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Best Life Insurance For Crop Dusters [Rates Revealed]

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What Are Your Options? The Truth About Getting Life Insurance As A Crop Duster

You’re looking for information on how to get qualified for life insurance as a crop duster or a pilot. Here you will find information to help you get a quality life insurance plan as a crop duster.

Today’s Topic Overview:

Why get life insurance as a crop duster?

Why is it so important in your line of duty as a crop duster to get some kind of life insurance coverage on the books? It’s simple.

The great risk which pilots face in their line of duty. The act of crop dusting is risky. You are flying an airplane. Things could go wrong. Many insurance companies look at it as a very high-risk job.

Many companies tend to validate on the side of caution. They may not even issue a policy at all based on that particular type of work. You may have already looked for life insurance and have been declined.

As a crop duster, your need for life insurance is no different from the average person. You may have a family. You’ve got financial obligations to cover.

What happens if you die earlier than expected, either through an accident on your job or from natural causes? Imagine what would happen if your family lost you and therefore your source of income. Would they have to change their life dramatically?

Would they have to readjust their goals? Would they need to move out of your family home? Would they need to change their lifestyle and live uncomfortably? Would your children have to live a different lifestyle than that which you would want for them?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need some type of life insurance coverage. Yes, your profession is risky, but it doesn’t matter what kind of profession you have. You need to take care of your family if, God forbid, anything happens at any point in your life.

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Important factors to consider

Buying life insurance as a crop duster will depend on many circumstances. You have to be aware of what we call ‘red flags’ which will affect your chances of getting coverage on the books.

Your age

The age of a person has a big factor when buying life insurance as a crop duster. As you get older your price point and premium is going to increase. There are also health issues that come along with the advance of age.

When younger, it’s generally cheaper to get qualified for life insurance. Your age will have a significant effect on what you may qualify for with life insurance coverage.

The inherent risk of being a crop duster

This is the biggest impediment that you will face when applying for life insurance coverage. The way to get the best result here is by working with the right professional, such as a life insurance broker.

Work with insurance brokers like me here at We will give you a better chance of overcoming this risk factor than if you were to work alone.

A minimum of 250 hours of flight time

As a commercial pilot, you will need at least 250 hours of flight time to qualify for life insurance. However, most life insurance companies will be looking at a larger total before they’ll be comfortable insuring you. You need typically 1000 hours of flight time before they’ll consider you a suitable risk.

Case study examples

Anti-depressant Drug Use

A gentleman who worked as a crop duster recently got in touch with us looking for a 30 year term life insurance policy. He had recently purchased a home and was concerned about the 30 year mortgage he had taken on, given that he had a wife and three kids at home who depended on his income.

He was aware if he passed away unexpectedly his family would not be able to make the mortgage payments, so he wanted to get life insurance in place to be sure they would be taken care of financially.

This young man was in generally good health but was taking anti-depressants to combat a history of depression. We looked at a number of options for this client and were pleased to be able to offer him first day, affordable coverage.

Though every case is different, we offer the best chance at getting quality life insurance in place thanks to our ability to shop among a number of providers and find the best deal for our clients.

10 Year Term Policy to Cover Debt

The wife of a crop duster contacted us looking to get a 10 year term policy on her husband. They had taken on new debt with the birth of their first child and she was concerned about what would happen if she or her husband passed away unexpectedly.

This woman’s husband was in fairly good health, but he did have high blood pressure. He had been taking medication to keep his blood pressure under control for the past year and worried this would cause his application to be declined.

Thankfully they decided to work with a broker like us. We were able to offer first day, full coverage to this couple and give them peace of mind in knowing they wouldn’t have to break the bank to have quality coverage in place.

We can’t guarantee the same outcome for every client, but we do our best to offer quality coverage to all of our clients if they are approved.

Strategies to find life insurance that accomodate this unique profession

It is very important to work with the right kind of professional to help you get the best chance of success. There are a lot of life insurance agents out there. Many of them only operate with limited resources or small insurance companies. They force you into having fewer options. This may put you in a position where you don’t get the kind of coverage for life insurance that you need.

Here are some life insurance strategies that I recommend for a crop duster looking for quality life insurance.

