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$100,000 Life Insurance Review [Rates And Secrets Revealed]

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Today’s Topic Is A $100,000 Life Insurance Review Where I Talk About Rates And Carriers

Most likely you’re here today because the bottom line you’re interested in finding a quote for a $100,000 in life insurance and hopefully you are also concerned with not getting the best price, the best quality and the best value. And so what I’m going to spend time doing on today’s article is walking you through what your options are for a $100,000 in life insurance.

Show you the pros of different kinds of insurance products as well as the cons and then actually give you some rates that you can look at just to help you and guide you through the process of deciding what kind of insurance is best for you.

NOTE: Would you prefer me to present this information to you in video format? Watch the video below for the complete presentation. Enjoy!

Here’s An Overview Of Today’s Topics:

If you’re looking for a $100,000 and life insurance coverage you came to the right place. Let’s start off first by giving you a quick explanation of what life insurance is and what this policy will do for you.

Essentially no matter what kind of life insurance you get, the idea behind it is that life insurance functions as a payment of cash to a beneficiary of your choice when you pass away most of the time it’s your loved one such as a spouse or children.

It could also be a business it could be to a church or it could be to a charity. It could be really pretty much anybody or anything that you want to gift the money to, if you pass away. Now the thing is that not all life insurance coverage is the same.

Perhaps you’ve seen life insurance you understand the basics of it but there are different kinds and forms of life insurance that perform in different ways that have different kinds of restrictions or lack of restrictions.

And it’s really just important to differentiate between those options again so you can better decide which option best fits your goals.

Some only pay if you die within a certain period of time. That’s what’s called term insurance and some pay always regardless of when you pass away. That’s what’s called permanent. Then again there’s pros and cons to each usually comes down to pricing, length of coverage and goals will cover that more later but just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect.

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What does a $100,000 life insurance policy do?

What does a $100,000 insurance plan coverage exactly do? There are many reasons why people will purchase a hundred thousand dollars in life insurance.

Reason #1 – To cover funeral expense

One reason is to cover funeral expenses. Maybe somebody is worried about paying for a burial or perhaps a cremation or any kind of final expenses. $100,000 coverage can do a great job and covering for those types of expenses. Hundred thousand dollars in coverage is a great place to start.

Reason #2 – As an income replacement

Buying an insurance coverage as an income replacement plan. The reason you would buy something like this is if you passed away the $100,000 will be given to the surviving spouse. This will help offset the costs of losing their income for a period of time. The short or long depending on what your financial circumstances are. But it allows for breathing room on the spouse and family and get back on their feet and to living life without the immediate threat of losing your income.

Reason #3 – As a gift of love

It’s also a gift to love you can give a 100 thousand dollars in life insurance money. Like I said to charity perhaps gift to your church palm or you can just give it to your favorite kid or grandkid and you want them to just have a legacy to begin life on the right foot.

Reason #4 – As payment for mortgage/Payment protection plan

You can also use 100 thousand dollars in coverage to pay down a mortgage if you die then you can pay off the mortgage with 100 thousand dollars if that’s what you owe more or less. Or you can use it as a payment protection plan if you pay five hundred dollars a month for a mortgage a hundred thousand dollars on a monthly basis will last a long time paying that mortgage off.

Your family doesn’t have to vacate the premises immediately upon your passing. Or you can just use it and other kinds of circumstances where you pay down loans that you owe that you don’t want to leave behind to a loved one to be responsible for. Look the bottom line people buy life insurance because they love someone.

You know, look I have life insurance on myself. I’m covered because I love my family, I love my wife and I know that life is fragile. If I die they’re on their own in my family. My wife is a homemaker she stays home with the children and raises them. I work all the time and if one day I disappeared.

I just want to make sure my family is well situated. God forbid if I died earlier than expected so I love them. That’s why I buy it and that’s why you should too.

Case study examples

Young Business Owner with Weight Concern

A young woman sent us a request last month for more information on term insurance. She had decided to expand her business operations, but to do so she needed to get a bank loan.

Her bank required that she get a life insurance policy to insure against her death. This would ensure that in the case of her death they would not have to make her business financially responsible for her loan.

This client was in overall good health but she did have a bit of a weight problem. She was concerned this would affect her ability to get affordable coverage in place.

We looked at a number of providers for this client and I’m happy to say we were able to provide her with first day coverage at a price that met her financial budget. Though we can’t guarantee the same outcome for every applicant, we do our best to source affordable, first day coverage for all of our clients.

Cancer Survivor Looking for Final Expense Coverage

A Mr. Gates gave us a call to ask about getting final expense insurance with $100,000 in coverage. He was 40 years old and wanted to make sure not only his burial but also all of his remaining debt would be taken care of with the policy.

