial insurance they need for a price they can afford.

Affording Basic Burial with Insurance

After looking into his burial plan my client, Mr. Lewis reached out to me to find out if he could get burial insurance. In his area, the average was around $12,000, and he wanted all the incurring fees to be covered. He didn’t want his family to ever have the burden of paying his final expenses placed on them.

Mr. Lewis was 66 at the time, and he had been diagnosed with diabetes many years ago. When we spoke, Mr. Lewis told me that he thought his diabetes might interfere with his ability to qualify for burial insurance, despite that it had been under control for years, and he had no recent incidents related to his diabetes.

Even though my client struggled with diabetes, we were able to shop the various different burial insurance companies available to him.

Eventually, we were able to give him the good news. He qualified for first day full coverage. He was happy to hear that his final expenses would be covered when it came time for his burial.

Again, please note that I cannot personally promise similar results in similar situations. Buy Life Insurance for Burial is a broker that strives to provide our clients with insurance that is affordable and quality. We can promise that we will do our best to help you achieve your insurance-related goals.

5 Great reasons to buy burial insurance

1. Protected savings
This is one of the main reasons people decide to get burial insurance. Over the course of their lives, they have saved up a sum of money that they want to leave behind to their family because they want to be able to help them where they pass away. With burial insurance, this means those savings are protected.

Why? It is because, without burial insurance, the money for your final expenses potentially would have to come out of these savings to pay for your burial. With burial insurance, you know that your final expenses will be covered, and your family won’t have to worry about how to pay for your burial.

2. Your family
Expanding on the last point, a good reason to get burial insurance is your family. This way, you know they won’t have any financial burden on them to figure out how to cover your final expenses. 

Having insurance to cover makes the burial process much easier, and they don’t have to suffer more than they already would be. Further, they will know that you did everything you could to protect them while you were here. It shows them how much you care for them, regardless of where you are.

3. Increasing costs
There has been a trend over the last 20 years of increasing final expense costs. Previously, it was around $6,500. Now, that has increased by over $2,000, and it is likely that these rates will only continue to skyrocket. 

This is what drives many people to get burial insurance. They know that final expense prices are going up, and they want to make sure they have enough money saved up to cover everything, which is what a burial insurance plan is designed to do.

4. Affordable rates
Burial insurance doesn’t just combat increasing rates, but it is affordable itself. When you work with Buy Life Insurance for Burial, we can shop the many companies that we represent in order to find you burial insurance that works with your budget.

We can custom tailor the policy to your needs, making sure that you will always be able to afford it. 

5. Peace of mind
Knowing all of the points above really help our clients with burial insurance to have peace of mind. They know that their savings are protected, that their family will be taken care of, that they won’t need to worry about the increasing rates of final expense, and that they can afford the policy.

This is one of the main benefits of having a burial insurance policy. You know that you are covered, and you know exactly how your final expense will be paid for.

You don’t have to worry about these things any longer and that is a great feeling.

Burial Insurance Rates, Age 40 to 90*

Rates For $5,000 In Burial Insurance


Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance



Rates For $15,000 In Burial Insurance



Rates For $20,000 In Burial Insurance



Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance


*Burial insurance premiums are subject to underwriting, based on rates as of 8/20/2018, from state-regulated life insurance companies offering final expense burial whole life insurance protection. Understand that in order to potentially qualify, you must submit an application to see if you’re eligible. Rates are subject to change. Give Buy Life Insurance For Burial a call at 888-626-0439 now to see what program you may qualify for.


Independent Agents

Let’s talk about working with an independent agent. I think this is the superior method.

Why? Because they’re going to offer you the best combination of value and pricing.

When I say value, what I mean by that is trying to get the most coverage that is effective from the first day without that limited two-year waiting period. When I say pricing, I mean just the most competitive premiums that I can find for you.

At the end of the day, everybody wants to pay the best price and get the best value, and in many cases, the burial insurance agent that works as an independent agent offers that.

Let’s talk about what that really means. You may be wondering, well, what’s an independent agent? How does that work?

First of all, the defining characteristic of an independent burial insurance agent is we don’t work for one company. I work with a multitude of

companies, and when I sit down with my clients, I look at their health history and their prescription history.