Find a broker who is experienced in your profession

Here at, we work with all sorts of people. We deal with all types of professions that may be higher risk than the average individual. We specialize in various coverages.

We shop around with the major carriers out there. We figure out the best coverage suited for your particular circumstances, goals, and budget. Take, for example, the best coverage for crop dusters.

We don’t partner with just one insurance carrier. We partner with dozens. We talk to each underwriter of those companies. We figure out what their risk tolerance would be for your unique case as a crop duster. 

This will allow us to figure out which of these companies is going to give you the best overall pricing. With this, we can give you the best ability to qualify for life insurance.

Buy life insurance with riders that allow for increases in coverage

This is a strategy that I like to employ when I work with somebody who has difficulty in getting coverage. A rider is an add-on benefit that’s optional to your life insurance plan. Life insurance offers different types of riders. For example, premium waivers if you become disabled or accidental coverage if you died in an accident.

I recommend that crop dusters pick up a rider that allows them to add more coverage at a future date without evidence of insurabilityThe reason for this is that sometimes the underwriting standards of life insurance companies change.

They may be comfortable taking crop duster pilots one day, then totally change their mind the next. Then they won’t accept you and you may find that you don’t have any more options.

Adding a rider that allows you to add more coverage to your policy without evidence of insurability prevents the risk of losing that option. As you progress your career, you’re going to continue to make more income. You might buy a new home. You’ll need to buy insurance to protect against these additional obligations.

The best way to do that is to buy an option on your life insurance plan that allows you to do so. Then you won’t have to show if you can qualify for it or not if the company were not to take pilots or crop dusters anymore.

If you like what you have read so far and want to find out what your monthly premium might be, give us a call as (888) 626-0439. Alternatively you can also send us a request using our contact us box found on this page.

You’ll speak to a friendly representative who can explain what your options might be and answer any questions you might have. 

Stories from the field

Early on in my career, I worked with two middle aged ladies who were sisters. They h ad taken on the responsibility of caring for their elderly uncle who was not in the best of health.

They had contacted me with the concern that if something happened to their uncle they would not have the funds to be able to pay for a proper funeral and burial, as they were living on a strict income and had very little savings.

Since they both had their own life insurance and understood it’s value, they figured this would be the best solution to their problem.

I was able to qualify this gentleman for first day full coverage despite some of his health challenges. The sisters were very greatful for the outcome and thanked me for giving them peace of mind in the matter.

About 2 years later I saw a death claim come through for their uncle. I’m pleased to say we were able to pay out a death claim benefit to the sisters within 24 hours, helping them immensely with the cost of their uncle’s funeral and burial.

This is the kind of thing that helps life insurance agents really understand the power of coverage being in force. Had these sisters not thought ahead to get a policy on their uncle, they would have gone into debt paying for his final expenses.  

Types of life insurance available

There are different kinds of life insurance options available. Here is a quick explanation of what you would be looking at as a crop duster.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most popular form of life insurance that many people buy. It is called pure insurance. It only lasts for the period of time that you define it for. Typically this is somewhere between 10 and 30 years.

Term life insurance premiums remain level. This means that the premium price never increases during the term. At the end of the term, the policies either cancels or the premiums go through the roof. They reach a price point where it’s not sensible to keep the insurance.

Why would somebody buy a plan like this? They need the most coverage for the least amount. They only need it to insure against something happening. So that if they died, they would have the financial capability to fulfill their obligations.

There are plenty of obligations to fill. Covering a house mortgage. Replacing your income to sustain the livelihood of your bereaved family. Funding a loan. Making sure that the bank has collateral in the case you are the key person behind that loan.

Term insurance is what most people purchase. It’s most likely the route that you will go. We have access to a variety of different term insurance companies that are flexible with crop dusters. We will look at those options to see who’s going to be the best choice for you.

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 Year Term – $100,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $250,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $500,000 in Coverage

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 year Term – $1,000,000 in Coverage

Top 7 reasons people buy term insurance

1.Term insurance is affordable
If you are on a restrictive budget, term insurance is a great option. It offers a more affordable monthly premium with the same quality coverage of other types of insurance. 