Mr. Gates was a cancer survivor and was concerned about getting approved for coverage with cancer on his health record. It had been 3 years since he had undergone successful surgery to remove the cancer and he had been healthy ever since.

We were able to approve Mr. Gates for first day coverage at a great price. Though every case is unique, we strive to offer our clients the best possible chance at getting quality life insurance regardless of their health and age.

Exam or no exam

Maybe this is your first time into buying some kind of life insurance and you made me worry. Do I have to get stuck with a needle will have to draw blood to have to go down to an examination office.

The good news is that in some circumstances an exam is not required. Sometimes it’s necessary sometimes it’s not. But in an exam if it is would require your analysis of blood exam or withdrawal or a physical.

But the thing in my experience those with a $100,00 it is not a lot of coverage relative to what you can purchase in the millions of dollars so the smaller amounts again relatively speaking will usually not require an exam.

Maybe this require a signature or a phone interview. Maybe they’ll just pull medical records it’s very simple process and you’ll find in many circumstances you just don’t have to do all the extra stuff of an examination.

However if you do have an option to take an exam and you’re in good shape that’s a good idea because exams give the most up to date health information to the insurer and they can be more confident in giving you better rates. That’s a great reason to take it if you don’t mind the exam and it will take a little bit longer to issue the policy to collect all this information back. But ultimately what happens is if you’re healthy enough you really get a good rate because of it.

No reason not to take an exam is just because you just don’t like it worth it in the amount of coverage you’re looking for at your age. Again pricing and availability of exams are not going to depend upon your age to some extent so it may not make any sense to get an exam because of price differential is so marginal.

Can qualify for a $100,000 life insurance policy

Can you qualify for $100,000 plan of coverage. And again I know there are all sorts of people of different ages reading this. And the short answer is in most cases is yes. And what we’re going to talk about now are the two types of life insurance programs there are the first kind is what’s called temporary coverage or term insurance. The second kind is permanent coverage and really to give you a very basic understanding on how this works.

Term Life Insurance Plan

Term life insurance is also called temporary coverage. The big pros with term life insurance include lowest premium dollar per month per the amount of coverage that you get. So in layman’s terms the idea behind it is if you want a lot of coverage you don’t want to pay a lot relative to other insurance. Term insurance is a good idea. The drawbacks of term life it’s only a temporary insurance. The term insurance plan that I have last 30 years. So when I turn 61 it’s gone I’ve lost it all that money I paid into it. It’s like a car insurance if you never have a rack you never get any benefit out of it. So term is like that too.

Term Life Insurance as an Income Replacement Plan/Mortgage Payment

The reason I own term insurance is because I have this as an income replacement plan for the time being. And so the idea behind it is if I die in the midst of building my financial plan and retirement plan and I don’t get to that point this will supplement or replace it. Whereas if I had all the time to do it. It’s a good idea for a temporary solution.

I plan it by the time I hit the 60 as I invest it on a monthly basis to have enough money for retirement so this term insurance plan becomes obsolete. That is the drawback though because if you have a permanent problem term insurance isn’t necessarily the best option. Again the reason you purchase this really is that you buy it for term a temporary type of problem like a mortgage.

Your mortgage isn’t going to last forever and pay it down and be done with it. Or perhaps it’s just for you know an income replacement scenario where you just need it why you accumulate savings and you invest and create your own wealth and you just want that there just in case if you don’t make it that long in your retirement plan fully blossom.

Term Life Insurance Coverage – 10 Year Term – $100,000 in Coverage


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Whole Life/Guaranteed Universal Plan – Permanent Insurance

Permanent insurance is what we call whole life or guaranteed universal life plan. The pros with these kinds of plan is that it does not cancel due to age or health as long as you pay the premium required then the policy will stay and will never go away because of age or health. The drawback is you’re going to see when I show you some price differentials it’s a higher premium dollar per amount of coverage you get.

It can be five to ten times as much as term insurance. You’ll see terms pretty cheap but then when you start looking at permanent coverage it’s pretty expensive relative to term so that doesn’t mean it’s worse. It just means that you are going to pay more for the guarantee that you’re getting. Just like buying a car with the top dollar warranty on bumper to bumper. Everything’s protected it’s going to cost you more.

And with this you’re getting an upgraded package it’s permanent protection so the company will have to pay if you die while the policy still enforces. But in term insurance very few of these actually pay out because people outlive them and there’s less payouts from them.

People buy permanent coverage because of permanent problems. Death is a good reason. Income replacement especially as a senior or somebody older is a good reason buying permanent plan to have them when you know you need some kind of money when you die. There are different kinds of life insurance whether it’s term or permanent coverage.