I ask them a good amount of health questions, and within 5 to 10 minutes I know which company is going to offer the best coverage available, meaning the best combination of value and pricing.

What happens with that? Again, the more options you have, the better deal you’re going to get.

More options gives us access to competitively priced products. You don’t have to pay more out of your fixed income than you have to.

You can pay a competitive premium or you can max out your coverage and not have more of it go unnecessarily to paying a higher price to the insurance company. Who wants to give more money to the insurance company anyway?

Also, more options gives you access to better underwriting. Again, there are so many people I can get covered that are absolutely shocked that they can get covered.

I’ll give you a couple of case studies. COPD clients can get first-day full coverage in most cases with companies I offer. I can offer first-day full coverage for people who had cancer a few years earlier.

I can get first-day full coverage for people with heart events like strokes, stents, bypass, heart attacks, open heart surgery, pacemaker as well as for people with mental health problems from anxiety to schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD, and clinical depression.

There is a lot of flexibility when working with an independent agent that you cannot find through a captive agent. So if you’re looking for burial insurance and value and a competitive price are important, you’re going to find that an independent agent is probably going to give you the best overall options.

I honestly gave some thought as to some of the cons of working with an independent agent. I can’t help myself.

If you work with me, you have to do so over the phone or through the mail. You probably won’t see me face to face since I work with people all over the country. It’s an unfortunate reality, but there are really honestly no other drawbacks.

If you deal with somebody who actually has a lot of different insurance companies, who is a specialist, who understands it, and looks out for the client first and matches the product to the clients needs based on coverage, desire and price, how can you go wrong?

There’s not really that many cons, and that’s why independent agents really are the best to work with when it comes to buying burial insurance.

Process to buy Burial Insurance

The process of applying for a burial insurance policy is easy and simple

Applying for a burial insurance policy is one of the easiest insurance experiences you’ll ever have.

Let’s start to wrap this up by talking about how to qualify for burial insurance. It’s very easy to apply.

First, pick an agent like me that you want to work with. Of course, I’ll nominate myself in a second.

After you find someone you trust and you like, have the agent listen to your needs, draw up a quote for you, and then apply over the phone or the internet.

Again, it’s not necessary to even have a visit from an agent. Nowadays all these burial insurance companies will do it over the phone completely or do it via the internet and email.

It usually only takes several days, not weeks. You’ll get approved, and then you’ll get your policy.

That’s it! It’s a very easy process, not complex. It’s straight to the point.

David Duford, owner of buy life insurance for burial with his son Goofball

My goofball son and I thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Next steps

Let’s say you like what you’ve seen, it makes sense to buy from an independent agent like me, and you’d like to talk to me. Not necessarily buy but at least have a conversation.

Here’s what you need to do. The easiest way to reach me is to call me at 888-626-0439.

Leave me a message if you don’t reach me. I’m talking to people all day, so leave a message and I’ll call you back within the next 24 hours.

If you’re not the type to talk on the phone, that’s fine. You can go to my website at and click on the contact box. You can request a quote, and we’ll start exchanging emails.

Also, on the lower portion of the website, there’s a popup box where you can chat with me live if I’m available or you can send me a quick message. We can just communicate via email until you’re comfortable enough to talk on the phone.

If you’ve got any comments or questions, you can go to my website and contact me or just leave a comment below. I’ll reply to it as soon as I get it.

I do hope you got some value out of the training today. If I can be of any service to you, please let me know.

Again, my name is David Duford at Take care!

We hope this article on how to buy burial insurance without getting ripped off has helped you to learn more about burial insurance. We also hope that it has shown you why it is important to get covered when you can.

You can use this coverage to guarantee that your final expenses are covered and to take care of your family. If you are interested in learning more or started the process to get insurance, reach out to us. The first step takes just 10 minutes.

You can contact us by phone or message.

Directly call us at (888) 626-0439 to speak with a friendly life insurance expert. They will detail how the process works and what options are available to you with no obligations put on you.

The message system is located at the bottom and left-hand sides of the screen. Please fill out the form telling us how we can help you and how to contact you. Once we get your request, we will contact you within 24 business hours telling you our solutions!

Thank you for reading this article. We truly appreciate your interest.


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