2.Income replacement
If your main goal is income replacement, term insurance provides a lump sum payout upon your death to your beneficiary. This money can be used to supplement the loss of your income, pay off debt, and even cover monthly mortgage payments. 

3.Retirement funding
Think about it – if you die unexpectedly, what happens to your 401k or pension plan? Will funding immediately stop? If you answered yes, then term insurance can help to continue to fund your retirement source after you pass away, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of. 

4.Out of love
It’s wonderful too have peace of mind in knowing your loved ones will be financially secure if you pass away sooner than expected. Term insurance allows you to name a beneficiary who receives a lump sum payout upon your death, providing the financial stability your loved ones will need after losing your income. 

5.Custom length
If you have a temporary financial obligation, term insurance can be custom tailored to run for a specific period of time to cover that obligation.So for example if you have a 10 year bank loan or a 30 year mortgage, you can get a 10 year or 30 year term insurance plan to cover that period of time.

6.Pure insurance need
One of the greatest things about term life insurance is that it meets the need of those who simply want coverage for a set period of time. There are no added extras to drive up costs, making term insurance straightforward and affordable. 

7.Exams are optional
If you have a fear of needles or would rather skip a doctors exam, you can go the non-medical application route. Exams are no longer a requirement with term insurance unless you are getting coverage over $400,000. 

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is the exact opposite of term life insurance. It is permanent coverage. It’s designed to never go up in price or cancel at a future date as long as the premium payments are made.

People buy whole life insurance to cover permanent obligations. Most commonly these days permanent coverage is used to pay for final expenses. Cremation, burial, last debts that won’t be paid until you die, tax exposure coverage, an estate plan.

Some people buy whole life insurance because they simply don’t believe in buying other insurance. Term insurance may be outlivedWhole life insurance coverage tends to be more expensive per dollar compared to term insurance. This is the biggest disadvantage to it.

$150,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

$250,000 Whole Life Insurance, Life Pay

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance coverage is somewhat of a blend between term life and whole life insurance. It’s designed to give more death benefit coverage than whole life insurance, with the flexibility level in the premium to make it work for whatever your financial goals are</span>.

One way I like to use Guaranteed Universal Life Plans is when somebody wants to maximize the death benefit they can achieveLet’s say you’re an older crop duster. You’re looking for a life insurance plan that you can qualify for, simply to cover final expenses when you pass away.

A Guaranteed Universal Life plan is perfect for that. There’s never a price increase as long as you pay the premium that they recommend. It gives you more death benefit coverage. If you are interested in purchasing a whole life plan then contact our team here at We can definitely show you how they work. We can help you see what your options may be.

$50 a Month – Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

$100 a Month – Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

$150 a Month – Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Why you should take an exam as a crop duster

You’ve seen all sorts of material come through the mail and on TV. You may have talked to other agents about life insurance options. One of the more popular ways you’ve seen to buy life insurance is through what’s called a ‘non-medical’ application process.

With this method, there is no examination required to take out a life insurance plan. Simply fill the application out and submit it. The underwriters at the Home Office and the life insurance company will review your health history information. They will request your medical records and prescription information.

This is fine for the run of the mill employee that works in an office in a non-risky job.But many non-medical policies either don’t accept pilots or they won’t accept anyone in high-risk professions on an affordable basis of coverage.

Considering your circumstances, it would be a better use of your time to investigate the opportunity for life insurance by doing a fully underwritten application. Yes, this could include getting blood withdrawn, peeing in a cup, and doing a physical. It’s the best way to secure the best chance of you getting coverage on the books at a fair price. It will help get you covered.

Burial Insurance Rates, Age 40 to 90*

Rates For $5,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $10,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $15,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $20,000 In Burial Insurance

Rates For $25,000 In Burial Insurance

*Burial insurance premiums are subject to underwriting, based on rates as of 8/20/2018, from state-regulated life insurance companies offering final expense burial whole life insurance protection. Understand that in order to potentially qualify, you must submit an application to see if you’re eligible. Rates are subject to change. Give Buy Life Insurance For Burial a call at 888-626-0439 now to see what program you may qualify for.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

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