Stories from the field

A number of years ago I worked with a nice gentleman who wanted to get burial insurance for his mother. Mrs. Sanders was 81 years old when I met her. She had just recovered from heart surgery and was concerned that she wouldn’t qualify for coverage.

Mrs. Sanders was a remarkable woman. She had worked all of her life, all the way up to the age of 80, at a local dry cleaners before being foreced to retire due to her heart problems.

She explained to me that she actually did have coverage in place that she had paid on for a number of years, but the price had significantly increased. She had taken the plan out 20 years prior and at that time she was paying $50 per month.

Now she was required to pay $300 a month and could no longer afford the policy. To make matters worse, she had been informed the policy would cancel when she turned 90.

I was shocked to hear she was paying so much for coverage that would cancel when she reached 90. To make matters worse, because she was no longer working she was on a very limited budget and simply couldn’t afford the price increase.

At her age and with her heart condition, she couldn’t qualify for first day coverage. The best we could do was a policy that required a 2 year wait period, meaning she would not have coverage for 2 years.

The reason I share this story is to emphasis the importance of thinking about the long term when you get final expense coverage. A plan that cancels at a certain age or increases in rates will be no good to you further down the line when you are past retirement.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a broker like us that can provide expert counseling regarding setting up a policy that will work the way you need it to for the long term.

We make sure to ask about your goals and budget before shopping for a plan that is right for your particular circumstances. This allows us to find the best fit coverage for the best price. 

Top 6 FAQs for people buying $100,000 in life insurance coverage

1.Can I qualify for $100,000 in life insurance coverage?
Approval depends on a number of factors, specifically your health, age, and lifestyle. Generally, you will find that the younger you are, and the better your health is, the more you coverage you can qualify for at a premium rate.

2.Why is $100,000 dollars in coverage a good amount?
Coverage amounts are very unique to the individual. Some people want just enough to cover for a funeral and burial. Others want to leave behind a large amount of money to their kids or grandkids. We suggest $25,000 is a good place to start, but really the final amount you decide on is dependant on your particular circumstances. 

3.What if I need more coverage?
If you are concerned about getting more coverage but find that you simply can’t afford it. Most of my clients start out with a basic amount of coverage, then add to it as they are able to free up financial obligations. What’s important to remember is that getting some coverage is better than no coverage at all.

4.What type of life insurance is best to buy?
Again, this is a very personal decision that is dependant on your goals. If you want to cover a temporary obligation like a bank loan or mortgage, then a term insurance product would probably be best.

However, if you are looking to cover a long term financial concern, such as burial, cremation, or a business partnership, a whole life insurance or guaranteed life insurance product is best.

5.No other options available
If you have a chronic health issue that has prevented you from getting quality life insurance, guaranteed acceptance life insurance is a good option. This type of insurance does not ask health questions and generally accepts most applicants.

6.Do I need to take an exam?
For coverage around $100,000, in most cases you will not need to take an exam unless you want to. A lot of companies will accept what is called a non-medical application, which relies on previous health records.

Simplified Non-Med $100,000 Life Insurance

And we’re going to talk about what’s called simplified issue Non-med first then we’ll get the fully underwritten. Simplified issue non-med life insurance refers to basically not having an examination require they simply take medical records prescription health history records from your doctors to determine whether or not you’re going to be insured. The biggest pro is that these plans it’s a great option for those with health history issues usually these are a little less restrictive than getting coverage.

They’re a little more understanding and getting coverage of people maybe have some health issues. A perfect example I had an 85 year old man insured who had a mini stroke many years prior to that and took some kind of blood thinner. I have all sorts of people that have had cancer history heart history diabetes that may not have been able to get traditional insurance but could qualify with these so called simplified issue non- med products.

If you are asking if you will be able to qualify if your health status is bad. I can’t say for sure but we do have options if that’s the case. At least I will give it a shot and it’s you’re better off with the options than if you didn’t have them anyway right.

Also a simplified issue is fast when it comes to the approval process. Sometimes you can get it issued the policy or approved within days or weeks. The drawbacks is if you’re super healthy and if you opt for this option you may pay more than you have to the company doesn’t have up to date information through what they get through and exams. They have to kind of. factor that into the pricing.

Fully underwritten $100,000 life insurance

Let’s talk about fully underwritten 100 thousand dollar life insurance plan. So this just means you have to do the exam again blood and analysis. Some of those may be required, sometimes all of them may be just depends. This is a good option if you’re very healthy.

And when I got my term insurance plan I opted for the full examination. Why. Because I don’t take medications. I have a good health history. I don’t have any health issues have never really had anything serious. I didn’t want to get simplified issue or non-med policy because I would pay more.

Why do that when going into office for 30 minutes or having them come to me for 30 minutes to do the physical to do the exam can save me literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over the policy’s life. Again that’s my case study there.

That’s something I would only recommend as you’re in really good shape health wise. It takes longer the issue the policy I believe my policy took about a month to two months to get issued but that’s because upon all sorts of information it could take less than that. But be prepared to wait a little bit longer.

The one thing that this plan a good thing it may be a bad thing. Exams may reveal unknown health issues which will affect your insurability so you may be expecting to get a good rate and find out you’ve got some issue. And these companies will tell you if you request it they’ll tell you in writing what they are concerned with.

These are things that may not necessarily have been there if you took a simplified issue or non-med route to get coverage.And the are rate ups because of that and you may get quoted at a great price but because maybe height weight problem or an uncovered health issue the rates go up through the roof if not denied completely.

The reality here is that and a hundred thousand dollars in coverage for most of you will not have to take an exam. Why. Because simply they’re not available or if you look at the competition taking the exam versus not there’s not much of a price difference.

This is just not a lot of coverage to warrant an exam these days. Insurance companies have began to move in the direction of offering policy coverage without exams for more competitive rates because they just want to be competitive. Most people prefer not to take an exam if the price differential is very marginal and at a hundred thousand dollars it is.

Bottom line I don’t expect you to take an exam if you’re looking at is here. But most likely because of your age you won’t have to worry about it.

Other factors to consider if $100,000 premiums are too high

We have an old saying that we’d like to use in the insurance business and that’s “How you eat an elephant – One bite at a time”.

What that means in terms of you buying insurances. Maybe you can’t start off with a hundred thousand dollars you’d like but you want to start with something because that’s better than nothing right. Your family would be much better off with half of what they what they need versus none of what they need.

One option to look at is what’s called a term life with permanent conversion option. It’s a lot of the term life insurance products I showed, you have an option to convert to a permanent life insurance product that won’t cancel because of age or health as long as you continue to pay the premium at a later date.

Maybe you are looking at a $100,000 coverage but It’s outside of your budget. Perhaps you could get that term insurance plan to start with, knowing that you’ve got the option to turn it into whole life or a permanent product at a future date. At least you’ll have something down the line.

You do have options! The first step is to talk to an independent agent like myself.

The biggest advantage with these kinds of plans is that the conversion option is guaranteed. Meaning they’re not going to ask your health questions. And the vast majority of circumstances to convert it versus buying term that doesn’t have it and then dropping it once you reach the point where you want permanent protection.

But now you need to get through health qualification, generally speaking we’re in better health younger than we are older. This is a great compromise to get some kind of coverage on the books.

You can always start with a smaller amount of coverage to begin with, whether it’s $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $75000 something is better than nothing.

You can always piecemeal your coverage together. I routinely talk people into starting with $50,000 instead of $100,000 coverage. That’s fine, if that’s better for their budget and they are totally confident in paying it. I want them to buy that coverage and stick with it. Maybe in a year or two after they pay off the mortgage or the car payment or run into more money we add more at that point because the bottom line here is something is better than nothing and that is my primary concern and objective.

How To Qualify

My twin girls Emily and Eva thank you for reading, and hope you’ve gained truly valuable information on your search for life or burial insurance. If you’re ready to discover your options for life or burial insurance, call me at 888-626-0439 now for your free life insurance quote!

Here’s how you qualify for $100,000 life insurance coverage.

The application process is simple find an agent first that you like to work with of course I’ll nominate myself because I think I’m the best choice.

The bottom line here the second thing is you want to get an agent that listens too closely when you are asking questions and then allow him to drop a life insurance quote based on what you’re looking for in your goals.

Next Steps

If you like what you see the next step is to apply. Usually you can do it electronically via e-mail or over the phone. With the modern technology it’s very rare an agent visit you but if necessary they can do so.. And then after several days or weeks your coverage, assuming that it goes through it will be approved.

You’ll be notified. But I can’t tell you if it’s going to be approved or not. Just make sure that’s clear. And then several weeks later after that you will receive a policy in the mail letting you know you’ve got your policy approved and it is in force and that’s it.

If you like the idea of applying for some kind of life insurance you can do it with me. Just visit my website at  you can get a free quote there.

I would suggest that you send me a message either by clicking the contact box or the box below and just letting me know what you’re looking for. Otherwise you can call me at 888- 636-0439 leave a voicemail. If you can’t get me live sometimes I’m busy talking to people. It takes me about a day to get back to people sometimes. Just be patient with me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. I hope you have found it helpful in your search for more information regarding getting affordable life insurance in place. If you have any lingering questions or want to get a free, no obligation quote, please call us at (888) 626-0439 or send us a message using the contact us box. 


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